Friday, 15 April 2016

Ravening Hordes: Tomb Kings out now!

Updated 19/4.

Well, this should be a real treat for you TK players! TK will now play on about the same level as VC and gain the ability to march with the help of characters, and no longer crumble to dust as long as you have wizards remaining! This is balanced out with you crumbling again if your new Hierophant is killed however. VC will get a similar (but not identical) treatment. On top of this, plenty of units have seen substantial price drops.

Download 8th Ed

Download 9th Ed

  • Nehekharan Undead replaced with normal Undead. Units can march when joined by Tomb Kings/Princes. 
  • If the Hierophant is killed another Liche Priest can take over as the Hierophant.
  • Spears are free for Skeleton Warriors.
  • Tomb Swarms moved to Core.
  • New Unit: Khemric Titan.
  • Skeleton Horsemen may take barding, are fast cavalry by default and have WS3. 13 pts.
  • Skeleton Horse Archers no longer scout. 13 pts.
  • Charioteers have A1. 50 pts.
  • Tomb Guard halberds 1 pt.
  • Necropolis Knights have A1, no longer have Stone Hide, but LA instead. 50 pts. May not have EBtS. May take magic banner.
  • Carrion have A2, may Scout (which offsets their normal lack of march). 22 pts.
  • Khemrian Warsphinx moved to rare, T7. No longer have Thundercrush. 200 pts.
  • Necrosphinx T7, have HKB instead of decapitating strike.
  • Ushabti no longer have standard bearer/musician options. Great Bow nerfed to S5. 36 pts, have to buy weapons.
  • Sepulchral Stalkers 45 pts.
  • Tomb Scorpion 70 pts.
  • Screaming Skull Catapult moved to special. 100 pts. Skulls of the Foe 20 pts.
  • Tomb King/Prince -1W. May be mounted on skeletal steeds.
  • Casket of Souls 150 pts, have T7, 4+ ward save. 
  • Flail of Skulls and Crown of Kings added. 
  • Cheaper magic items.


  1. Great stuff, good to see TK getting some love. Just a few things I noticed.
    -Necropolis Knights still have A2.
    -Spears are not free for skellies in 9th (probably intentional with the buffs to spears in that edition, just checking).
    -Unsure if HKB on every attack for the Necrosphinx is balanced, seems a little too powerful to me.
    -How will Settra be affected by 'his thing' being moved to a magic item in the Crown of Kings. (I think it's a good change, really reinforces the idea of TK as a force multiplier army without having to take named characters).
    -Loving the Khemric Titan, can you provide some info as to its background?

    1. Also, do the Icon of Ptra and Scales of Usirian count as magic items for generating extra dice to cast their bound spells?

    2. - Will fix.
      - Intentional.
      - He's likely to get 2,5 hits against most monsters, less than 50% chance to HBK for a dedicated Mo hunter. It's about the same as a Bretonnian Lord character on pegasus (about the same price too).
      - Damn, I didn't check Settra's rules! I'll change it to Collar of Shapesh instead, don't want the ability twice in the book.
      - It's from Monstrous Arcanum, full background will be included in the full release.
      - Yes, that's why they have increased casting values and the Hierotitan is 25 pts more expansive.

    3. -The Necrolith Colossus says (Impact Hits does not count) in brackets instead of "do not".
      -The Bow of the Desert Ignores Armor Saves despite you making Ballistas have armor piercing instead.
      -The Spirit Conduit special rule says "one or more Hierotitans adds +D3 to the casting result of each spell". An it should be between Hierotitans and adds.
      -Wrath of the Sands says "when shooting and -1 to their charge distance rolls while until the start of the caster's next Magic phase". Remove while and the sentence is fixed.
      -The Lore of Nehekhara has multiple references to Nehekharan undead.
      -Spell number 3 of the Lore of Nehekhara currently does nothing. It should just remove Stand and Fire from the bows.
      -RAW the Flail of Skulls grants all attacks the Multiple Wounds (2) special rule. Someone could give it to a Lich High Priest and argue that it makes their spells more powerful.
      -The Tomb Prince Skeletal Steed has lord costs instead of hero costs.
      -The Skeleton Chariot mount for a Tomb Herald is formatted wrongly.
      -The Casket Guard of a Casket of Souls are WS4 BS4. WS4 may be intentional but they shouldn't have BS4 since they don't have ranged attacks and the tomb king characters don't have that BS either.

