Monday, 12 October 2015

Sneak Peak: Upcoming Galleries

Reposting this with updated pictures of all armies, and better quality shots. So this is my current collection that I wanted to share with you guys, that will hopefully give you some inspiration for your own armies. I will take individual pictures of each unit as they are finished and post in each army's gallery, as well as complete army shots when they are completely finished (which will probably take a few years at least).


Back row from the left: Chariots, Clansman Cavalry, Youngbloods with slings, Warband with spears, BSB, Warlord with shieldbearers, Chieftain, Chieftain, the Morrigan, Chieftain, Warlord, Chieftain.
Back row from the left: Half Giants, Giant, Giant, Centaurs, Fenbeasts, Youngbloods with javelins, Warband with great weapons, Druid, Truthsayer, Druid, Woad Raiders.
Back row from the left: Hunters with bows, Stone Thrower, Hunters with javelins, Warriors of Danu, Druid Neophytes, Warbands with shields, Hunting Hounds, Swordmaidens.


Back row from the left: Serpent Priestesses, Matriarch, Mistress, Cold One Riders, Piranha Warriors, Anakonda's Amazons, Jungle Stalkers, Eagle Warriors, Totem Guardians, Jaguar Warriors.


Back row from the left: War Elephant, Grand Vizier on flying carpet, Mamelukes, Roc, Basilica Cannon, Caliph on flying carpet, Mamelukes, Bladedancers, Djinn, Vizier, Vizier, Efreet, Corsairs, Janissaries, Vizier, Prince of Thieves, Saladin, Malik ibn La'Ahad, Vizier, Hashishin, Jasmine Silverveil, Caliph, BSB, Caliph, Sheik, Slave Guards.
Back row from the left: Nomad Hunters, Flying Carpet Riders, Desert Riders with bows, Naffatun, Camel Riders, Bowmen, Desert Riders with spears, Warriors with shields, Palace Guard, Warriors with spears.


Back row from the left: Pegasus Knights, Questing Knights, Louen Leoncoeur, Grail Knights, Damsels, the Fay Enchantress, BSB, Repanse de Lyonesse, the Green Knight.
Back row from the left: Knights of the Realm, Paladin on Pegasus, Knights of the Realm, Suliman the Saracen and Odo d'Outremer (he is invisible!), Knights Errant, Tristan the Trobadour and Jules the Jongleur.
Back row from the left: Mounted Yeomen, Damsels, Peasant Bowmen, Priestesses of Shallya, Men-at-Arms, Men-at-Arms, Foot Knights, Foot Knights/Paladins on foot, Foot Knights.
Back row from the left: Peasant Bowmen, Herrimaults with Bertrand the Brigand, Grail Relique, Field Trebuchet, Men-at-Arms, Peasant Levy, Men-at-Arms.


Back row from the left: Dragon Cannon, Fire Arrow, Stormhurler Ballista, Warlord in Bastion Chariot, Wu Jen, Warlord on Qilin, Strategists, BSB, Duizhu, Emperor's Guard, Warlords, Zhao Fei, Xen Huong, .
Back row from the left: Foo Dogs, Celestial Dragon, Phoenix, Monkey Warriors with the Monkey King, Field Engineers with Sky Rockets, Nightblades, Hill Tribesmen, Field Engineers with Dragon's Breath, Field Engineers with Fire Bombs, Celestial Dragon Monks.
Back row from the left: Dragon Lancers, Drum and Gong, Steppe Archers, Imperial Infantry with crossbows, Repeater Crossbowmen, Imperial Infantry with spears, Imperial Infantry with swords.

Dark Elves:

Back row from the left: Cauldron of Blood, Cauldron of Blood with BSB, Dreadlord on Black Dragon, Manticore, Avatar of Khaine, Assassins (they are really sneaky!), Executioners, With Elves.
Back row from the left: Cold One Chariot, Malekith with Chariot, Morathi, Cold One Knights, Darkshards, Sorceresses, Harpies, Darkshards, Dreadspears, High Sorceress on Cold One, Dreadlord on Cold One, Black Guard.
Back row from the left: Dark Riders, Reaper Bolt Throwers, War Hydra, Manflayers, Shades, Corsairs, Dreadlord, BSB, Dreadlord, Corsairs with handbows.

Dogs of War:

Back row from the left: Galloper Guns, Goblin-hewer, Venators, Marksmen of Miragliano, Alcatani Fellowship, Lucrezzia Belladonna, Ghazak Khan, Leopard Company, Tilean noblewomen, Leonardo da Miragliano, Marco Colombo, Mercenary General, Mydas the Mean with Paychest, Borgio the Besieger, Lorenzo Lupo, Money Lender.
Back row from the left: Desert Dogs, Birdmen, Wolf-Boyz, Witch Hunters, Gotrek & Felix, Besiegers, Lost Legion, Republican Guard, Armoured Orcs, Vespero's Vendetta.
Back row from the left: Freelancers, Asarnil, Stradiots, Crossbowmen, Handgunners, Slayer Pirates, Paymaster's Bodyguard with Paymaster, Cursed Company.
Back row from the left: Stradiots, Giant, Stradiots, Crossbowmen, Sellswords with bows, Sellswords with shields, Pikemen, Sellswords with halberds, Hireling Wizards.
Back row from the left: Cannon, Ribault, Ballistas, Scorpions, Duellists, Pit Fighters, Manann's Blades, Pikemen, Sellswords with flails.
Back row from the left: Curin's Cataphracts, Captain on Pegasus, Stradiots, Ogres, Elf Rangers, Halflings, Mercenary General, Raven's Rangers, Mercenary Elves, Dwarfs, Norse Chieftain, Dwarf Goldseekers, Dwarfs.
Back row from the left: Golgfag's Ogres, Giant, Maneaters, Duellists, Mercenary Captains, Ogres, Mercenary Generals, Sellswords with heavy armour and shields, Sellswords (mixed weapons).


