Sunday, 6 March 2011

Warhammer Armies - Kingdoms of Ind under development!

So, as promised, some details on the Ind project. Finally got some of my groove back, which means I might actually be able to get a new book out soon!

The Kingdoms of Ind will feature a mix of human and deamonic units, which are essentially lesser deities. As such the list is mostly based on medieval India with lots of mythological units mixed in. If all goes well, I might have it finished by April.

Until then, the list of units, and the cover:

Maharajah (fighter/support)
Eldritch Guru (wizard)
Greater Deity (Greater Deamon equivalent)

Raja (fighter/support)
Mahasiddh/Guru (wizard)

Peasant Levy (spears, slings, javelins)
Nayar Warriors (spears, swords, shields, LA)
Mahratta Archers (long bows)
Tiger Cultists (frenzy, 2HW)
Avar Horseman (mounted, spears, shield, LA, bows)
Khurdeshi Stalkers (skirmish, bow, scout)

Fel Guard (halberd, light armour, stubborn)
War Elephants (in units)
Royal Chariots (chariot)
Dvarapala (daemon, very heavily armoured infantry)
Kalites (daemon, lots and lots of Attacks)
Rakshasa (daemon, skirmish, hardhitters)
Garuda (daemon, flyer)

Naga (daemon, ogre size)
Basilisk (monster)
Royal War Elephant (bigger elephant)


  1. Looking forward to Ind.

    Your hosting solution ATM is not very good.
    I'll host your books on my domain if you are interested. Write me a coreheim |a|

  2. I'll keep that in mind. I do have a friend that would allow me to host on his domain as well, so I might give him a call first hand. Thanks for the offer though, I might catch you up on that later on :)

  3. Ah I see. Well actually, what is the copyright on these things, being freeware I would guess that they are freely distributable...

  4. Technically it is GW's IP for most of these books, so someone could take offence. Though having spoken directly to their games designers, I've had no complaints from their department.

  5. Awesome list and artwork. Definitely looking forward to it.

    Also worth noting maybe adding Varunas (Hanumans monkey race from Ramayana), just to add that ancient Indian mythical flavor.

  6. This book looks GREAT! With indian parents myself, I'm very curious about this one. The rest of your Army Books are awesome... this will, too! :)

  7. this looks great but how big do u think the War Elephants would be? What size base?
    i imagine the royal Elephants would be the size of either the Elephants from the lord of the rings range or the war mammoth from the forge world but i just cant picture the size of the smaller Elephants