    4. -The Tomb Kings are no longer the only army that can take chariots in large units. The rule about Skeleton Chariots using the rules for monstrous ranks should be added to the main rule book so that Albion and the Beastmen can benefit from it.
      -In some case, claws should represent two hand weapons rather than one for certain units such as Sons of Ulric, Deathclaws, Bjorn and Giant Scorpion mounts. I always figured that certain units such as Celestian Dragon Monks, Daemonettes, Harpies and Ulfwerenar got their two attacks base due to attacking with both 'hands' which would be similar to humans attacking with two hand weapons.

    5. I can add it as a normal rule in the 9th ed BRB instead,.
      For many units, these models already have extra attacks on their profile. For others, it needs to be balanced out a bit with really strong units, hence they might not have 2HW's een if they would fight with both arms.

    6. -There needs to be better clarification about which flaming attacks have a physical component and which ones do not. Dragon Armor and Forge Proven Gromril Armor wouldn't help against Naphta bombs, flaming arrows or a burning environment (the armour protects against the fire but not asphyxiation) but would against dragon breath and flame magic. Dragon armor should also grant Immunity (Flaming Attacks) instead of a ward save since logically it wouldn't help in certain situations.

    7. Yea, it isnt exactly immersive how DA and FPGA just makes you virtually immune to any attack involving fire.
      How exactly is it stopping a greatsword wreathed in flames or a magically fiery cannonball.
      It could be far too much of an advantage against some lists. And with the new ridden monster rules, which are great in themselves, the 2+ ward save is extended to the whole monster.

    8. Sure, I'll add that their particular armours in their next updates.

  2. Hi... I don't really any complaints about the rules... I'm just wondering when you're going to release a ravening hordes: chaos warriors. It's fine if I don't get an answer; I was just wondering.

    By the way, I absolutely love the army books!

    1. If you check the "predicted release order" to the left, you'll see that WoC are 2nd in line to be updated after VC ;)

  3. Are Morghasts becoming Vampires only? or will there be an option in the full TK book to take them if you field Nagash?

    1. I have not decided about Morghasts yet, they will be left out until the final release of the books.

  4. Replies
    1. Skeleton Horsemen champion has BS3 instead of A2.

      Necropolis Knights should've (at least an option for) shields. The models comes with shields.
      Animated Construct is 5+ and light armour and shield is another 5+. 3+ Stone Hide save was actually lower what it should've been in the 8th edition :P

    2. I will those bugs soon.

      You are right about the shields, they should be an option. And yes, the Stone Hide special rule was a really pointless one, they never needed to include it at all really.

  5. There is some problem with the prices in the Lord and Heroes sections of the 8th edition.

    High Priest at 300 pts
    Tomb Prince at 150 pts
    Lich Priest at 300 pts
    Necrotect at 150 pts.

  6. -Stalker's gaze maybe should be worded "roll an artillery dice for each S. Stalker eligible to shoot..."
    -Typo, Hierotitan's Scales of Ursirian should read "Spirit Leach"

    1. -Typo, second point should spell "Spirit Leech". Nice work Oreo.

  7. Talked to a TK player.

    We noticed that the Incantation of Desert Wind doesn't have a provision against marching. I mean I doubt this is game breaking but it does allow ZOOM ZOOM for a unit containing a My Will Be Done character.

    1. I think that's fine, it's like they were in 6th ed, except that you cannot use it to charge, which was the original issue with them back then.

  8. Chariot and Warsphinx mount options have "(replacing one of the crew)".

    It was "...replaces the chariot/Warsphinx's crew) before. Likely not many even have them modeled with the crew and character.

  9. I think it would be nice if you give the necrotecs the ability to target a unit of construct at 3inches with their powers as the engineers do.

    1. What abilities were you thinking? Giving them better Skull Catapult targetting? The only non-bubble ability they have is "Hatred to joined unit" so are you suggesting that be the 3" buff? (don't even really understand why Necrotects are Hate-mongers)

    2. Something about them being perpetually pissed off about the ungodly amount of maintenance work in the Land of the Dead. If THEY can't have a five-minuter break, then NOONE SHALL!!

  10. Guys from BlackHammer did something cool with it. They remove all is current abilities & replace it with the Ritual of the Stonemason. It can only affect one unit of constructs in a bubble of 6 inches. Once per turn, the necrotect have to do a leadership test, if successful he can do one of the following:

    The Ritual of Eternity: till the end of your opponent turn, the unit get +1 armor save.

    The Ritual of the Vengeful: the unit can make a march this turn.

    The Ritual of the Revival: the unit recover 1 wounds lost as the spell do.

    1. Maybe for the full version, I'll think about it.

  11. If you include Nagash in your army book, will it be the pre or post End Times version?