Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Estalia News Update

Just want to let everyone (that is, the ones reading this) know that Estalia proceeds at an excellent pace. The book is currently up to 73 pages and most of the bestiary and background is finished. I expect it to land on about 90+ pages or so, with the release of version 1.0 in a month or less. Meanwhile, here is a list of the units you can look forward to seeing in the book:

Special Characters:
Miraz, King of Bilbali
El Cid
Don Quixote
Grand Master of the Knights of the Blazing Sun

Grand Commander
High Inquisitor

Battle Mage
Priestess of Myrmidia
- Altar of Myrmidia


Tercio Pikemen (LA, pikes)
Sword and Bucklermen (LA, buckler)
Lancers (HA, lance, shield, mounted)
Jinetes (javelin, shield, fast cavalry)
Arbalests (LA, crossbows)
Diestro (skirmish, 2 HW)
Penitents (morning stars, frenzy)
Serfs (slings, spears)
- Missionary

Knights of the Blazing Sun (FPA, lance, shield, mounted)
Arquebusiers (LA, handguns)
Conquistadores (HA, handgun, pistol, mounted)
Grenadiers (LA, grenades)
Mountain Bandits (scouts, skirmish, bow)
Sisters of Myrmidia (HA, shields, spears)

Culverin (cannon)
Black Watchmen (FPA, halberd, hatred, stubborn, ItP)
Toros Embolados (fire bulls)


  1. How about this for a unique mount for the army - a Taurogryph (half eagle; half bull)?

  2. Taurogryph? Well, the idea sounds a bit fun, but I'd like to stick to known monsters if possible, makes it easier for the readers to feel familiar with the material. Plus the theme with huge bull monsters have kind of been done in both Beastmen and Chaos Dwarfs ;)

    Thanks for the idea though!

  3. Hmm...Maybe you could include my Taurogryph into the background as maybe being the featured beast on the national flag and as a wild beast?

  4. Estalia don't exactly have a national flag as it is made up of several small kingdoms, it's not unified. Their flags are also rather more likely to feature the symbol of a castle or lion (based on Spain's medieval flag), a bull, or an eagle. The Taurogryph sounds very similar to the symbol of the Empire, which is that of the Griffon (well, Karl-Franz's symbol anyway).

  5. Oh - ok. Can the Taurogryph be mentioned in the background then?

  6. Oh Oh! It seems fantastic!

    I am really expect to read how foreign people writte about the Warhammer Spain. I like the specail characters,but in my opinion, I think that Juan Federico (the justice spear boss) and a "diestro" like Alatriste (you know him?) Will be perfect.

    I'll send you the .doc files tomorrow, regards!

    Roly, the spanish man

  7. @ SupremeElemental - Don't know how to fit it in actually, so far you have only given me a name and description of what it looks like. Making up a whole new fantasy creature usually takes a bit of information as well as relation to similar creatures like Griffons and such. I could incorporate it into the background of the Griffon I suppose, have some space there. Mind give a small fluff piece of them? A few sentences would do.

    @ Roly - You're in luck then, because the Grand Master IS Juan Frederico ;) I guess I'll have to change the Knightly Order, the KotBS probably have an Imperial GM anyway. As for Alatriste, I was thinking of Zorina as the Duellist equivalent, but rather based on Zorro (Spanish-American, I know) but Alatriste would make a lot more sense now that you mention him. Can't believe I actually forgot about him, I saw the movie and used a lot of inspiration from it, and yet I forgot about the main character for the book! :o
    Consider him added! :)

  8. Ok - The Taurogryph is the most aggressive cousin to the Griffin; its volcanic temper has been known to leave a village in shambles once enraged according to witnesses. Though feared through the kingdoms and villages of Estalia, the Taurogryph is also admired as a symbol of power as many Inquistors and nobles are known to sport a Taurogryph icon upon their coat-of-arms or armor. Also there are nobles who pay almost a complete fortune to actually own a pet Taurogryph though the success of this have been very slim.

  9. Sounds good! I'll add that to the bestiary entry :)

  10. Thanks - and don't forget to that it's half eagle and half bull ^^ BTW, I got a bit of fun fluff history for ya if ya want to hear

  11. Sure, why not? Can't promise I'll use it though ;)

  12. Ok - here it is:
    Legends tell of a small kingdom once besieged by a plague of foul poisonous serpents that threatened to do away with all its inhabitants. The creatures would rise from the sewers every night in search of unknowing victims. The terror inflicted by the serpents was so great that the serfs feared ever leaving their abodes. Driven by the desire to end the plague and righteous fury, the Count took a small band of his finest men and headed down into the dark underbelly of his realm to find the source of this evil. Eventually he and his men discovered was not a mere gathering but a complete hatchery of the daemonic reptiles; governed over by a monstrous matriarch whose scales were the color of violent flame left behind by vengeful Arabyans driven away during the Crusades according to the tale. What truly occured that day will never be known, but legend speaks of the noble Count doing battle with the queen-serpent and winning the day by beheading the creature with a swipe of his sword. Today, the nameless Count is honoured as a noble hero to Estalia, becoming a symbol of heroism and noblity while the foul mother-wyrm slain by his blade is cursed and has earned the name "La Vibria" by believers.