Friday, 20 January 2017

New Kingdoms of Ind update and 9th Ed version out now!

This update changes the following:
  • New Special unit: Camel Gunners - cavalry with S5 handguns.
  • Deva units may use the Ld of Deva characters within 12" (to offset them not being able to use the Ld of the army general or BSB).
  • Vishkanya does not have ASF or ward save.
  • Rajputs can have great weapons, no additional hand weapons. Does not have armour by default.
  • Holy Warriors have light armour.
  • Sowar Horsemen called Zamindar Horsemen, new background, have heavy armour, warrior caste.
  • Maiden Guard have spears and shields by default, no armour by default.
  • Peasant Levy have shields by default.
  • New background for Pindari Cavalry, are now lowborn caste.
  • Multiple spelling issues and name bugs fixed for consistency. 


  1. I can't find the Camel Gunners in the 8th edition version, are they exclusive of the 9th ed one?

    1. Ah, I forgot to change the link for the 8th ed version since the file name is different. It's fixed now, Camel Gunners are in both versions.

  2. -Chakrams should just be represented by being Throwing Weapons.
    -The Shaturnals used by Camel Gunners should be 36" range, S6 like the Swivel Guns from the Pirates of Sartosa. Shaturnals were so large that they had to be mounted.
    -Speaking of Shaturnals, one of the upgrades for a War Elephant should be to replace the Bows and Javelins of the riders with Shaturnals.
    -I still think Bengal Riders should be WS4 S4.
    -Since Rakshash are Beastmen, shouldn't they be M5 and have Primal Fury instead of Hatred?
    -The augmented version of Bolts of Cindra should fire 2D3 bolts. The dice are not going to troll players with a 1 that way.
    -I would understand not being able to make armor saves against the Curse of Kali-Ma but not ward saves. As it currently is, spamming it on a model would allow someone to get rid of really tough special characters like Archaon very easily. Also, maybe make it cause a lot of wounds instead considering how easily it can get rid of monsters.
    -The Brahmirastra should ignore Ward saves. Either that or cause D6 S10 hits instead so that a single passed Ward save doesn't cause it to be wasted.
    -Mahakali's Bow has the One Use Only special rule which is contradicted by its last sentence saying that it may be used next turn, especially since the fluff says that it not being used properly results in it being revoked.
    -The Flail of Kali-Ma say that it 'gives the wielder and +1 Strength'.
    -The Guardian Amulet should have an addendum stating that it ignores the maximum that Ward Saves can reach.
    -Beastmasters should have a range of mounts (horses, camels and Bengal Tigers) with Bengal Tigers allowing the Beastmaster to ignore the Castes rule for the purposes of joining a Bengal Riders unit.
    -If you don't turn all Chakrams into Throwing Weapons then the costs for Chakrams and Throwing Weapons for Vishkanya should be swapped.
    -The Additional Hand Weapons option for Maiden Guards should be Two Hand Weapons.
    -If Zamidar Horsemen can wear Medium Armor then it should be an option for the higher ranking Maiden Guard and Holy Warriors.
    -Giant Bows and Small Cannon upgrades for Royal Elephants should be mutually exclusive.

    1. - They could be, but unless I'm mistaken, chakrams have a longer range than say, a knife, which I tried to reflect in the rules.
      - Fixed, though I've seen several different versions of them. For gameplay's sake though, let's go with the big swivels, makes them better special units.
      - Part of the background I read though mentioned that Elephants were not stable enough to allow shaturnals to fired accurately, so it would make sense for only the camel gunners to be allowed to use them, and also makes them more unique.
      - Bengal Riders are more beastmaster than elite soldiers, hence their stats.
      - Rakshasha are a type of beastmen yes, but their physical abilities are a bit different. Tigers are faster than goats ;)
      - I like it being random like the template spells, that's also why the more powerful version does not cost twice as much to cast.
      - Changed it to D6 wounds instead. Most characters have LD9-10, so would on average fail 1/6 of the time (or less). You can only cast the spell 6 times successfully.
      - It's not meant to insta-kill characters, but rather kill the unit. Especially ogres.
      - It means it can only be used successfully once. If the Ld test is failed, you can try again until you suceed.
      - Fixed.
      - 2+ is specified, as it says about Ward saves in the BRB.
      - Added tigers as a mount. Horses and Camels do not do well in the jungle.
      - Why? Chakrams are better, and costs more now?
      - Fixed.
      - Indian infantry in general was very lightly armoured, only cavalry had some degree of protection. Fits better with available models too.
      - Fixed.

    2. -I think that Throwing Weapons are better with S4 models than Chakrams, it's a choice between an extra 2" of range and causing S4 hits and I'd choose the S4 hits.

    3. -Also, Camel Riders don't need to be toughness 4 due to using the toughness of their mounts.

    4. Ah, I see. You do get multiple shots as well though, so they might be about on par on characters.

      Will fix the T4 on the camel gunners.

  3. An idea for the upcoming Nippon update, I've always loved indigenous Japanese folklore and one of my favorite stories is the ashiarai yashiki, an odd tale about a giant talking foot demon demanding to be washed. I think it'd be a great tie in as a one time use bound spell magic item casting the foot of Gork.

    What do you think?

    1. I'm not planning on adding my magic items at the momemt. While the idea is fun, it would diminish the uniqueness of the Foot of Gork spell i think.

    2. I totally get that.

      Still, elegant design consists of using pre-existing elements and applying them fittingly. The Nippon roster currently only boasts one Arcane Item, which, while very creative, mad props to you on that, is a limited option and offering enticing arcane item options may get people to bring fewer dispel scrolls, which is always a good thing. (That being said, an argument could be made for it being an Enchanted Item).

      Essentially, perhaps revisit the idea once you do decide that more magic items is something you want?

    3. I do have plans to make a "magic item expansion" later on, though namely for the official armies to bring back the items from 6th/7th ed. It's possible I'll do something similar for my books as well.

    4. Good to hear you like to bring some old items back. Armies lost some unique items in 8th. TK had some cool items left out.