Saturday, 22 April 2017

New Bretonnia 8th Ed update out now!

Updated 11/5

This larger update changes the following:

  • 15 additional pages.
  • New special unit: Brigands - Bretonnian mercenaries that can be armed with great weapons, crossbows, and handguns among other things.
  • New rare units: Ballista, Mangonel and Bombard*.
  • New special unit: Squires - simply bringing them back from 5th ed, which allows players to use their old models and bring back their fluff. This will cause some overlap with the Herrimaults, but I made their rules a little different to distinguish them from each other. Squires may not scout, but have the Peasant's duty instead.
  • Mounted Yeomen do not come with spears or bows as default, can choose crossbows (this means they can be used as classic squires/yeomen, hobilars or mounted crossbowmen).
  • Knight's Vow ignore Panic from models without the Knight's Vow, Questing Vow or Grail Vow (so they ignore Panic caused by Brigands and Herrimaults).
  • Foot Knights can take halberds (poleaxes).
  • War Machines may take a wall warden upgrade that allow re-rolling one artillery dice.
  • Pegasus Knights are now Ca, not MC. Royal Pegasus is a WB, not MB.
  • Expanded background for Louen and Fay Enchantress.
  • Reformatted layout and improved graphic design.
  • Lots of added fluff from Knights of the Grail (mainly about Bretonnian society and the Lady of the Lake).
  • Some new short stories.

*After some thought, I figured an "expansion" of only two pages would be rather pointless, and there is no real reason why Bretonnia would not have access to them in the background. Bombards were part of 3rd Ed, Man O' War, Warmaster and are mentioned as existing in L'Anguille castles in WFRP. However, to balance it out so Bretonnia won't become a gunline army, I've put some heavy restrictions on the number of war machines that can be included. This means that Bretonnian players who hate war machines in all forms can just skip those units, whereas people who want the option of more different kinds of firepower can now have that, without spamming those units. Hopefully a solution that almost all players can get behind.

So now you can finally choose to field every Bretonnian model ever made in some form (except the Ribault, though that one was never directly part of their army list). In effect, it's now also possible to make a more "historical" army, without (in my opinion) sacrificing any of the background that makes Bretonnia; Bretonnia.

9th Ed update will be out in a couple of days.


  1. As the Brigands are no longer have to follow Bretonnian rules, is it possible to give them arquebus just like in 3rd Ed?

    1. In the 3rd Ed even the skeleton warrior can still use gun :))))))

    2. I was considering that, but Bretonnia never actually had any models for them, just rules. However, I personally don't have anything against it, and there's no other army that hand cannoneers would be suited to be included in. I'll add it soon.

      Skeleton Warriors will not be getting handguns though ;)

    3. Well it's ridiculous for the dead men to use gun though :v

  2. -Templars and Faceless do not have access to Halberds.
    -Crossbows for Yeomen should be more expensive.
    -Ballista, Mangonels and Bombards should be able to upgrade one Peasant Crew to a Wall Warden.

    1. - Added it to templars. As outlaws, it does not fit with the faceless who fight in the forests (the GW option is for woodsman's axes and the like).
      - It needs to be cheap due to being move or fire, and you generally want to be moving with fast cavalry.
      - Fixed. Also made the Wall Warden a bit of a bigger boost then just +1 Ld, it's now an upgrade that allows one artillery re-roll per game.

      Will be uploaded tomorrow.

  3. The correct plural form of 'ballista' is 'ballistae'. 'Ballistas' is the bastardised Anglicised form.

  4. pages new Expanded background for Louen and Fay Enchantress Lots of added fluff from Knights of the Grail

  5. So do pegasus knights lose stomp and drop to toughness of 3 and 1 wound for practical purposes?

  6. If have it right, pegasus knights lose stomp, become toughness 3 and 1 wound, and dont seem to get a drop in points. I think mine are going to start training their pegasi to self identify as hippogriffs for meta reasons.

    1. Ah, I missed that. Fear not, I will add an extra wound and point of toughness to the knights so they will work the same way as before. Might just keep them as MC in the 8th ed version, and Ca in the 9th ed version to keep it simple.

    2. Uploaded the new version now, Pegasus are MC in 8th ed, Ca in 9th ed since the cavalry rules for W and T are different there.

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  8. Another question - in the 8ed book, the Blessing gave a 6+ ward, which also saved against magic. In your book, is the Blessing not supposed to affect magic other than magic missiles, or are they supposed to get a 6+ Ward against magic as usual? Either way, does the Grail Knight's 5+ Ward affect magic as well?