Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Complete 8th ed update for Araby out now!

While once again forsaking my much needed sleep, I've finished the real 8th ed update for Araby. It contains a new layout for the army list, a whole bunch of new artwork, revised rules, redone magic items, Lore Attribute and options to boost spells, as well as two new units, the deadly Dervishes (similar to Fanatics) and the Sandglass of Time (similar to the Casket of Souls).



  1. Great news! This is my favourite army so far.

    I hope that my feedback on the genie turned out to be helpful.

    Best regards, and keep doing this amazing job!


    1. Damn, I actually forgot to check up on that properly! Never fear, I have some ideas that you will probably like ;)

      I'll have a new version up later tonight!