Sunday, 9 April 2017

New Beastmen update out now!

This update contains a total of 16 new pages, and changes the following:

  • New unit: Mutants (as requested).
  • Added Dragon Ogres and Dragon Ogre Shaggoths (as requested).
  • Added more fluff on Gorthor's rampage.
  • Removed Man-bane from Beastlords. 
  • Improved Khazrak's "Scourge"-weapon.
  • Plenty of new short stories added throughout.
  • Lots of new "fluff blurbs".
  • Some new art.
  • Some minor bug fixes. 


  1. Mutant Leaders only have one attack instead of 2.

  2. Regarding Swivel Guns/Shaturnals used by the Pirates of Sartosa and Ind camel riders. The rules for Swivel Guns in Warhammer Fantasy had them be able to fire like a blunderbuss where the profile was identical to that of a blunderbuss except damage 5. That should mean that Swivel Guns should be able to fire S5 blunderbuss shots. The Shaturnals used by Ind should also have the same rule that makes them a risk to the user as the Swivel Guns of Sartosa. Lastly, I think Camel Riders from Araby should have the option for Handguns and a special version that's uses Shaturnals as well.

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  4. Beastmen 8ed - "CONTENTS" (page 6) not correct, no new units.

  5. I love the mutants! They did not disappoint

  6. Replies
    1. It's spaced out throughout the book, so it's hard to say exactly which. Much is new short stories between "chapters", so it shouldn't be too hard too find.

  7. Things from Total War: Warhammer that I think you should include in your next Bretonnia update:
    -Grail Knights can upgrade their mounts from Bretonnian steeds to Pegasus.
    -Damsels and Prophetess can ride Unicorns.
    -The Pegasus that can be ridden by Paladins and Lords should have 2 wounds.
    -Hippogryph Knights should be buffed so that they are instead ridden by Grail Knights instead of Knights of the Realm.
    -Grail Reliquae and Battle Pilgrims are made separate units. The Grail Reliquae instead grants the Blessing of the Lady to all units with the Peasant's Vow within 6" or 12".
    -Field Trebuchet can be upgraded with Blessed Amunition which causes shots from it to re-roll failed To Wound rolls and be Magical.
    -Add Alberic de Bordeleaux. He would be a Bretonnian Lord and his Trident of Manaan would be a Halberd that grants him a S4 breath weapon and the water strider rule.
    -Men at Arms start with only a hand weapon and light armor. They can take a shield and either a spear or a halberd. Shields and spears cost 1 points, halberds cost 2.
    -Peasant Bowmen can either take Braziers for flaming attacks or pox arrows for poisoned attacks.
    -Yeomen start with a hand weapon and must take a spear, bow or both.
    -Bring back Halberds for foot knights and as an option for Questing Knights to replace their Great Weapons with. Old World Armory says that the Bec De Corbin is often used in the employ of Bretonnian knights.

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    2. You should add mounted squires and foot squires too. In the old warhammer army book of bretonnian there are lore for the squires:
      "Knights are served in peace and war by their Squires, commoners who ride to the hunt with their master, and who accompany him to war. They are chosen from the fittest and youngest of his retinue, and they are the most skilled fighter of all the Knight's people. If a Squire performs some great deed or service to his master he may even raised to the ranks of knighthood!
      In battle the Squires group together and fight with the weapons of the hunt, or tout bows and broad-bladed boar spears. Some ride to war on tough horses of the common breed, whilst others fight on foot, using they hunting skills to infiltrate woods and rough scrub.
      Mounted Squires are retainers of the Knights, chosen from among the peasants of they domains. Mounted Squires look after the Knight's warhorses and guard his lands, pursuing brigands and keeping watch of intruders. Mounted Squires accompany the dukes and barons as outriders when out hunting and as light cavalry in battle.
      Like the Mounted Squires, the task of Foot Squires is to look after the Knight's armour, warhorse and supervise his feudal domains. When the Knights go hunting, the Foot Squires act as beaters to chase the beasts out of their lairs. In war, the Foot Squires accompany the Knights as camp servants and fight in battle as skirmishers."
      Like in the book
      - Mounted Squires only have swords and ride horses. They may take spears, bows, shields, light armours and may skirmish.
      - Foot Squires only have swords. They may take spears, longbows and may skirmish.
      In my opinion, the options for both vers of Squires are nót satisfied. You might want to customize them a bit :))))))

