Thursday, 20 March 2014

Dogs of War 4.21 out now!

[Edited to sound less douchebagery] Due to some negative feedback from tournament players, we at DoW Online went back and re-did certain parts of the list to have a chance seeing the list allowed at more tournaments. Some important issues were brought up and have been fixed accordingly. What follows is a list of changes in 4.21:
  • Removed stacking of War Academy abilities like Rapid Deployment, make it 30 pts, general only.
  • Only 1 Merchant Prince may be included, including special characters.
  • Paymaster increased to 45 pts.
  • Paymaster "death-range" increased to 18" with a paychest. 
  • Nerf Lucrezzia Belladonna.
    Nerf/reword Stunning Beauty: "Any friendly Human unit within 8" of her rallies automatically during the Compulsory Movement phase."
    Nerf Phial of Poison: "Nominate D3 enemy characters at the beginning of the battle. Roll a D6 for each; a roll of 4 + means that the character has been poisoned and starts the battle with one Wound less than normal. "
    This keeps enemy characters from possibly getting killed outright.
    Nerf Potion of Pavona: "At the beginning of the battle, Lucrezzia may give the potion to any one character, unit Champion, or take it herself. Roll a D3..." 
  • Staff of Fickle Fortune: 3+ to work, 2 does nothing, 35 pts.
  • Marksmen of Miragliano: removed Marksmen ability. Maximilian gets the Marksman Trait.
  • Increase Ogre Great Weapons to 8pts/m.
  • Equipment options mandatory for Stradiots to increase their base price, while still keeping available model options at a maximum.
  • Increased Merc Elves to 7pts/m.
  • Justintine's Paychest gives "cold-blooded" for psychology tests.
  • Better clarification for Scorpions as units.
  • Ballista/Scorpion cap added to avoid spam.
  • Leonardo will only boost units in his vicinity, 100 pts.
  • Ghazak Khan is now normal Ca rather than MC.
  • Galloper Guns can no longer march, Bronzino's Master Gunner range nerfed to 3".
  • Dwarfs updated in accordance with 8th ed. 
I've also edited the background for multiple units, so there's quite a lot of new things to read in the bestiary. For the time being, this update only applies to the Google Drive versions. It includes the RoR book as well.

Aside from this, I haven't been able to work on the books particularly much due to work and having laser eye surgery earlier this month. My sight is improving well though, so I should soon be able to get back to work on more updates at least, though new material will still be awhile off.

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  1. You've done an excellent job listening to criticism and encouraging the community to work with you on making your UNOFFICIAL FAN MADE list better. As your introduction to this post demonstrates, you are a mature adult who understandings not everything you do is perfect and that your book can be improved.