Friday, 18 April 2014

Nippon update out now!

I know, I know, Estalia should have been first, but I've yet to come up with a decent way to make the Tercio really work. I will discuss this thoroughly my with gaming group this Sunday though, so hopefully I can have it out by then.

Anyway, this new Nippon update does the following:

  • New Hero choice - Kensai. I originally planned to have these guys as skirmishing special units, but skipped them since they would be too similar to Kabuki Dolls/Ronin. Instead, they are more similar to Estalian Diestros, as characters that specialize in fighting in Challenges. Like the Diestro, they can also make use of different duelling techniques, and wear no armour whatsoever. This gives Nippon a little more of the archetypical Samurai duels that are so present in Japanese culture, without changing the primarily historical base of the main list.
  • Ronin now starts without LA and can purchase it as an option instead. This allows players to use unarmoured Samurai in their army for more model variation.
  • Tengu may now buy optional naginatas (halberds).
  • Batake Clan Mon now allows Samurai Warriors to carry handguns. This was done to give players a bigger incentive to use this Clan Mon.
  • Ashiwara Clan Mon nerfed. It now only removes the penalty for firing at long range, not re-rolling 1's To Hit. Can't remember if I fixed it earlier already, but that's the way it works now regardless.
  • Fixed a large number of spelling/grammar issues in the history section.


  1. And Battlescribe file updated.


  2. Any idea yet for the formation? If you need input I would also help and send you my ideas concerning the rule.

    1. Sorry, didn't have the time last Sunday, was busy playtesting DoW. I'm gonna try to finish it this weekend, otherwise I'll probably just release the adjusted army list as is and fix the tercio later.