Tuesday, 2 October 2012

New Araby update out now!

Finished another update for Araby.  Changes include:
- Proper table of contents
- New summary page
- New back cover
- Minor formatting changes in the army lists
- Lasting Enmity rule removed.
- Increases the points value of the War Elephant to 165.
- Nerfs the Bladedancers's attacks and abilities, cost lowered to 45 pts. Bladedancers now also gain "Look Out, Sir" from friendly units.
- Desert Riders and Camel Riders raised to 15 pts each
- Casting values of Lore of the Desert raised, Mirage changed, Lore Attribute nerfed.


  1. dude i think that you should create more destruction aligned force if you want to keep balance(or change non aligned forces to destruction aligned like gnoblar hordes or fimir)

    1. It's rather difficult to just make up more Forces of Destruction just for the sake of it, there has to be a basis in the Warhammer world after all.
      Besides, there being more Forces of Order has nothing to do with balance when it comes to the game itself.
      Also, Fimir already belong to Forces of Destruction, and Gnoblar Hordes are non-aligned since Ogres belong to that category.

  2. Spotted a rogue reference to Kislev on the back cover - something to correct during next revision.
    Many, many thanks for all these army books, they really are stunning!