Saturday, 11 February 2017

New Pirates of Sartosa update and 9th ed version out now!

This update changes the following:

  • Dwarf Sea Dogs have the same special rules as other dwarfs.
  • Norse Reavers have Berserkergang instead of Frenzy.
  • Ironfist Mortars are S4.
  • Pirate crew may have great weapons (boarding axes).
  • Cheaper additional hand weapons and pistols for infantry.
  • Increased BS of Ship's Mates.
  • Changed unit sizes for Buccaneers and Harpooners to 10+.
  • Sea Serpent Riders have 6+ scaly skin.
  • Sea Giant have 6+ scaly skin.

With that done, I will now be able to focus on the official books again. Before I start with publishing "new" books though, I still have a few updates for Bretonnia, Skaven, Beastmen, DoW and Chaos Dwarfs which will add some new fluff from the various White Dwarfs I've been going through. The Bretonnian book will be a pretty big update though, with new units and quite a bit of added background, so that one will take a while to finish. The other updates should hopefully be pretty quick affairs.


  1. -The Oriental Longsword is lacking the Two-Handed special rule.
    -Scatter Shot fired by a Deck Cannon should have the Armor Piercing (2) special rule. Or is it really necessary? The rulebook already has rules for grapeshot.
    -Monstrous Cavalry no longer have Stomp attacks so the Tail Whip made by Sea Serpents should be removed. Also, do they need to be S5? Sea Serpents are thin.
    -Turtigons shouldn't have a fiery breath. Why would a creature that lives primarily underwater develop such an adaptation?
    -Cannon Tower misfires should damage the Turtigon instead since Monster Reactions are no longer present in 9th edition.
    -The Dark Waters lore attribute has grammar errors. It should say: Whenever a spell from the Lore of Stromfels is cast on an enemy unit within 3" of a water feature, that unit takes D6 Strength 3 hits. If they are standing in water, this is increased to 2D6 hits.
    -Do the Pistols of King Death also provide a bonus to melee attacks made with them?
    -Jaego Roth is mentioned as using his Spy-Glass to aim his Swivel Gun yet he doesn't have one.
    -Pirate Lords, Captains and First Mates should have mount options of Sea Serpents and Turtigons where appropriate.
    -Pirate Lords, Captains and First Mates should have access to Halberds and Bucklers as melee weapon options just like their subordinates. Maybe Harpoon Launchers as ranged weapon options.
    -First Mates shouldn't have Almost Loyal since it strangely makes them braver then the Captain/Lord when in the same unit as one.
    -Have you considered folding the Master Gunner, Navigator and Bosun roles into the First Mate as options? Dwarfs no longer have Master Engineers as War Machine upgrades. It's odd that pirates have so much more effective leaders.
    -Why don't Ship's Mates have access to Halberds and Great Weapons like Pirate Crew?
    -Dwarf Sea Dogs should have access to Great Weapons.
    -Flying Galleys should have High Flyer just like the Dwarf blimp (or whatever it is called).

    1. -Turtigons should be slow, very slow, they are giant turtles so they should be turtle slow. M3 would probably fit. Maybe make the Massive Beak rule instead cause the Turtigon to make two additional attacks (one if 3 wounds have been lost) with the Armor Piercing (1) and Killing Blow special rules as well. Natural Armor (1+) would also make up for it being slow. A Mighty Glacier that moves across the board slowly, shrugs off nearly everything sent at it and will annihilate anything it reaches that doesn't have a ton of wounds.

    2. -The Turtigons Cannon Tower should have all the upgrades typical to Deck Cannons.
      -Since the Triple Barrel Cannon is essentially three cannons mashed together. It should have Multiple Wounds (D6/D3) just like a regular cannon.

