Monday, 13 February 2017

Expansion plans

Update: Thanks for the feedback everyone! I don't have time to answer all individually, but I've updated this list with the suggestions I either forgot or that I think I can do justice. Some of the other suggestions will be likely be included in the various army books, and as such they are not featured here.

As this is something that often pops up, I'd like to get some opinions on what expansions you would like to see in the future. Expansions will be smaller releases that will contain some background on the subject, as well as some new units that can either be included in their main army or as a stand-alone force. Currently, I have plans for the following releases, sometime after I finish the main books:

  • Gnoblar Hordes - updated version of the White Dwarf list with more units.
  • Fimir - updated version of my old Fimir book, but with only the essential units and some basic fluff.
  • Champions of Chaos - a compilation of all Chaos special characters (too many to include in the WoC book)
  • Border Princes - smaller army list that allows you to make a combination of Bretonnia/Empire/Dogs of War with some new unique units.
  • Priests of the Old World - rules for priests of all the gods in the Empire.
  • Khorne - rules for including models from Battletome: Bloodbound in Age of Sigmar.
  • Tzeentch - rules for including models from Battletome: Disciples of Tzeentch in Age of Sigmar.
  • Steam Tanks - rules and background for alternative Steam Tank builds. 
  • Dark Shadows -  a re-release of the background (and maybe rules) from the 6th ed campaign.
  • The New World -  a re-release of the background (and maybe rules) from the 6th ed campaign.
  • Storm of Chaos -  a re-release of the background and variant army lists from the 6th ed campaign.
  • The Nemesis Crown -  a re-release of the background (and maybe rules) from the 7th ed campaign.
  • Skirmish Rules - updated rules and scenarios for Skirmish from 6th ed.
  • Warbands rules - updated rules from 6th ed.
  • Path to Glory - updated rules from 6th ed.
  • Scenario Pack - compilation of all Scenarios published in White Dwarfs and campaign books.
  • Campaign packs - a re-release of the background (and maybe rules) from the 5th ed campaign books Perilous Quest, Grudge of Drong etc.
  • Magic Items - a compilation of magic items from previous editions that did not make it into the 8th ed cut.
  • Army of the Cairns - updated rules of the 6th ed list.
  • Zombie Pirates - updated rules of the 6th ed list.
  • Hinterlands of Khuresh - smaller list of the race of Blood Nagas (maybe).
  • Mordheim Characters -  Warhammer rules for the Dramatis Personae.
  • Warhammer Siege - updated rules from 5th/6th ed. 
  • Monstrous Arcanum - compilation of the monsters that does not fit into the various army books.
  • Special Characters - updated rules of the special characters that won't make the 8th ed cut.
  • Stormcast - Warhammer rules for the models from Age of Sigmar (maybe), for people who want to be able to use the models. I'm not going to try and shoehorn them into the Warhammer World, merely make rules to make them compatible with 8th and 9th ed.
  • Historical - basic army lists for various armies that do not fit into the Warhammer World, but that people have requested to be playable with warhammer rules (such as Romans, Greeks, medieval kingdoms etc.).

Anything I missed that you want to see included?


  1. and new black orcs??? (ironjaws)??? will be included in OaG army book on not?

    1. Some of them likely will be yes. It's possible I will make rules for the other units that do not fit in with the O&G as a separate release.

    2. I think Brutes (aka Black orc brutes with warchanter- their musician) may fit, weirdnob shaman is still Shaman, gore gruntas are awful and megaboss......mayby evloution of black orc warboss ????

    3. Megabosses are nothing more than renamed Black Orc Warbosses (a large number of supposedly new units in AoS are nothing more than renamed versions of old WH units if you look carefully enough). Maw-krushas are the one that really needs rules.

      And then there are the Crypt Flayers and courtiers (from the Flesh-Eater Courts battletome), the Varanguard and new Dorghar (Everchosen), Frostlords and Huskards (Beastclaw Raiders), Wardokks (Bonesplitterz) and Spider-Goblins (Silver Tower), as well as the Sylvaneth Branchwych (maybe not different enough from Branchwraiths), Spite-Revenants, Kurnoth Hunters, and possibly Tree-Revenants (which might be too similar to Treekin).

