Saturday, 22 April 2017

Announcing: Chaos Expansions!

As you can see in the Predicted Update Order, I've added four more books after Daemons of Chaos, one for each Chaos God. The idea behind this is that rather than having a very bloated bestiary section for the Warriors of Chaos, their main book will be focused on Chaos Undivided with all their standard main units and general background, and then each god will get their own expansion book with unique units and special characters (and most likely options to include Daemons if you are doing a mono-god army). This will also allow me to incorporate more of the Age of Sigmar models released (with fluff to fit the Old World of course) and really delve into their background, and let me tell you; there is a lot of that, too much to be included in a single book.

Let me know of your thoughts, as well as any particular issues or suggestions you might have for each upcoming book.


  1. and here i thought i couldn't wish for the chaos book more than i already did...

  2. Regarding Swivel Guns/Shaturnals used by the Pirates of Sartosa and Ind camel riders. The rules for Swivel Guns in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay had them be able to fire like a blunderbuss where the profile was identical to that of a blunderbuss except damage 5. That should mean that Swivel Guns should be able to fire S5 blunderbuss shots. The Shaturnals used by Ind should also have the same rule that makes them a risk to the user as the Swivel Guns of Sartosa. Lastly, I think Camel Riders from Araby should have the option for Handguns and a special version that's uses Shaturnals as well.

    1. I found some fluff on them being able to be used as blunderbusses in WFRP1, yes. However, there's a bit of a space issue on the page to fit an alternative firing mode in. I could skip the misfire rules for the Swivel gun and add a blunderbuss funktion instead. However, the shaturnal only fired solid shot as far as I'm aware.

      Camel riders from Araby are a bit different though, essentially being nomads. I think it would be trickier for them to get their hands on small cannons. I'd also prefer to keep them different from each other ruleswise to make the armies play different from each other.

  3. Rules for Silver Towers of Tzeentch? Bane Tower of Nurgle, Daemon Engine of Khorne?

    1. Silver Towers would be rather hard to incorporate on the battlefield. The other two seem to be from 40k?

    2. Epic actually. In either case, I don't think that these things actually exist in WHFB lore.

  4. Because GW made it so that the Slaughterbute and the Mutalith Vortex Beast can be taken as part of Blades of Khorne and Disciples of Tzeentch allegiances, perhaps you could include them into the upcoming Chaos God expansion books.

    1. That was the intention, as they both seem to heavily lean towards Khorne and Tzeentch, respectively.

  5. Is there any chance to see something related to the Dark Elves Cult of Slaanesh in the Servants of Slaanesh Army Book?

  6. - Silver Tower is minus version of Bane Tower of Man O'War
    - Daemon Engine of Khorne is minus version of the engine to background of Geoff Taylor illustration for WFB4 Warhammer Armies Chaos cover.
    Bane Tower of Nurgle are see to Man O'War to Nurgle ships or siege games.
    Example of rules

  7. Hey Mathias, I want to thank you for making these. GW's products are so expensive, it's nice to have an alternative that's just as good (sometimes better) that won't break the bank.

    And, in the interest of making these the most definitive Chaos Sourcebooks:

    New Unit: Darksouls
    New Unit: Flayerkin
    New Unit: Norse Warhird (though this may fall more into the Norsca faction in general)
    New Unit: Orc & Goblin Slaves (I know this is a Chaos Dwarf thing, but could we maybe get some rules for slaves in a WoC army?)
    New Unit: Chaos Undead (With the End Times, we know that Chaos can employ the undead, so maybe some rules about undead in a chaos army, with potential buffs depending on the Chaos God?)
    New Units: The Skaramora (An AoS unit, but nothing on their background specifically said they COULDN'T be there in WFB)
    New Unit: Blood Dragon Knights (Vampire Knights who turned to Khorne worship)
    New Units: Skin Wolves
    New Units: Toxote's Hellmounts
    New Units: Bloodthirsters of Unfettered Fury
    New Units: Bloodthirsters of Insensate Rage
    New Units: Wrath of Khorne
    New Units: Chaos Elves / The Cult of Pleasure
    New Units: Chaos Cultists
    New Unit: Dark Emissaries (This might also work in a future Albion update)
    New Unit: Giant Spined Chaos Beast
    New Unit: Incarnate Elemental of Beasts
    New Unit: Curs'd Ettin
    The Forgotten Races
    -The Naga
    -The Insect Empire
    -The Empire of Worms
    The Carrion Children (One of the earliest vampire bloodlines who turned to chaos worship, has a strong desert-insect theme)
    Minor Demons
    -Heirs of Change
    -Soulstealers / Skinchangers

    New Hero: Thorgar (Hroth) The Bloodied One
    New Hero: Cormac Bloodaxe
    New Hero: Haargroth the Blooded
    New Hero: Wallach Harkon (After he turned to Khrone worship)
    New Hero: Abrax the Bloody
    New Hero: Mardagg
    New Hero: Isabella the Accursed (After she was bound to Nurgle)
    New Hero: Alkhor, Bane of Athel Loren
    New Hero: Tamurkhan (Not necessarily new, but he's left out of most modern books)
    New Hero: Plaguestrangler Vilestench
    New Hero: Feytor the Tainted
    New Hero: Kazyk the Befouled
    New Hero: The Golden Magus (Dreadfleet shows he was a follower of Tzeentch)
    New Hero: The Black Prince (An elf who follows Tzeentch rather then Slaanesh)
    New Hero: Meleketh the Change Lord
    New Hero: Dien'Chi'ing
    New Hero: Htarken
    New Hero: Strykaar the Sortsvinaer
    New Hero: Samel, the Silver-Tongued
    New Hero: Shar'Tor the Executioner (Though he might work better in the Chaos Dwarf book)
    New Hero: The Nameless (Constant Drachenfels), The Great Enchanter (After he allied with Chaos)
    New Hero: Beorg Bearstruck
    New Hero: Lord Mortkin
    New Hero: Aelfric Cyenwulf
    New Hero: Surtha Lenk
    New Hero: Engra Deathsword
    New Hero: Kurt Leitzig / Sutvenwulf Daemonkin
    New Hero: Nagaira
    New Hero: Natassja
    New Hero: Maatmeses
    New Hero: Kar Odacen
    New Hero: The Sleeper

    Will you be covering ships (like the Khorne Ironshark or Nurgle Deathgalley) and things like that in either this or a future expansion?

    Ok, sorry that's probably a bit long, I may have gone a bit overboard.

  8. Ok, one more

    New Unit: The Anointed (Some of the first elves to turn to Chaos)

    Also, a friend of mine did a great profile on the collective forces of Chaos, using just about every magazine and book he could, and it's where I learned about a lot of those units and heroes. (Great for background and various Chaos Lores) (This one covers the many Non-Hero units of Chaos) (And this covers the many heroic units of Chaos, from the most infamous to some of the lesser known but no less deadly)

    I hope these can help when you do finally go to make those army books.