Monday, 14 September 2015

Updated: Nippon, Hobgoblins, Bretonnia, Cult of Ulric



  • Cowardly Despoilers give the Hobgoblins +1 To Hit when charging the flank/rear, and -1 combat res. if charged themselves, rather than the other way around.
  • Khans and Chieftains can use lances.
  • Scorpion Riders have a 5+ scaly skin, for a total of 2+, 55 pts.
  • Sneaky Gitz may skirmish.


  • Borne on the Wind is limited to a 12" fly move.


  • Streamlined Lance Formation to use rules for Monstrous Ranks for rank bonus etc.
  • Added Lance Formation and Blessing of the Lady to each unit's entry for consistency.

Cult of Ulric:

  • Added barding to the Grandmasters in the army list (bug fix).


  • Halfling Militia 3 pts.
  • Vigilante guard 5 pts, LA is an upgrade.

Also some news about the Skaven; working on them little by little everyday, and is currently up to 198 pages. There is a ton of editing that needs to be done though, so it will be substantially shorter when finished, probably around 120 pages or so. I plan to get a lot of work done on it during my vacation next week, but I don't have any release date as of yet.

Also preparing to add more to the miniatures gallery. Will be mostly sneak peeks of eventually-to-be-painted models from each of my armies to give you guys some ideas and inspiration (because I don't expect them to be finished any time soon). As soon as I get my new tripod, I'll take some pictures and post them on the blog.


  1. Hey, Mathias. Since you've made the changes I suggested, I was wondering if you could perhaps help me further by telling me the use for Sneaky Gits.

    They have no armor, are only WS3 and I2 at Ld 6. So, my first idea of piling them up in a big unit that could pump tons of poisoned attacks it's out of the question (shame, because their special rule sounds fun).

    So, should I just make a couple of small units with scout and send them to pick off chaff? But what could they kill that light cavalry couldn't? I'm kind of confused here, because they have average movement too. Am I missing something? I know they have throwing weapons (unpsecified too), so should they just be used like Skinks? But they also eat up Special points...

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    1. Sneaky Kitz would be rather effective against tough enemies with low armour saves (such as ogres) where they get to make use of their poisoned attacks. Because they are so cheap, it does not really matter if tons of them die.

      I've also added an option to field them as skirmishers, which the Hobgoblins lacked.

      In general though, I would field them in large units to make use of their fight in extra ranks, but smaller units to attack enemies in the flank while they are being held up by normal hobgoblin warriors. Another alternative is to put them in a forest and use them to ambush enemy units passing by (or at least deny the enemy movement that way).

  2. Had a few questions about the Nippon book where some anomalies came up during a game.

    If the Hatamoto commits seppuku during a round of close combat, does the remaining wounds he lost count towards combat res?

    Are Ninjas able to use their Quick Shot rule when they are charged or are charging outside of the 6'' throwing weapon range? If not it doesn't seem like they're really able to use that rule very often.

    Can a Daimyo on a Kirin join a unit of Great Guard? The 8th edition rules currently do not allow characters to join units of flyers. If he was meant to you may want to add a special rule under the Great Guard that states a character mounted on a Kirin is able to join a unit of Great Guard.

    Is the Dragon Pearl able to copy "one use only" items? If so, if the copied item has already been used is the Pearl able to use the item effect once?

    Are you able to pick a new magic item to copy at the start of every combat phase with the Dragon Pearl? If so how does this interact with one use only items? For example, if the Pearl is used to copy a Hellheart, is the Nippon player able to use the Hellheart's effect every combat phase?

    Is a unit equipped with the Fan of Command able to charge after they make their free reform at the start of the turn?

    Is the Nippon player able to take the Imperial Standard in addition to the BSB?

    Does the Dragon Claw Katana use unmodified leadership for the purposes of the additional attacks, and does this ability work when the wielder is not in a challenge?

    Does the Armor of Imperial Rule work against shooting attacks? Currently with how it is written, a character equipped with the AoIR will be able to hurt models that shoot at it and fail to wound.

    Are Ninjas able to choose the direction they flee in when using Smoke Bombs? Furthermore, are they able to act normally (charge, shoot, etc) in the following turn?

    Under the Lore of the Kami, Strike of the Flowing Waters states that "...the enemy must re-roll successful armour save rolls of 6's..." Am I correct in assuming it's the enemy that the augmented Nippon unit is attacking?

    Does the Kitsune's -D3 to weapon skill and initiative cap at WS/I 1? If not, what happens to the unit when they are initiative 0?

    There is currently a discrepancy in the two entries for warrior monks. The book states their BS3, but the back of the book states their BS4. Is this intentional?

    Thanks! If you need/want any feedback or playtesters let me know. My group plays multiple times per week and we love the idea of these new books and would love to help get them perfect in any way we can.

    1. Lots of good questions! If it's all right with you, I will try to answer all of them in the upcoming update of the Nippon book ;)