Sunday, 25 May 2014

New Norse Update out now!

This update changes the following:
  • Counter-charge back as an army special rule - I found this to be more in line with the newer army books, where multiple army special rules are becoming more common.
  • Shieldwall simplified to work like the new Dwarf book.
  • War Mammoth -50 pts.
  • Frost Giant -25 pts, can now take great weapons and heavy armour.
  • Ice Drake -25 pts, -1T. Same stats as a Sun Dragon. 
  • Seers and Vitki have stats and pts costs equal to that of normal human wizards. 


  1. Mathias, on the Army summary pg. you have the Frost Giants listed as 0 BS, but on their personal pg. they are listed as BS of 3. I thought I would just give you a heads up.

  2. Also Mathias, it is a little bit confusing at the end of your book, it states that the Gods of the Norse are the Chaos Gods, when your website and story-line clearly show that the Norse are independent of Chaos. It is the very last pg. of the book where this is stated.

    1. The thing about the Norse are that they are actually both; the northern tribes are more worshippers of chaos, whereas the southern tribes are more like the classical vikings. And since all gods are just some form of the Chaos gods, saying that the Norse worship "the dark gods" isn't really faulty ;)

    2. Okay I understand, the Norse book represents the south part of Norsca. Well I also wondered because on your website it says that the Norse are non-aligned. I like this book as I am very much into Norse Mythology.

    3. It does represent both, but you should probably stay away from certain units depending on which tribe you play as. The Northern ones would have more monsters, while the southern ones would have more Bondsmen, Huscarls and Shieldmaidens. That said, you are ofc free to mix them anyway you like, that's what I'll be doing for my Norse army anyway. That's also the reason the Norse are a "neutral" faction, since they can both be played as good or bad guys.

  3. Hi Mathias, I'm enjoying your blog. I have nominated you for an Liebster award. It helps promote wargaming and modeling blogs:

  4. Hi there me again. Been a while since i played with Norse, sold my old army a few years back - all old GW figures but they suffer from size comparison.
    Just a few couple of points.
    Firstly where are the Norse Dwarves. you make a lot of references to them in the background and narrative tales. I would like to see them appear as follows:
    A plain Norse Dwarf Lord, a Norse Dwarf Hero, Core Dwarves with hand weapons/ great weapons/ crossbows/ shields. Special Longbeards. Rare Bolt throwers and Rangers. Can't take Characters specials or Rares without Core. This brings a sprinkling of basic dwarves and enables a full army of them (although obviously that could also be taken from the dwarf book).
    Secondly, the Crew of the Mammoth appear only to be able to shoot. They can't attack. However they can be attacked by large targets. Can I suggest that they can also attack back against large targets and possibly flyers (allowing flyers to attack them too).
    Now a question on Base size. Normally your books are obvious because of relations to existing forces. But here we are on the fine line between Warriors of Chaos and Empire. The organised forces of Bondsmen and Huscarls appear to be more related to the Empire so 20mm bases. The wilder elements such as Marauders would be on 25mm.
    How do the Ulfjarls work, it appears like an assassin, but other assassins have the same base size as their unit, enabling it to go in the front rank. Now here the Ulfjarl is Monstrous Infantry, so not the same base size, so you need to move him to the edge of combat - most likely away from all juicy characters.
    If you want him to stay in the middle then you need a rule to allow it. And then you need to work out the base size, if he is to be in Marauders on 25mm bases, then this chappie will have to be on a 50mm base to fit snuggly - and then if other units are on 20 mm you have a problem - unless he is on 40mm in 20mm units :-) Build him to go on two bases ....
    And lastly I'd slow the norse horsemen down to 7, they clearly don't use horses much, they are smaller etc, yet these horsemen with throwing axes are devilishly good.
    Oh and as with the DoW book, and the Hobgoblin book you have adding Light Armour to shield removing fast cavalry status, but is a 7th edition hangover, this isn't the case in 8th ed - check goblin wolf riders. Doesn't much affect the Norse, but is a massive issue for your habgoblin book, especially when you consider the models most people have - wearing light armour and carrying shields.

    Many thanks

    1. The list used to have Norse Dwarfs before, I removed them for a couple of reasons. One of them were fluff - Norse Dwarfs and Norse used to be rather close, but due to the increase of Chaos, the Norse Dwarfs shut themselves away and now only trades a little with the southern tribes. If you want to include Norse Dwarf allies, all you need to do is add a Dwarf allied contingent, no need to add those units to the Norse book.

      I'll have a look into the war mammoth, think I I've just used FW wording here.

      As far as bases are concerned, I would put them all on 20mm bases for consistency. This also solves the Ulfjarl issue, just stick him on a 40mm base and you are set. There's nothing saying that Norse Marauders have to be on 25mm bases, they just rank up easier if using GW's models and allows your Chaos characters to be fielded in the same unit easier

      The Norse Horsemen have the same stats as normal marauder Horsemen, don't want to make those different. A horse is a horse, the difference isn't that great between them.

      LA + shield actually removes FC on the Hobgoblins in the Tamurkhan list, which is 8th ed. That said, I would be willing to make an exception in the Hobgoblin book, seeing as they rely so much on FC.