Back row from the left: Demigryph Knights, Reiksguard Knights, General, Marius Leitdorf, Karl Franz, Ludwig Schwarzhelm, Kurt Helborg, Grand Master, Reiksguard Foot Knights, BSB, Captain, BSB, Captain, General, General, Greatswords.
Back row from the left: Pistoliers, War Altar with Volkmar, Outriders, Archers, Witch Hunter, Warrior Priests, Luthor Huss, Flagellants, Free Company.
Back row from the left: Knights, General on Griffon, Great Cannons, Handgunners, Halflings, Swordsmen, Pikemen.
Back row from the left: Helstorm Rocket Battery, Helblaster Volley Gun, Steam Tank, Great Cannons, Mortar, Handgunners, Battle Wizards, Spearmen, Balthasar Gelt, Halberdiers.


Back row from the left: Conquistadors, Diestros, Knights of the Blazing Sun, Grenadiers, Mountain Gun, Culverin, Mountain Gun, Duellists, Aventuros, Maria de Salvo, BSB, Inquisitor, mounted Captain, Inquisitors, mounted Grand Commander, Battle Mage, Inquisitor, Captain, Grand Commander, Grand Commander, High Inquisitor, War Hounds.
Back row from the left: Caballeros, Altar of Myrmidia, Genitors, Crossbowmen, Almogavars, Handgunners, Rodeleros, Pikemen.


Back row from the left: Fighting Cocks/Rangers, Militia with bows, Thieves, Hobilars, Vigilante Guard, Enchanters, Hisme Stoutheart, Nicolas Warfoot, Sheriff, Militia with swords.
Back row from the left: Moot Ogres, Hot Pots, Militia with spears, Pantry Guard with Chuck Wagon, Militia.


Back row from the left: Ungol Horse Archers, War Wagon, Winged Lancers, Sons of Ursun, Gryphon Legion, Kreml Guard, Hetman, Boris Ursus, Tzarina Katarin, Hag Witch, Hag Mother, Ulrika Straghova, Ice Witch, BSB, Priest of Ursun, Boyar, Hetman, BSB.
Back row from the left: Chekist, Hawks of Miska, Sibyrian Hunters with Kislev Rangers, Armoured War Bear, Urugan Cannon, Streltsi, Bear Pack, Kossars, Druzhina, Gospodar Militia.


Back row from the left: Death Rocket (Mangonel),Taisho, Shugenja, BSB, Kensei, Shugenja, Red Ronin, Hatamoto, Daimyos, Samurai Cavalry, Fire Arrow, Ashigaru Arquebusiers, Ashigaru Bowmen, Ronin, Onna Bushi, Samurai Warriors, Ashigaru Spearmen.
Back row from the left: Red Devils, Mizuchi, Oni, Tengu, Maneaters, Kitsune, Shinobi, O-Sayumi, Ninjas, Kabuki Dolls, Wako Pirates, Warrior Monks with Mikoshi, Sumo Warriors.


Back row from the left: Norse Horsemen, War Mammoth, berserkers, Fenrir Wolf, Swordmaidens, Seers, Skalds, Jarls, BSB, Ravenswyrd, King, Erik Redaxe, King, Reavers.
Back row from the left: Frost Giants, Ice Drake, Frost Giant, Half Giants, Snow Trolls, Valkyries, Giant Wolves, Norse Hunters, Ulfwerenar, Marauders, Huscarls, Bondsmen.

And finally, a shot of the entire collection (I'll stop once the shelves are full, I promise!)


  1. Pretty Neat Mathias. What is your favorite Army that you've worked on so far? Look forward to the Beastmen!

    1. As far modelling is concerned? Probably DoW, since they take up 7 shelves by themselves, but I've probably spent the most time converting my DE army, which has a ton of cool unit fillers. Most of the armies were bought this last year (having a decent job nets me quite a bit more than being a student), so we will see once I get around to paint them all :)

      The Beastmen book is being worked on at a good pace, I'm almost finished with the Bestiary. I will be quite a bit shorter than the Skaven book though, probably around 100 pages.

    2. Sounds good to me bud. Thanks for all the hard work.

  2. New araby stuff coming!

  3. what are you using for your amazons, in particular that front left unit?

    1. Most of the army comes from Antimatter Games, though the army has since then gotten a lot bigger with more from Shadowforge and Maidenhead Miniatures :)