Monday, 7 September 2015

New Chaos Dwarfs update out now!

The last version of the book was pretty much an extension of the Legion of Azgorh list, using most of the original rules from it with new ones added. However, going through the book, I noticed that a lot of the rules were needlessly complicated and redundant. With that in mind, the update contains the following changes:

  • Clarified War Machine types and changed Iron Daemon and Siege Tower to work as chariots.
  • Streamlined Iron Daemon, Magma Cannon and Deathshrieker.
  • Merged Dagger of Malice with Obsidian Blade.
  • Updated Resolute and Relentless to be on par with Dwarfs.
  • Removed Bale Taurus, Great Taurus still present.
  • Streamlined contempt.
  • Removed Blood of Hashut, Naptha Bombs and Darkforged weapons since they are only used by Sorcerers as optional upgrades.
  • Tenderizers and Whirlwinds may be taken in units.
  • Tenderizers does not ignore armour, 100 pts.
  • Blunderbusses are quick to fire, move or fire.
  • Granite Armour gives 3+ save rather than 2+.
  • Sorcerer-Prophet 220 pts, no longer have Darkforged weapon.
  • Infernal Guard are no longer upgraded to Ironsworn, does not have ensorcelled hand weapons.
  • Warriors do not have shields as default equipment, 8 pts basic.
  • Devastators 13 pts.
  • Immortals 14 pts.
  • Berzerkers 13 pts.
  • Iron Daemon S7, 250 pts.
  • Kollossus 230 pts.
  • Siege Giant 225 pts.
  • Juggernaut T6, W10, 275 pts.
  • Spelling errors and bugs fixed.


  1. The formatting is messed up from page 48 to 56.

    1. Another thing I noticed is that Infernal Guard have shields as default but also the option to take shields.

  2. Could we get some explanations on some of the changes?

    I think someone sent you a text with the proposed changes, it'd be nice to see the thought process behind it.

    1. Well, in short: streamlining!

      A lot of the units simply had a bunch of unnecessary special rules from LoA that I felt were superfluous, so I decided to give them more of my own spin that makes them a bit easier to use while still keeping their concept intact.

      I did get some feedback about which units felt overcosted, that I tried to remedy here. Some of them I really could not lower more in price though, since that would make them superiors to both other units in the CD book, as well as the Dwarf book.

    2. Thanks, that's pretty comprehensive.

      However I don't really get this change, up above you wrote "Blunderbusses are quick to fire, move and fire."

      However on the unit entry Blunderbusses got move or fire and quick to fire. I'm not sure how these two interact.

    3. I'm personally wondering why you removed the Blood of Hashut, Naphta Bombs and Darkforged weapons from the Sorcerer lord. I liked using those.

    4. Blunderbusses are move or fire (like handguns) but also quick to fire (like pistols, because you don't really need to aim them). It makes them good defensive weapons, while firelglaives are more offensive weapons.

      Blood of Hashut, Naphta Bombs and Darkforged weapons were too situational to really be of use and warrant all their special rules. There's only 1-2 models in the entire army that could buy them. I considered making them magic items (which they kind of already are), but seeing as CD already have 10-11 magic items I could not include them.

  3. In the Kislev update there is a mistake in the Ice magic spell "Gift of the Winter Wind." The increase to make the spell stronger is listed as the same casting value as the initial lower casting ability aka it's 13+ and 13+ for the better version.

  4. The lord level Priest of Ursun can take a shield and yet the hero level priest cannot.

  5. In Cult of Ulric armybook both Grand Masters lack barding. And Children of Ulric champion has only T3 while the regiment has T4.

    Also: Yay! Keep up the good work :)

  6. It would make more sense for Bull Centaurs to count as Monstrous Cavalry in a similar manner to Centaurs and Centigors. Scaly Skin (5+) could simply be replaced with barding and their movement could be upped to 8 (which does nothing since barding would lower it back down to 7). This change would also allow you to bring back the option to take spears for Bull Centaurs.

    I have another question, why is it that the Bull Centaur Render may only take a Great Weapon, Blackshard Armor or an additional hand weapon? Aren't armor upgrades usually separate from weapon upgrades?

    1. The only difference then would be that they could use spears, which is rather unnecessary since they don't have any models armed with spears anyway. It was a rather pointless option to begin with.

      I've fixed the other issues you mentioned, including options for Daemonssmiths and Hobgoblin Khans.

