Saturday, 30 December 2017

Warhammer: Empire 9th ed 1.12 out now!

Update 9/1:
  • Greatsword can upgrade to medium or heavy armour, not heavy and full plate armour.

Update 4/1:
  • Warrior Priest prayer's do not affect detachments (as detachments do not exist anymore). 
  • Witch Hunters do not have light armour by default.
  • Fixed bug in army list where Marksmen have A2 and Preceptors have A1.

This update contains the following changes:
  • Removed Knights Panther, Blazing Sun and White Wolves from the book, these can instead be accessed from the expansion with the correct special rules for their Grandmaster.
  • Removed skirmishers from Sisters of Sigmar, is now optional. Added Immunity (Fear). Nerfed to Ld7 like in Mordheim, champions have WS4. Can only have HW and shield, as befits their models. Will get more options in the Priests of the Old World expansion.
  • Cut off Valtens backstory to after he saved Lachenbad so the story does not interject with Volkmar's current fluff. Valten as the Champion of Sigmar will be made available in Storm of Chaos later.
  • Kurt Helborgs armour can never be made worse than 3+, rather than rerolling saves.
  • Boris Todbringer has a shield, hates Beastmen.
  • Jubal Falk may include the Nuln Ironsides.
  • Magnus the Pious have the Leader of Men and Righteous Fury special rules.
  • Additional power dice from multiple Arcane Battle Altars are cumulative.
  • Greatswords are State Troops.
  • Reiksguard Knights joined by Kurt Helborg may re-roll failed break tests.
  • Witch Hunters can take crossbows.
  • Arch Lector 100 pts. 
  • Nerfed Bruckner's amulet.
  • Engineers can have light armour.
  • Flagellants Ld5.
  • Multiple bugs and spelling errors fixed.

8th ed Ravening Hordes will be updated shortly after New Years.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Warhammer: Empire 9th ed 1.0 out now!

Well, it's only taken around 2 years longer than planned, but here it finally is; clocking in at 244 pages it is by far the longest book I've put together (and hopefully will be too!). The book contains the following changes from the Ravening Hordes list:

  • New Special Unit: Sisters of Sigmar
  • New Rare Unit: War Wagon
  • New Special Character: Valten
  • New Special Character: Thyrus Gormann
  • New Special Character: Boris Todbringer
  • New Special Character: Aldebrand Ludenhof
  • New Special Character: Valmir von Raukov
  • New Special Character: Magnus the Pious
  • New Special Character: Elspeth von Draken
  • New Special Character: Theodore Bruckner
  • New Special Character: Jubal Falk
  • Grand Masters require you field at least one unit of Knights.


As well as this release, you will also soon get an update for Knightly Orders just to bring a few things up to par with 9th ed. After this, I will release a small expansion for Steam Tank Variants as well as a few short stories that include them in battle. Later on, I will work on making rules for the Priests of the Old World, such as Taal, Morr, Verena and so on, including background for all the cults in the Empire. As well as this, I plan to make a Colleges of Magic expansion with fleshed out background from WFRP, rules for Arcane Battle Altars from the other colleges, and probably rules for each of the Patriarchs of the different colleges.

8th ed Ravening Hordes version will updated in around 2 weeks. 

As usual, let me know of needed bugfixes and various feedback. Hope you enjoy the book!