    3. They should be more expensive than yeomen and cheaper than foot knights. Also you should raise the price of foot knights

    4. - I think that would take away from the Pegasus Knights, by essentially having two units of them, only one having better riders.
      - In the fluff, only the Fay Enchantress can ride a unicorn, and she is actually an elf in other sources, so giving them unicorn mounts would not really fit.
      - Why? They are Royal Pegasi, otherwise Empire and Dark Elf pegasi needs to change too.
      - Why? There is no requirement to have the grail vow for a character to be able to ride a hippogryph. Like the pegasus knights, they are stronger KotR with unique mounts, which sets them apart from other knights, whereas questing and grail knights have unique vows instead.
      - That would not make much sense, the grail relique is just a dead grail knight, it only affecting the unit is enough as is. Peasants in general should not also have the blessing.
      - It's true that they often use stones from old grail chapels, but I think think that's comparable to a dwarf rune. Magical attacks at best, and it's so situational that it's not really worth including.
      - Maybe in an expansion with the other dukes, there is no official model for him and no official background in the previous army books (but some is available in Knights of the Grail).
      - I don't think that fits for line infantry like men-at-arms, pole weapons fits them better. However, the Brigands will have options to use sword and shield.
      - Pox arrows would not make that much sense. I mean, it would be weird alone that the Bretonnians would keep some poxmarked corpses around to stick their arrows into, but even then, enemies would not immediately die from it.
      - That they will, with more options besides.
      - Though I personally find polearms for knights a bit anachronistic for Bretonnia, you are correct in that they are mentioned in that book, so I will add it back to the foot knights. However, poleaxes for cavalry would not fit, so it will be limited to infantry.

    5. Mounted Squires were made into the Mounted Yeomen in 6th ed (and used the same models too), so including them would be pretty pointless).

      However, I do have plans to bring back the Foot Squires, which had unique models that currently have no place in the army. So you can expect to see that soon :)

    6. -That's the idea. Just as every faction as tiers of most units (Grail Knights>Questing Knights>KotR>KE, Waywatchers>Deepwood Scouts>Glade Guard, Greatswords>Empire Soldiers), making Grail Knights able to upgrade to riding Pegasus is just putting in a tier system.
      -It's a bit odd that a Pegasus makes a Hero level character a little bit tougher but not a Lord level one, but yes, if you do it to Bretonnia you would have to do the same to a lot of other factions. I don't think Pegasus should be Monstrous Beasts since they are basically Horses with wings.
      -Though being a grail knight is not a requirement a Grail Knight would be the most likely to have one, either due to catching and taming one during his quest or being more likely to survive raising one from an egg. That's why I think that Grail Knights would be the only ones to ride Hippogryphs in bulk while KotR and Questing Knights only have the best among them (Paladins and Lords) riding Hippogryphs. Hippogryph Knights are also the strongest non-character single models in Bretonnia, so they shouldn't be ridden by KotR due to that making a KotR model be more dangerous individually than Grail Knights.
      -I think you should make it possible for Grail Pilgrims to be fielded without a Grail Reliquae because for whatever reason, a band might not have one due to recently forming, their previous one being destroyed or several other possibilities. Making the Grail Reliquae its own unit could represent tiny bands that have not grown beyond four people and I figure an important relic like a Grail Reliquae would be kept away from the fighting but close enough to it to grant benefits. This last one is just an aesthetic thing but I think they should be renamed Grail Pilgrims, with the Battle Pilgrim being a cheap hero unit meant to lead peasant units since it's described that way in WHFRP.
      -The Rune of Penetration that dwarfs can inscribe on War Machines grants +1 strength so I see no reason why blessed ammunition won't be more powerful in a world where magic is a legitimate force.
      -I don't think its necessary to have rules for Brigands, that can be represented through Herrimaults. The variety I'm suggesting for Men-At-Arms allows for optimization, swords only for bulk, spears when fighting cavalry heavy opponents, halberds when fighting armor heavy opponents and shields for defence.
      -The poxes could come from plenty of other things, feces is obvious, and even if it isn't instant kills it will still be debilitating, I figured that poisoned attacks doesn't just represent lethal poisons but ones that paralyze or knock unconscious. Ghouls have poisoned attacks from the disease on their claws.

