Friday, 18 April 2014

BattleScribe files for Albion, Amazons, Araby, Bretonnia and Cathay out now!

Many thanks to Shadow (Alethea Emyth) who put these together. They have all been added to the rest of the BattleScribe files under "Other Downloads".


  1. What is personally your favorite warhammer army? Both official and unofficial? Will you do a Lumbar army to complete the warhammer world? How about the Hinterlands and the Lizardmen in the far east? I guess there are a lot of islands you could work with too!

    1. Hard to say, it varies. Maybe Dogs of War, if only because they can field models from all armies ;)
      Do you mean Lumbria? Don't have any plans for lists from any of those areas at the moment, except maybe Khuresh at some point.