Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Kislev updated to 8th edition

Kislev has now been updated to 8th edition. Only minor rules changes to the units to bring them in line. The new version features:

- New graphic layout
- Several pages of added fluff
- Bestiary entries expanded
- New spells to Ice Magic
- Troops types included
- A few bugfixes

Kislev will be getting another update with images for the War Wagon and Urugan cannon later on.

Araby will also be getting a small update with more bugfixes soon. Next in line for an 8th edition update is Nippon, which will feature several new units (and a shorter timeline).


  1. Such a great work! GW do this! For Mother Kislev!!!!

  2. Hi there. I have been playing with Kislev figures since 4th edition, using a range of different rulesets.
    I love your book, I love the time and effort that has gone into it. Kislev suffers in 8th ed, because its main troop type of light cavalry suffers with the current rule set.
    Having actually played with your army list the only way I have been able to hold my own is to rely on infantry, which goes against the grain. Having invented some of my own rules and also researching other internet lists I now add the disengage rule:
    If the unit wins combat then they can disengage. Flee with auto reform and rally. The enemy can pursue but at a minus modifier of their combat resolution loss, if caught, wiped out.
    Also counter charge, if charged, can charge themselves. Both sides count as charging.
    These basically remove the issue of protracted combats, and give a real flavour to the kislev cavalry that is very distinct to the Empire the Bretonnians or Chaos

  3. Re Kislev Warwagons:
    Should they have a flank? It occurs to me they should not have a "traditional flank, as they were actually much stronger to the flanks than front. Perhaps they should give their flank bonus when charged to front instead?