Thursday, 8 June 2017

Tomb Kings 9th Ed 1.0 and 8th Ed 1.01 out now!

Updated 14/6:
  • Fixed correct points value for chariots in 8th ed (48 pts).
  • Fixed correct points value for archers in 9th ed (8 pts).
  • Changed cost of Necrosphinx poison upgrade to 5 pts.

Been a pretty long time coming, but I finally finished the 9th ed version for the Tomb Kings book, along with bug fixes and several changes for the 8th Ed version.

  • Tomb Kings and Princes have +1W again (same as official rules).
  • Carrion 20 pts.
  • Chariots 48 pts.
  • Rare Monsters have same points costs as the official 8th ed book.
  • The restless dead can be used on the same unit several times per turn.
  • Clarified which special characters are Tomb Kings/Princes.
  • Removed scaly skin from Necropolis Knights (since they already had a 3+ save with LA, mounted and undead construct in 8th ed).
  • Necrosphinx have regained normal killing blow.
  • Sphinxes and Khemric Titans are back at T8.
  • Khemric Titan no longer have scaly skin.
  • Khalida has ASF again.
  • Fixed bugs with Sphinxes WS(4) and Necropolis Knights A(2).
  • Added scythes as an option to chariots. 
  • Chariot mounts have a 6+ save (5+ for the unit since the crew have LA).
  • Bastethi have ASF.


However, I have not be slacking off while you have been waiting for this update. I have finished most of the work on the High Elves book, (which is now being proof-read), finished editing all the material for Dark Elves, and finished most of the editing on Wood Elves. While I'm waiting for High Elves to be finished proofread, I've also been working on the Orcs and Goblins, which might be released before since they generally have less background written for them compared to High Elves. Regardless, you can probably expect a slew of books to be released with relatively short wait times in between them in the coming months.


  1. -Why do Bastethi have ASF? They don't wield special weapons or have certain enchantments for it.
    -Do you remember why you lowered the toughness of Sphinxes and Khemric Titans? It's so that units with lances would actually benefit from charging them, now, not even chaos knights with lances should bother and not even other monsters would ever be able to bring down one.
    -Same thing with Necropolis Knights, you lowered their attacks down to 1 because they shouldn't be far more skilled than Tomb Guard, just slightly more skilled.
    -Why did you make Tomb Princes and Kings have 1 more wound than heroes and lords normally have?

    1. -I agree with the Bastethi not needing ASF.
      -Toughness 8 is rather high, but remember that Sphinxes are have weak armour saves and Unstable, meaning that low strength units are still very capable of bringing them down simply through volume of attacks and combat resolution.
      -Remember that the reason for a Tomb Guard to become a Necropolis Knight was excessive bloodlust, which in Warhammer is represented by Frenzy, or at the very least, an extra attack.
      -I always thought the extra wound on Tomb Kings and Princes was the compensate for the Flammable rule, as flaming attacks are everywhere, at least in the games I play. Additionally, the extra wounds represent the additional resilience brought about by the mummification process, as is touched on in the third paragraph of their entry.

    2. - They have the blessing of Basth, the goddess of love and grace. This is included in their background.
      - I don't remember ever stating that was the reason, rather it was to balance them out a bit compared to bone giants. Giving them back their original stats was discussed on the last Tomb Kings post.
      - Same as above. The fluff does state that they were giving the strength of gods when reborn, which would explain their A2.
      - Same as point 2. They can no longer regen wounds like previous editions, do not have Hunger like Vampires, and are flammable. Mummies have always had higher wounds compared to normal lords.

  2. I think that every army should have access to Light and Medium armor in some form, even if Medium is only available to the most elite members. Even if the army does not have the means to produce bits or plate or mail, there are many creatures with the Natural Armor (5+) special rule so their skins could be worn as a slightly unwieldy substitute. The two I'm thinking of while I type this are Albion and the Amazons, who can wear Mastodon skales and Reptile scales respectively. The Tomb Kings are iffy since that probably isn't represented by the models.

    1. I already answered this comment under the Tomb Kings 8th ed post. But here it is again:

      "Still don't think that fits too well with these armies. Even if they would wear skin from those animals, it would not cover their entire person like it would for the creature, so it would not really protect more than light armour anyway."

    2. I see, have you considered renaming Halberds to the more generic Polearm in the rulebook and throughout the army books? Halberds refer to a specific type of polearm that is an axe blade topped with a spike on a long shaft and many cultures didn't use those.

