Friday, 27 August 2010

Estalia New Update 2

The book progresses, and version 1.0 will soon be soon be published. It is currently up to 110 pages, making it one of my longest books yet. I only have the Special Characters and half of the magic items left to finish now, so I can hopefully have it done in less than a week. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Estalia News Update

Just want to let everyone (that is, the ones reading this) know that Estalia proceeds at an excellent pace. The book is currently up to 73 pages and most of the bestiary and background is finished. I expect it to land on about 90+ pages or so, with the release of version 1.0 in a month or less. Meanwhile, here is a list of the units you can look forward to seeing in the book:

Special Characters:
Miraz, King of Bilbali
El Cid
Don Quixote
Grand Master of the Knights of the Blazing Sun

Grand Commander
High Inquisitor

Battle Mage
Priestess of Myrmidia
- Altar of Myrmidia


Tercio Pikemen (LA, pikes)
Sword and Bucklermen (LA, buckler)
Lancers (HA, lance, shield, mounted)
Jinetes (javelin, shield, fast cavalry)
Arbalests (LA, crossbows)
Diestro (skirmish, 2 HW)
Penitents (morning stars, frenzy)
Serfs (slings, spears)
- Missionary

Knights of the Blazing Sun (FPA, lance, shield, mounted)
Arquebusiers (LA, handguns)
Conquistadores (HA, handgun, pistol, mounted)
Grenadiers (LA, grenades)
Mountain Bandits (scouts, skirmish, bow)
Sisters of Myrmidia (HA, shields, spears)

Culverin (cannon)
Black Watchmen (FPA, halberd, hatred, stubborn, ItP)
Toros Embolados (fire bulls)

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Warhammer Armies: Estalia is under development!

Dogs of War might be put on hold for a moment (due to some news of a possible official list in the works), so for now I've turned my attention to Estalia. Estalia will, as one could guess, be based on the Conquistadors and the Inquisition, so no real surprises there. I have collected material all over the internet for the past few days, giving me about 100 pages to use as a basis for the list.
More updates will be posted in the future.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Norse 8th edition fixes

Norse have now gotten their final updates for 8th edition. These fixes just add unit types to the reference sheet and an updated "choosing your army" page.

Norse is now finished apart from any changes due to playtesting feedback.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Cathay updated to 8th edition

Cathay has now been updated to 8th edition. This version includes:

- Glory for the Dragon Emperor allow units to fight in extra ranks
- Updated Yin & Yang magic
- Fire Arrow different fire mechanism
- Troops types added
- Choosing your army updated
- Cheaper Terracotta Warriors
- Various streamlined 8th ed updates

Albion Updated to 8th edition

Albion has now been updated to 8th edition. Minor rules changes only. This version includes:

- Furor Celtica has a lot more offensive abilities
- Points reductions for some units
- Hearth Guard bodyguard rule more viable
- Kelpie Adhesive Skin rule added
- 3 more pages of background
- Unit types added

I do not expect to do much more work on this book, anything more will likely depend solely on playtest feedback.

Nippon updated to 8th edition

Nippon has now been updated to 8th edition. Very minor rules changes to bring the book in line with the current rules.

New units included:

- Tengu: mischievous birdmen, similar to Harpies.
- Red Devils: frenzied heavy cavalry with devastating charge, giving them 3 Strength 5 Attacks on the charge!
- Shrine of the Kami: Warshrine-like unit with stat-boosting abilities.

I have not trimmed down the timeline yet as I do not consider that being the most important thing at the moment. I hope to do that, and expand the bestiary entries sometime in the future, but this will do for now.

More army books?

For those of you wondering or hoping for more books in the future: yes, there will be at least 3 more.

I am planning on making army books for Dogs of War, Estalia and the Kingdoms of Ind at the moment, no release date set so far though.

These will commence writing sometime during the fall, have taken a shorter break to do updates for the older lists first. Rest assured, you can probably expect Dogs of War sometime before Christmas at least, probably a lot sooner.

Araby fixes

Araby has gotten another update with a few more fixes:

- Dibbukim Uncontrollable removed, merged with blood frenzy
- Boarding Pikes removed
- Naffatun 12 pts
- Siphon rules changed
- Hashishin gained ambushers rule
- Bladedancer 40 pts
- Genie unit type fixed
- Dao ability changed
- Unit Types added

Kislev updated to 8th edition

Kislev has now been updated to 8th edition. Only minor rules changes to the units to bring them in line. The new version features:

- New graphic layout
- Several pages of added fluff
- Bestiary entries expanded
- New spells to Ice Magic
- Troops types included
- A few bugfixes

Kislev will be getting another update with images for the War Wagon and Urugan cannon later on.

Araby will also be getting a small update with more bugfixes soon. Next in line for an 8th edition update is Nippon, which will feature several new units (and a shorter timeline).