    4. I cannot wait for the Gnoblar Hordes! This was my favorite army.

  2. Well, looking back to an older post you made about future, smaller books:

    - Tilean Mercenaries?

    - Border Princes: Balkan, Byzantine and Greek units?

    - Marienburg?

    - Dwarf Slayers from SoC?

    - Army of the Cairns?

    - Cult of Slaanesh?

    - Zombie Pirates?

    - Hinterlands of Khuresh? (pretty please :D)

    - Pigmies?

    - and lastly Fishmen?

    Cheers and keep up with the amazing work you're doing!

    1. Oh yes! The army of the Cairns and Zombie Pirates would be really nice. Thank you for your hardwork!

    2. How about Mordheim and Famous Regiments? Those would be great.
      Thanks and keep up with your fantastic work!

  3. yes yes to all
    Unknown13 February 2017 at 14:34 good to.

  4. I like the look of all of those, but I'm especially excited about the Champions of Chaos, Priests of the Old World, and the Disciples of Tzeentch. Oh, so many great units, so much wonderful fluff, so little time!

  5. South Pole good Arctic Skaven Penguin Seals Inuit based people

  6. Definitely a good set of expansions, I have a real soft spot for the storm of chaos army lists particularly, the slayer army and the cult of slaanesh lists, I've even started converting the slayer list to ninth ed using your dwarfs ravening hordes so I can make use of the excellent slayer models from Avatars of War. That said if you do create a slayer list, don't bother including units from AoS Fyreslayers because both the models and the fluff for them are just plain ugly.

  7. Well, I have alot of books and articles about Mordheim (both official and unofficial).
    So if you plan to do it, I can send you those.
    Keep up your hardwork btw

  8. Is it too much to ask for Stormcast, Fyreslayers, the updated flesh eater courts stuff, iron jaws, and the other sylvaneth stuff?

    1. I think he's said some of the iron jaws units will be incorporated into orcs and goblins, flesh eater courts aren't really needed since they are just strigori vampires all their units appear in his ravening hordes vampire counts and will probably be expanded in the main book, Sylvaneth units fit well with wood elves so I can see some of their units being incorporated there. Stomcast could have their place in a re-written end times setting (with them being a force forged by sigmar to take on chaos directly) but if so that's along way off if it were to ever happen, I'd vastly prefer he focus on the fantasy armies that people love before trying to incorporate the new stuff. I'm personally biased against fyreslayers because I think both their models and their lore are ugly as sin but that very much a personal opinion. If you want stuff like that there's nothing stopping you writing you're own rules for it, fantasy has been abandoned by GW so nothing is official anymore.

    2. But the thing is I wouldn't even know where to start with it.

      Like I could see them being spawned from a faction of dwarves that followed Ungrim after he became Incarnate of Fire during the End Times

  9. You already know what I want to do as a future project.

    As for the list, looks great. Feel like it's missing an all-time classic though, the General's Compedium.

    Also, will you be adding esotheric sections such as how to build your own Amazon Rainforest/ Chaos Obelisk etc.?

  10. Wow!!

    • Gnoblar Hordes
    Maybe you can contact the author Kevin Coleman
    Page 38
    • Fimir. Doon't forget the orc size Fimirs.
    • Champions of Chaos. Some links/sources of inspiration :
    • Priests of the Old World :êtres-de-mórr/
    Document for Mordheim

    • Khorne Bloodbound :

    • "Warbands rules - updated rules from 6th ed." warband have updating 7th edition rules too.

    • Path to Glory have AoS update version.

    • Campaign packs campaign books Perilous Quest, Grudge of Drong etc have german 6th update.

    • "Magic Items - a compilation of magic items from previous editions that did not make it into the 8th ed cut." Jervis Johnson do this to a White Dwarf article no?

  11. I'd like to see Fimir get an update.

    I have to say, I've just stumbled onto this and it's a great resource for Fantasy players and looks like years of hard work.

    I was just wondering if you continue to update the 8th edition books?

  12. special characters for all factions

  13. Just to start I will indicate the following:
    1) Border princes
    2) priests of the Old World
    3) Nemesis Crown.

    And thanks as usual for the amazing work!

