Saturday, 11 January 2014

Alternative Miniatures: Nippon

For this army there are a ton of different makers to go with, and thus it's very possible I might miss a few. Fill in in the comments if you know of any that I've missed.

Perry Miniatures
Kingsford Miniatures
Wargames Factory
Steelfist Miniatures
Old Glory Miniatures
West Wind
Black Hat
Wargames Foundry
Assault Group


  1. I have been building a list like this for a bit, along with a forum for this army book.

    The list thread is here...

  2. Love the list! I have been building my army for some time. With all these options, I can make a great looking army.

  3. any suggetion for the shrine?
    also i want to share my flaming arrow i made.. also dont you think its too cheap the unit?

  4. i am looking for figures for the sumo warriors, but i cant find some with the right "size".
    any ideas?

  5. Try Urban Wars' Sumo Bodyguards, and Bushido's Sumos, they are pretty much exactly what you are looking for.

  6. At first ...

    ... I was a little astonished to see 1/72 = 25 mm figures in the list, given that Warhammer uses 1/64 = 28 - 1/56 = 32 mm miniatures. Then again, the European, African/Arabic and far Eastern armies would never meet, so converting to 1/72 makes sense -- especially if people want their troops to do double duty with Milton Bradley's «Samurai Swords» or Zvezda's «Samurai Battles». The smaller the figures, the more of them fit on the table, and large units always look more impressive. :-)

    Well, given that Zvezda only offers very few poses in their little boxes, making especially their mounted troops look like cloned imperial Stormtroopers, here is a tiny company that produces excellent Chinese, Korean and feudal Japanese soldiers and civilians in 1/72 scale. I am not associated with them in any way:

    DT Models Kopp & Mahlendorf
    - Thomas Lauble -
    Hausacher Straße 1
    77709 Wolfach
    Tel. +49 7834 869753, 07834 869754
    Fax +49 7834 869755
    "Thomas Lauble"

    This is a company that produces heating equipment and where Mr. Lauble works during the day, so do not harass them with phone calls about miniature figures.

    Instead, head over to Hagen Miniatures to look at DT Models products and order them:

    May the wind of the gods protect you from the Mongols. :-)

  7. Looks like the e-mail address didn't make it through the filters, let's try it this way:

    "Thomas Lauble" info (with) Kopp-Mahlendorf (dot) de


  9. Posted it once, might as well post it again.