Friday, 13 December 2013

Alternative Miniatures: Cathay

Here's a collection of models suitable for anyone interested in doing a Cathayan army:

Black Hat
Assault Group
Renegade Miniatures
Perry Miniatures
Old Glory
Reaper Miniatures
Hell Dorado
3D Model Studio
Watchful I

As per usual, write in the comments if you know of any more suitable miniatures.


  1. I am using a lot of the Reaper line for my Nippon army. Of course, mainly for the elites/specials/rares. Reaper minis are my favorite ones to use. Another one that's good to try are models from Wargames Factory. They are much better now and are filling up my core units pretty good!

    With some tweaks, you might be able to use a lot of these for an army of Cathay!

  2. I second the Wargames Factory range. They are really good for rank and file troops. :)

  3. Wargames factory is great for Nippon, Norse, and even Araby to an extant. There are other companies that do stuff for them, but they aren't as cheap.

    For Cathy, I recommend checking out Watchful I Studio, in fact they have a kickstarter going right now for warring states Chinese that is worth checking out.

    1. that's a very cool tip. Just about a week until their store opens