    3. Not really until now; it's a pretty good point you make there though. I'll see about changing this in future updates.

  3. How do I access the rulebook on mobile?

    1. It works on Android units, but for some reason not on Apple tablets/phones. I have yet to find a way to work around this.

    2. Some Android units, well it doesn't work on mine at least

  4. Excellent update! I give you some more thoughts/bugs/improvements ideas:
    - In the army list is not specified the Tomb Kings/Prince category of the special characteres.
    - Skeleton chariots costs 50 in the army list.
    - The Envenomed Sting option of Necrosphinx: Maybe.. Should it be cheaper? Think that if it has killing blow special rule, the satisfactory poison attacks eliminates KB options.

    1. - This was due to lack of space. In the official book for instance, GW instead made it so that you have one extra empty row to fit it in, which does not look so good. For that reason, I chose to keep for the bestiary only.
      - Fair point, I'll see about lowering the cost.

    2. Ok I understand.

      What about the 50 points of Skeleton Chariots? Is it a bug or maybe you have changed your opinnion? I think 50 points its quite fair enought. 48 points seems too cheaper. However, I´d respect the decision.

    3. No, I agreed upon 48 pts with Lumdeu. I must have missed to update it for the 9th ed version. Will fix soon.

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  6. I'm super excited for Dark elves I love your work!

  7. - Why does Khalida still has only 3 Wounds? Excluding gender, she's as much of a Tomb King as any other.
    - The Tomb King/Prince keyword of the named Tomb Kings should be in both the bestiary and the army list, like how the official 8E book listed it.

    1. - She has 3W in the official rules too, probably due to being of slighter build.
      - This was due to lack of space. In the official book for instance, GW instead made it so that you have one extra empty row to fit it in, which does not look so good. For that reason, I chose to keep for the bestiary only.

  8. Hi Mathias, Your army books look very good, good job.
    What concerns me is shooting imbalance. IMHO skeleton archers are OP - they always hit on 5+ ignoring any cover and now have multiple shot thanks to new bow rule. For only 6 points! Take 20 of them for 120 points and and you get 40 shots and 13 hits on average. For same points You can have 10 wood elf archers, who statistically will have 10 hits... if the target has no cover or skirmish etc. Skeletons aim better?
    Apart from Tomb Kings, with no long range penalty dwarven Organ Gun buffed with rune of accuracy and engineer hit on 2+, with S5 and range 30" - that quite powerful.
    You might want to reconsider these rules.

    1. Ah, I forgot to change the point values of the archers for 9th ed, they are supposed to be 8 pts each. Will post an update ASAP.

  9. Have you considered representing the Lore of Hedgecraft somewhere in the Army Books. The army I think it would fit in with is the Dogs of War since fluff prevents them from working with Empire and Estalian armies. The spells that can be adapted to the wargame are:
    -Invigorate (Signature Spell): Your spell makes the body feel fresh and alert or fools the body into thinking it's fresh and alert. Invigorate is either a Blessing or Hex. If used as a Blessing, it grants +1 Initiative and Movement to the unit. If used as a Hex it inflicts -1 Initiative and Movement to a unit.
    -Dagger of the Art: The wizard carefully chants complex words of magic, replacing the weapon and ammunition of those around him with magical wooden replicas. The target unit gains the Multiple Wounds 2 and Magical Attacks special rules.
    -Protection Pouch: The target unit gains the Magic Resistance (1) and Immunity (Poisoned Attacks) special rules.
    -The Ousting: The target enemy unit must pass a Leadership test or count as broken.
    -Wyrd Ward: Wyrd Ward is a blessing that targets the Wizard. Any enemy wizard struck by the wizard with a close combat attack (the attack doesn't have to cause an unsaved wound) loses a Wizard Level.
    -Myrkride: The wizard and his unit gain the Etherial special rule.
    -Fellstave: Enemy units must pass a Leadership test to charge the target unit, hold and Stand and Fire against the target units. In addition, the target unit has the Fear special rule, if they already cause Fear, they instead cause Terror. Remains in Play.

  10. Are we gonna see Tower Guard for the Dark Elves?!

  11. There are some errors in 9th ed Tomb Kings army book (maybe 8th ed too)
    - In the options of SKELETON CHARIOTS they become Skeleton Horseman (army list, page 129.