Sunday, 18 September 2011

Surprise Release! The Kingdoms of Ind beta out now!

Though this is probably more of a case of "better late than never" than it is a real surprise, I didn't expect to be done with it just yet. But I just sat down yesterday and figured I'd finish the damn thing, and I did!
So for you people who have been waiting to try out the Kingdoms of Ind, have at it! Rules are finished, but the main background will take quite some time to write up, so I wouldn't expect that to be done any time soon.

Read or Download:

Work on the Halfling list will proceed as planned, and might be finished sometime this fall.


  1. I came acrss your blog as I am creating a line of new Indian figures in 28mm. Some are sure to fit in with your New Warhammer Kingdoms of Ind. Very nice work!


  2. Nice! If I'll ever get around to do a miniatures gallery for them, I'll be sure to link to your website :)

  3. I'd almost rather see the list get rid of the humans from it and instead focus entirely on the nanumen, rakasha, naga, dvarapala, garuda, and naga being led by either powerful members of one of those races (probably the Rakasha or Naga) or the 'greater daemon' style big guys.

    In fact, this might appropriately be at least three different armies (if High Elves, Dark Elves and Wood Elves are exclusively different armies after all) and the humans are easily the least interesting part. You don't have Skaven or Lizardman armies all loaded up with humans do you?