Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Upcoming units for Chaos Dwarfs

Due to "popular demand", I'll be adding quite a bit of new (or rather really old) units to the Chaos Dwarf book soon. The units will be the following:

Slave Rabble (orcs/goblins)
Sneaky Gitz upgrade for Hobgoblins
Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower
Bazukas (bazooka)
Inferno Gun (swivel gun)
Zealot Berserkers
Juggernaut Siege Tower

Hopefully that will give the list back some of that 3rd/5th ed charm that some might feel is missing! I can probably have the new update out this weekend.

Regarding Balseraph's wishlist, the following units I do not feel would add much to the list:
Renegades - was only 8 named models, had no special rules. The models were used in a scenario, where some of them had mutations, but that's pretty much it.
Eruption Gun - already covered by Inferno Gun.
Petard (mortar) - already covered by Dreadquake Mortar.
Inferno Golems - already covered by K'daai and Kollossus.
The Black Dwarf - I don't have White Dwarf #200, so I can't add him even if I wanted to. If anyone can send me a scan of his fluff/rules, I could decide then.
Runes of Hashut - this would be a Daemonsmith lore, but I feel they have enough with the Altar of Hashut as is.
Molten Piston - too similar in effect to the Dreadquake.
High Priest of Hashut - already covered by Sorcerer-Prophet, which is GW's new official name for them.


  1. "Did you receive may mail? I have some problems with my account..

    - Yeah I got it just fine, just been feeling under the weather today (since I do have a cold), which I why I haven't responded. Not sure I'll have the new version out this weekend, might have to wait until I get better. Currently having a headache every time I'm trying to think, so it's not optimal working conditions so to speak...

  2. “ Petard (mortar) - already covered by Dreadquake Mortar.”

    To my opinion the Petard like Bazukas must be a regimental weapons.

    Inferno Gun (swivel gun) can be a option for unit like the Savage Orcs' Big Stabba team.

    1. I was thinking of making them all Weapon teams similar to Skaven, since people probably won't have that many of each.

    2. Why not. For swivel gun see Zombie Pirate list too ;)

  3. ""since people probably won't have that many of each."

    Don't "won't" - WANT :)

    Make it :) it's great idea !

    Chaos Dwarfs must have lots of weapon of any type - it is their nature.

    If you want some help or something just write to me.


    - That's certainly true, but they already have 2 template war machines as is, adding yet another one would be rather redundant. If I can think of a way of making it work in a somewhat original way, I might be able to include, since GW did have models for it back in the day.

  4. "From increment - the head does not hurt :)
    When there is something more things then will be more choice.
    As we will have more choice, this army will be more interesting and more original. Models can always convert ( if I understand your last sentence ;) )

    - Yup, no headaches today, so I seem to be getting better.
    While more choice is good, at some point there is just going to be too much overlap with many units doing the exact same thing, which is what I am trying to avoid. The problem with adding yet another mortar to the list is that it pretty does the same thing as the dreadquake, but as a smaller version of it.

  5. "But there are other machines or smaller guns, which can be added as such regiments option. You can easily add such as a flamethrower, grenades, swivel gun, bazooka team. (Or something biger as tank? :) ) It's something on a smaller scale but effectively make the army will be more original. If something is fit to CHD is, in my opinion, should be here. Finally, nobody will be forced to use something. Do you want - you got it. You do not want-take something else.
    "In addition to the machines you can do something like kamikaze, or unit of slaves with slave-hunter as the '' overseer'' :)

    Inferrno golems are not the same as k'daai. Golems are machines. A kdaai is a demon. Therefore, should also be found in armybook :)


    True, but one has to draw a line somewhere, an army with over 100 unit choices will just be a mess to remember. I know you wanted to include pretty much everything in your version of Chaos Dwarfs, but that's not how I do it. There are several unit ideas I have had that I haven't pursued since they would just be worse versions of something else already in the book. Instead, I want to make each choice a valid one that adds something different to the book.

    Grenades are in the book as naphtha bombs already, and will also appear in the Cathay book, so I'd rather not repeat that here. Same goes for flamethrowers, CD already have lavathrowers for the Kolossus and breath weapons from the K'Daai and Taurus as well anyway.
    Regarding slaves/slavers - I could ofc give them a slaver rule, but seeing as pretty much their whole civilisation is built around that, it would just be another army wide special rule, and they already have 3 as is. Their slave rabble will probably only be in two units as well - orcs & goblins. Goblins are the most numerous and from the old CD book, and their statline is so similar to human slaves anyway that including both would be rather pointless. Having hobgoblin overseers as their champions would be tricky as well - they would pretty have to go at the back uof the unit, meaning their whips would have no effect since O&G units tend to be rather large. There's also the issue with base sizes, since orcs are on 25mm bases and hobgoblins on 20mm.

    Regarding kamikaze units; that is something I would like to avoid. Sacrificing units sure - but no suicide bombers. I didn't include that in Nippon or Araby, and I don't want to include it here.
    The 7th ed Inferno Golems are a mix of K'Daai and the Kolossus, since my list has both there is no point in including Kevin Coleman's Inferno Golems as well. Besides, my idea of Inferno Golems would be completely different anyway.