Saturday, 11 September 2010

Warhammer Armies - Amazons are under development!

While I am finishing up on Dogs of War (done apart from rule changes and bug fixes with the development team), I have started on a smaller side project. Ind will be put on hold for a while as I start digging into the background of the Amazons of Lustria. The Amazons are more intended to be used as an Allied Contingent rather than a stand-alone army, although it will be possible to field it as such as well. Background-wise I will be following GW canon as much as possible, basing them more on Mayan and Aztec mythology rather than Greek. And yes, I threw in some Pygmy allies there for good measure!

Serpent Priestess
Senior Champion of Rigg

Champion of Rigg

Amazon Warriors (spears, shields,bows)
Scouts (javelins, skirmish, scouts)
Eagle Warriors (javelins, shields, LA)
Koka-Kalim (two hand weapons, frenzy)
Huntresses (jaguar mounts, javelins)

Jaguar Warriors (HW, Shield, LA)
Totem Guardians (Great weapons, LA, sclay skin cloaks, stubborn, fear)
Hand Maidens (Sunstaffs, claws of the old ones)
Plumed Archers (bow, poisoned attacks, swiftstride, skirmish)
Culchan Riders (mounted, skirmish, bow)
Pygmies (blowpipes)

Gorols (gorillas)
Horned One Riders (spears, shields, LA, scaly skin cloaks)
Coatl (winged serpent)


  1. I am looking forward to this. You write some pretty damn good books dude, nice work. I need to read the Estalia book still, but from what I have read so far it is pretty good.

  2. Thank you, the Amazons are progressing nicely as well, already have 60 pages of source material to use. It won't not take too long to get this one finished, maybe two weeks or so.

  3. Impressive. I like how you include lots of background, it gives the army more depth. I think this is especially true when you build on our own history and bind it into the fantasy histories. Tis a nice touch.

  4. Did you some day sell it in a paper version? Or only online pdf.s...

  5. I have no intention of selling these books, neither could I do so with a good conscience as I do not own all the material used in the books. You could always visit a digital printer to get it done, would probably cost you half as much as actually buying a copy would ;)

  6. "And yes, I threw in some Pygmy allies there for good measure!"

    Amazon and Pygmy aren't fairly allies if you read the classical background.

  7. Not familiar with the classical background I'm afraid, if you have links or similar to it, I would be happy to look through it.