Saturday, 18 January 2014

On the topic of Gnoblars...

Some decent news there; I have started putting the list together using the material from the old Gnoblar Hordes list, and it's currently up to 27 pages (will most likely go down once I'm finished with the formatting). There's also another fan-made army book for Gnoblars which is as of yet, unfinished. I will probably contact the authors of that one to see if they intend to work on it further or if they would be willing to share their material. At any right, it might give me some ideas for rules.

I've earlier put a "maybe" on February in terms of release date, but I think that might have been a little too optimistic. Gnoblars aren't exactly at the top of the pyramid as far as interesting factions go to me, so I won't be working on them as much for my sake as it is for the community.
At the very least, the Gnoblar book (if one could call it that) will be an updated "port" of the 6th ed list, but I will most likely throw in quite a few more units as well. That said, it might not be as good as my previous work due to a certain lack of personal interest in the subject. However, I've thought the same thing about quite a few of the other books, and people have still really liked those anyway, so I could be wrong! At any rate, Gnoblars are on the way, but do try to keep your expectations reasonable ;)


  1. I think reasonable is supposed to be a year or 2 not 4 to 5

    1. Well, you can't hardly blame for not doing anything else in the meantime ;)
      This post was made before the demise of WFB, after which I've prioritised to remake the official books first. 14 books takes time!