    7. - That's not always the case though. For instance, there is no "elite" version of Warhawk riders in WE book, WoC MC are just chaos warriors on unique mounts rather than Chosen and so on. The tier system works fine when you are talking about standard infantry/cavalry that then get "upgraded" into better versions, but MC and the like never have a "basic" unit and then an elite one. Also, most Grail Knights live as hermits in grail chapels, where would they store their pegasus, who naturally dwell in the mountains (or at the very least the lord's stable)? The fluff mentions that most Pegasus knights come from Parravon, and for a good reason.
      - That I do agree with from a logical perspective. I'll see about changing pegasus knights into Ca as well.
      - See point 1 about the pegasus. The Knight's Vow is the standard Vow for all knights that does not go on the grail quest (which is far from everyone), so it's only logical that there would be some Knights that are stronger, thus being able to control a hippogryph. Making hippogryph knights and pegasus knights grail knights just makes the standard grail knights more generic.
      - I'll make the grail relique optional like a command group, and make the battle pilgrim the champion, which would be in accordance with ther fluff.
      - I still think a rock from a chapel would not be *that* powerful unless every single rock would be personally blessed by a damsel or something, which seems rather inlikely (even more so would it be that the damsel would bless rocks to kill the enemy from afar rather than the knights themselves). Dwarfen rune magic is a bit more potent.
      - Brigands are very much different from herrimaults, being based on historical brigands: Men-at-arms with swords just does not fit very well, pole weapons makes more sense for their role. If you want defensive infantry with high saves, it's better to use foot knights, or the aforementioned Brigands.
      - Fair enough, but Bretonnian peasants firing feces at their enemy just does not seem very chivalrous (even for peasants). I know that feces were used in warfare in ancient times, but I've yet to find any sources of it being used during the hundred years war that Bretonnia is based on. I just don't think poisoned attacks for Bretonnia fits.

    8. -The peasants are firing arrows which have been dipped into feces, not firing feces at the enemy. Just because it wasn't used during the Hundred Years war doesn't mean you can't do that.
      -I don't think making Grail Knights able to upgrade to Pegasus or making Hippogryphs be ridden by Grail Knights would make Grail Knights more generic. They would still be in the rare section, and still be very limited in number. A 2000 point game would make it possible to field 40 Pegasus Knights, 20 Grail Knights on Pegasus and 10 Hippogryph knights and that's not counting the other knights that would be fielded. Though Grail Knights live in Grail Chapels there would surely be a stable nearby and grail pilgrims to help maintain it all.
      -The whole chapel gets blessed, which blesses every piece taken from the chapel. Knights already get the Ladies Blessing by default, Damsels aren't needed to grant the blessing, they instead bless the knights during the battle.

    9. - That's what I meant, but it has no historical basis during that time. What was common was apparently to stick the arrows into the ground to pick up staph infections (which could have a similar effect), but just like feces, it would take several hours before this would take effect. Poison in warhammer is supposed to be represented by things that take effect quickly (of which the Ghouls are a stretch really).
      - 60 pegasus knights in 2000 points is hardly limiting though. By giving grail knights pegasus options, you are allowing them to field up to 5 units on flying cavalry in a 2000 pts game, which is just too much, and up to 4 units of grail knights (two on hippogryphs, two on horses). That hardly constitutes as "few in number" when you can have more units of grail knights then questing knights.
      - Sure, but how long does a blessing last really? The Knights pray every battle, a spell lasts a turn, whereas the grail chapel would likely have been blessed decades or more ago (newly blessed chapels would not be used as ammunition since they would still be in use). It just does not seem logical that the trebuchet would get some super-ammunation that only the Bretonnians can have. The Empire don't have blessed cannon balls, despite their warrior priests.

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  10. Just browsed throught the Beastmen Book here again Mathias. It is admittedly not one of my favourite armies from a fluff standpoint, although I've always loved the minotaurs. I liked your add-ons, such as mutants, various monsters and so on, but one thing struck me, and this might very well be just a personal opinion, but I find that Dragon Ogres (including the Shaggoth) don't fit that well into what is a deep forest type army of little discipline. Seems a bit deemeaning for a dragon ogre to lower themselves to that level.
    The army is spooiled for monster/rare choicesanyhow, with 8 Rare options and two lessermonsters as special options on top.

    Just my opinion. I'm sure somme will both agreeand disagree though...

  11. I was reading through Morghur's entry (9th ed.), when I noticed that his Bray-Staff mentions rolling doubles on the Miscast table. However, the main rule book for 9th states that wizard only rolls one die on that table. Unless there is some other factor I'm not seeing, the staff is rather pointless.