Friday, 18 April 2014

Dropping support for Issuu and Scribd

Due to the annoyance of having to manually upload updates to these two sites, I've decided to drop the support for those versions. This won't affect the majority of you since downloading from Google Drive is easier anyway, and minor updates are often only uploaded here to begin with. Plus, Scribd have an annoying tendency to delete some documents by mistake due to them being similar to previously removed official GW publications, so you can't even find the whole collection there anyway. All books will still remain on these sites since they still show up very high in the search results, thus making it easier for new players to find them, but they will be marked as outdated.

Along this, I'm also dropping the support of two existing documents, Fimir and Classic Regiments of Renown, which are not available on this site at the moment anyway. Fimir will of course return as an Allied Contingent down the line in an updated 8th ed format, but I don't think I will be working more of the Classic RoR's. This is due to many of them simply not fitting with the current background of Warhammer, and several already have official updates as Special Characters or current RoR's. More than that, most of them were never mercenaries to begin with, so the term "Regiment of Renown" isn't all that fitting as it would allude to them being Dogs of War, which they in most cases are not. The rules will still be available online for those who might be interested in either using their rules or read their background, but they won't see any new support beyond that.


  1. Also Mathias the new wood elf army book just came out. Does that mean Bretonnia will come out too? If so will you still publish a Bretonnia book? I am looking forward to zombie pirates and fimirs. Also did I hear something about a fish army? That would be awesome!

    1. I'm rather confident we will see a new Bretonnia book out, maybe later this year. I already published my version two years ago, I'm just working on an update for them right now. And yes, if there's time, I'll make rules for a fishmen list as well.

  2. When you update the special characters, could you add the Great Sultan of Araby and Finubar, the Phoenix king of the High Elves?