  7. Hey, Matthias. As a fan of your books, I was a bit concerned about the lack of updates on the Hobgoblin army book. Hoping you can consider some changes, here are some thoughts about it:

    -There's a typo in page 41, under the "Tunneller" rule: "The Dread Maw moves through TH earth..."
    -The artwork for the Keshig looks vague and bad, in my honest opinion, and doesn't blend in well with the rest of the "portraits".
    -Although it is a "remains in play" spell and is easy to cast, I don't see much use for Message of Doom. Fear tests are a poor defensive or offensive choice, probably why Aspect of the Dreadknight is regarded as a bad spell too.
    -Spirit Shield grants armor rerolls for an army that's mainly composed of light infantry and cavalry.
    -Shouldn't the Lords and Heroes be allowed to use lances since the Keshig can? Being a cavalry army and all, it would grant them a better punch, something most of the army lacks. And it just feels silly fluffwise, even for Hobgoblins. A bodyguard unit having access to superior (scavenged) equipment to their generals? Sounds silly.
    -The Scorpion Riders (the riders, mind you) are a bit iffy. Spears and St. 3? I say give them either St. 4 or lances; at 60 points a pop, at ld 7. and with the possibility of rushing to their doom at any given time, they need a bigger "oomph" to plow through a unit on the charge to justify such high price.

    Anyway, that's what I gathered from the book. I'm a big fan of it, but I feel like it could use an update. That said, I'm loving building an army around it, keep up the good work!

    1. Hi!

      - Fixed spelling issue.
      - Don't have anything better at the moment, not of lot of suitable mongol goblin art out there.
      - Changed it to work like normal hex spells, also made it give -1 Ld.
      - The main boost is 5+ ward, but for elite units, re-rolling armour saves can be useful too.
      - Included options for lances.
      - Lowered Scorpion riders to 55 pts, don't want them to have elite stats like the Kheshig.

      Hope that's more to your liking, feel free to send pictures of your army if you have something you want to share :)

    2. Oh, thanks a lot, Matthias! I wasn't expecting you to answer so quickly, let alone alter that much in the army book.

      I wouldn't like to bother you further, but perhaps you happen to know of a reliable company that makes scorpion miniatures at an affordable price that are of a similar size to other monstrous cavalry mounts? I've searched through the web but all I can find are those tiny (and honestly ugly) Reaper scorpions, which aren't cutting it for me.
      Also, I LOVE the Banner of the Great Wolf, I found it very unique rules wise.
      Take care and thanks for your time!

      PS: I'm pretty sure Scorpion Riders sport a 2+, Eric, unless I did my math wrong.

    3. No problem, it was just a quick fix :)

      I've added another small update for the Scorpion Riders, lowering their scaly skin to 5+ (giving them a 2+ armour save). Otherwise they would get 4+ (scaly skin), +1 LA, +1 shield, +1 mounted = 1+, which is bit much.

    4. As for Giant Scorpions, I don't know any great models by heart, but googling 28mm giant scorpion or goblin scorpion rider did give me quite a few options.

    5. Oh, yea, I did my math wrong, ugh. At toughness 5 a 2+ armor save is still great for a 55 point unit.
      Thanks for the advice, I've yet to find one that is worth the price plus shipping.
      Also, does the "Cowardly Despoilers" rule affect models when charged on the rear/flank or also on a regular frontal charge? It feels like it may be too punishing if that were to be the case.

    6. The rule only applies when the Hobgoblins charge flanks or rear, so you get no extra bonus if you charge them in the front as well, if that's what you mean.

    7. Talking about if they themselves are charged in the front or rear. I think it would be too punishing if they got a -1 to hit when charged in the front.

    8. Ah, I see. The wording is from Tamurkhan, which I would actually interpret as if them being charged at all. Not sure it such a huge problem though, with their high movement, you should not find yourself being charged very often. I can change the rule though, and remove their penalty altogether actually.

    9. I would agree with you if it only affected the light cav units, because those can elect to flee and get away, and if they fail to do so they'll die anyway. But for the Keshig or the Scorpion riders? Sounds too rough. I know you are not to blame on this, but I would personally alter it or get rid of that rule all together.

    10. There, switched the rule around. You now gain +1 to hit when charging in the flank, and suffer -1 to combat res. if they are charged. This encourages flanking more, and is not such a huge penalty if you get charged yourself.

    11. That's more like it, although I still think it'll make heavy cavalry hard to use effectively (they're gonna get charged eventually, right?). But oh well, I'm committed to play the army either way, so we'll see how tough it is to keep them from breaking now, won't we? :)

      Again, thanks a lot for your time, Mathias.

  8. Hey there...I admire your work a lot and since you use a lot of historical influence to your project, I want to ask you where can I find inspiration for the historical fantasy project I am working on...Its a mixed age historical wargame/rpg and I want help finding more information about mythology and military of many cultures.Any site of any civilization will work..thanks a lot :)

    1. I don't know of any other sites like that per say, but you are more than welcome to use what you can find here :)

  9. Hello Mathias !

    I'm searching all the fronts (especially the one which look like the Citadel one), can you tell me the name of these front ?

    Thank so much for the answer and all the work you're doing !

    1. Hi, they are called Caslon Antinque and Celestia Antiqua Bold :)

    2. Thank you so much !!!
      I know another one if you want but it's not exactly the same: Moria Citadel

  10. Hey Mathias, any chance of updating the Skaven to 8th edition stats? I would really like to see that.