  14. I have split my orcs and goblins into many many smaller tribes, (my largest force) each tribe being a 1000 Pts. Most tribes have something a little different. I have all the obvious groups but also snotlings and swamp goblins, fire goblins, frost goblins etc. An important unit are bestuns which is basically a better goblin, to be an elite unit in an army without orcs, very helpful in common goblin armies. Higher WS, I, Ld and better equipment. So basically an orc and goblin tribe expansion, like the bloodline themes in the back of the old vampire book, if you restrict your force in one area, you access these new units. Happy to share the full set of units if you interested

  15. I know this isn't on that list, but would you consider adding Warhammer: Siege to the pile some day as well?

    1. I was also thinking about this but maybe it wasn't included because he might put it in the main rulebook?

    2. I would also love to see a siege rules supplement!

  16. Have you considered looking at building lists, etc for war machines, monsters, characters, magic etc for combat at Storm of Magic/Monstrous Arcanium level? I started looking at this type thing a while ago but never seem to be able to find the time to get very far - thats why I'm in awe of what you've achieved on this site. Keep up the Amazing work

  17. Would like to see a Troll King army list, perhaps including chaos goblins.

    Any chance of rules for Half-orcs, maybe as a border prince unit?

    Or Gnomes as Dwarf allies?

  18. Outside of the current ones I'd suggest the following:
    - Army of the Lichemaster
    - Zombie Pirates
    - Pygmies
    - Variants of the current army lists (like Dragon Isles Lizardmen or Hell Pit Skaven, in the same format as 40k's Traitor Legions supplement)
    - Something related to the Dread Hosts from Tamurkhan
    - Fortifications (something like the Stronghold Assault expansion for 40k)

  19. You don't have enough on your plate already Mathias? :-P

    The strongest themed lists I think could be made, that would fit the setting and be playable, and also add diveristy I think are the following:

    -Cult of Slaanesh
    -Legions of Nagashizzar (think pre-Nagash army list, where Arkhan is secretly preparing for the return of Nagash, experimenting with necromancy, collectiong corpses, secretly rebuilding the armies of Nagashizzar etc..)
    -Some more diversity to the idea of the various Vampire Bloodlines, which could aslo feature the fleet of Luther Harkon as a limted kind of list

  20. hej mathias,have you considered to give kislev cannons?
    it´s odd that they have none since kislev has close relationship to the empire and is trading with dwarfs as well.
    they have a serious problem against monster/chariot spam.
    hags with the possibilitiy for shadow and death?

  21. Please don't cut the Fimir list down too much, I really like the previous army list

    I would also like to see the return of the Zoat, perhaps as a Wood Elf Hero/Rare 0-1

    Not too sure about adding stuff from AoS - I guess deamons are OK as they can come in many forms anyway

    Seige would be good

    Perhaps a Kuresh list.

    Return of Gnomes to the Dwarf list?

  22. The Steam Tanks - why not add to that also alternative designs for the rest of the Imperial stuff - cannons, magic chariots, etc.

    As for Age of Sigmar, it's totally your decision, but why make a separate tome, if you can just create "the Devoted of Chaos" or something and add the human followers to it, while the new demons go the the Demons of Chaos?

  23. Rules for a Sky-Titan or a band of giants.

  24. Personally I favor doing something with the Age of Sigmar models. As moronic as the system and questionable as the lore are, they really are good models and would be nice to be usable.

  25. If you are (maybe) going to make rules for Stormcast to allow people to play them with the 8th/9th ed rulesets (without shoehorning them to the Warhammer world), then you might also do the same thing to Fyreslayers too.

    And I think the correct name for Kemmler's list is 'Army of the Lichemaster', not 'Army of the Cairns'.

  26. I would love to see some sylvanian human units somewhere!

  27. I think if you were doing Stormcast they would make Good Daemons of Law , like an Angelic Host of Arianka

  28. YaaaaaY!!!!!! This all sounds so great! Also will you make a storm of magic something with cataclysm spells for armies project lores? Also anything from warhammer great war? Thank you for all your splendid work!

  29. Hello Mathias. Basically, everything including lore and rules for units are exciting to me (adapted canon, especially the priests, or invention of yours, like Khuresh (?) )
    Campaigns and scenarii are less important to me. Your work is truly amazing and invaluable to passionates.