    3. - Fixed.
      - Removed it, added more fluff instead.
      - Fixed. S5 is standard for most MC, I think it's fine.
      - That's from their offical GW rules (sea monsters from Black Gobbo)
      - Fixed.
      - Fixed.
      - Yes, clarified that.
      - Where is that mentioned? I didn't find anything about him having a swivel gun.
      - I prefer Pirate characters to fight on foot, the mounts are only specialised units, not standard mounts.
      - Added bucklers (and removed javelins), boarding pikes are more commoners weapons.
      - That's because they want to prove themselves in order to advance to a higher position, otherwise it's every man for himself.
      - Yes, but they are not First Mates, so it does not make that much sense. The Masters and Idlers is already limited to Captains and Lords, so you can't spam them on every war machine without taking a bunch of other characters.
      - Added great weapons. Halberds are omitted for the same reason as Captains, they are for "commoners".
      - Fixed.
      - Fixed.
      - Turtigons are M5 in their offical rules, so I've lowered them to that. They also cannot march on land, so they are already super slow. The loss of heads rule is also the same as their official rules, since they use their heads to attack (the rest are stomp attacks).
      - I don't think that's necessary, they have enough rules as it is.
      - Fixed.

    4. -Warhawks, pegasus, Sleipnir, Terradons, Ripperdactyls, Pixiu, Jin Shan and Qilin are examples of Monstrous Beast mounts that are not S5.
      -The formating on page 62 to 73 is messed up.
      -Sorry. I made a mistake regarding Jaego.

    5. - Sure, but those are also smaller creatures compared to other MC. Sea Serpents may be "thin" (about as wide as a horse), but their mouth is also that size and with them using their main body as a weapon, that's about equal to being his with a horse in the face!
      - Fixed.

    6. -I understand what you mean regarding Sea Serpents but I suggest making them S4 in the 8th edition version. Tail Whip allows them to deal a lot of extra damage so the three Monstrous units could be meant for different roles with Sea Serpents Riders meant for clearing out tarpits/chaff, Sons of Stromfels for harder targets and Dark Maidens being a monstrous tarpit of their own.

  2. For the chain-shot upgrade for the Deck cannon, do you mean D3 files rather than D3 ranks? Surely the bounce will cover multiple ranks. Or is it not supposed to bounce?

  3. Mathias, it is really disrespectful from you to ignore Roland... I keep seeing it in every new post you make!

    1. I'm not ignoring his posts, if you go back to earlier updates you can see I have reponsed to each one. However, because of the length of them and because they contain lots of things that require me to go through the books again (often several times since he tend to find new things that he posts later on), I usually save those resonses for last so I have more time to look through them in detail and won't have to re-upload the book 3 times per day.

  4. I'd give the basic pirates +1 I across the board. The army has no armour anywhere and something that represents their flair and light dashin. Nature would be good.I am not a fan of the great weapons on the crew, remember the spam of GW carrying marauders. I really wish you would put some basic configuration mgmt on your work. Version numbers that enables us to establish if the version we have printed off is current or not.
    Can we have the missing Bretonnian characters in the new book please, and some character options to allow a peasant force to be fielded.

    1. Initiative is not really based on armour though, the flashing and dashing Buccaneers does have +1 Init to reflect that.

      I've upped the cost of GW's for the 8th ed version though, to avoid the spam (at least now you have to pay a pretty penny for it).

      The remaining missing special characters are rather short on fluff and never had any official models though, so they are not that interesting to include imo. However, they will appear in the special characters supplement instead.

  5. The Dirty Fighting Army Special Rule states:

    "Before making their normal attacks, a unit with this
    special rule may attempt to blind or distract the enemy.
    Roll one dice To Hit, using the highest weapon skill in
    the unit. If this attack Hits, then the enemy unit will
    suffer -1 to their Weapon Skill for the remainder of the
    turn. Roll the rest of your attacks as normal afterwards."

    When is this attack taken? At the start of the Combat Round? Before the initiative order of the highest initiative character?
    Would be good to clarify this within the write-up.

    1. That should be in the initiative order, starting with the init. of the model that also have this special rule.

  6. I've seen that Special Character Krusher the Anchorman, despite being an Ogre, has got Movement 4 instead of 6. Is that a Typo, or maybe having a wooden leg is just slower than other Monstruos infantry?

  7. We need a clarification about Masters and Idlers; for the cost they have, hey seems to be "Minor Heroes" and not part of a unit (like Empire or Dwarfs engineers). Paying their cost means that you have a model more in a unit, or you just "upgrade" a basic model in a special and stronger unit member? So, if I have a unit of 18 Ship's Mates that already have a Command Group for 30 points and I pay the cost for a Navigator and a Master Gunner, I will have 20 models in the unit, or just 18? In the rulebook in fact you can read "May Upgrade" for the Command Group, and then "The unit may include one of the following" referred to Masters and Idlers