Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Plans for the coming year

Happy New Year and all that! Been a while since I last posted anything substantial, what with the holidays and gaming taking up most of my time. I'm almost finished with the latest release version of the Dogs of War book, though it doesn't really vary that much from the beta already online.
However, I'm not sure just how much time I will really have to work on the books during the upcoming months, due to just having gotten a full-time intern-ship during January-March, after which I will most likely be working on another job during April-June. This means that my time will be cut a bit short when it comes to working on any new projects, and thus I definitely will not be able to keep up the same pace as I did during 2013.

That said, I should at least be able to squeeze in a couple of the smaller army lists planned since I don't really have any major revisions to do on the main books (except Special Characters), though I'm not sure exactly when. Naturally, I will keep the blog updated whenever I start on any of these. With a bit of luck, I might at least have the Gnoblar list out in February. Until then, you can look forward to the Dogs of War book (as well as the RoR) around next week.


  1. I know you have other priorities, but do realise that all your efforts are very much appreciated!