Sunday, 5 February 2012

Details for upcoming Warhammer Armies: Fimir!

So after having spent most of yesterday scrounging the net for info on Fimir (not much else to do when it's -28C degrees cold outside anyway!) I think I have quite a decent base to work from. The list contains the classic Fimir units from 20+ years ago of course, as well as a couple of new ones and a lot of swamp dwelling mythological creatures from Celtic mythology to round out the force.
All in, the Fimir list will be based quite a bit around slow, heavy infantry with quite a few larger monsters. Sounds a bit like Warriors of Chaos, right? Well, the Fimir will feature a lot less armour and a lot more debilitating powers in form of magic, mist powers and using the terrain to their advantage. So WoC with more tactics, I suppose ;)

Current Bestiary:

Meargh (wizard)
Fimm Warlord (fighter)
Fianna Mistmor (ogre)

Dirach (wizard)
Fimm Noble (fighter)
Fiana Flaithmor (ogre)

Fimm Warriors (2HW, GW)
- Fimm Fian
Shearl (spears, shields)
- Shearl Finn
Bog Swarms (swarms)
Moor Hounds (FC)
- Barghest
Boglars (marsh gnoblars)
- Sludgesucker

Fiana Fimm (ogres)
- Fimm Finmor
Marsh Reavers (MC, spear, shields)
- Fiarach
Fomorians ("small" mutated giants)
- Formor
Nuckelavee (centaur cavalry)
- Bog Knight
Fir Bolg (undead)
- Crypt Keeper
Fenbeast (as in Albion)
Swamp Daemons (scouts)
- Rotfiend (explodes on death)

Daemonomaniac (daemonic giant Fimir)
Athach (3-armed giant, hurl rocks)
Eye Tyrant (hovering monster)
Eye Oculus of Balor (shrine type-thingy)


  1. Sounds great, I'll be keeping a close eye on this one.

  2. You probably won't have to wait that long either, I already got done 65 pages today just editing the fluff ;)

    It should be released shortly after I'm finished with the Halfling list, so maybe late March when I'm done with my exam.

  3. finish the halfing book!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Don't worry, I do intend to finish the Halfling book first, just planning out for some future project as well. I am currently bidding on the Tales of Battle issues that contains both the Halfling list and the Fimir list, so I won't miss out on any good ideas before publishing the Halfling list.

  5. * Shearl > spears :/ Don't find it's a appropriate weapons for Fimir
    * Moor Hounds :/ What is it exactly?
    * Boglars :/ Goblin with Fimir... As allied with the Gnoblard list ok... but don't think it's great.
    * Sludgesucker like ??
    * Fomorians ("small" mutated giants) :/ Cygor?
    * Centaur cavalry :/ To my opinion Cava like Pox rider could be more appropriate. Exemple for mount
    * undead :/ To Warhammer the Fimir are associate to daemon not to undead like in some ireland myth.

  6. I have to agree on the spears, doesn't seem to fit well with the fimir. Moor hounds, maybe, like black shuck perhaps? Fenbeasts and similar creatures seem natural additions to a fimir army. I'm building a unit of half-dead for my fimir, they are essentially reanimated/possessed bog bodies, a combination of GW undead and dryad kits.

  7. I'm gonna look through some more army lists, nothing is set in stone. I might skip the spears there entirely.
    Moor Hounds are based on Black Shuck, yes, from Scottish myth.
    The Boglars are mentioned in the Gnoblar list to be allied with Fimir and living in Swamps, hence I figured they would fit as auxiliary troops. The Sludgesucker is just the name of the Champion for remembrance.
    The Fomorians are more like gorgers in the Ogre Kingdoms book, they will have the ambush rule to enter from any table edge.
    Pox Riders sound a bit too much Nurgle, Nuckelavee are swampdwelling creatures from Celtic myth.
    According to Warpstone Magazine 25, the Fimir actually can summon Undead as well, but it's more common with Daemons.

  8. i think fimir should join the destruction.They are deamons.Also,Araby should join the order and norse could be both,because most of the norsemen follow the chaos gods,but they
    become allies with kislev and the empire at the timelines last year

    1. The thing about Fimir though is that they are not really interested in destroying civilisation like Chaos. Fimir are evil, sure, but they only do what they do to survive, and mostly keep to themselves otherwise.
      Araby, likewise, keep mostly to themselves but focus a lot on slavery and pirating, hence they are not really trying to protect the world from evil or anything.
      Norse are also non-aligned for the reason that they are partly Chaos-worshippers who goes on raids like normal Chaos tribes, but they are just as often traders and mercenaries.

  9. Hey there!I am writing to say how cool are your armybooks M4cR1II3n!I prefer them from the standard armies 'cause they are historically based
    and cover the unexplored areas of the map.Please hurry with the fimir and the hobgoblins armybook!

    P.S:I agree with the dude up there that fimir should join the destruction,araby should join the order and norse should join both alliances.

  10. I agree with you guys but I think thar ind should join dstruction
    because men of ind are enslaved from deamons

    1. Wow, I did not think the alignments would cause this much discussion... you are free to play them anyway you want, I've only explained why I have put them where I have. If you think it should be different, then go ahead and play it that way, I'm not gonna stop you, I promise ;)

      As for the Kingdoms of Ind, they are not enslaved by Daemons, it's a much more symbiotic relationship compared to that of Chaos. But they are certainly not part of Order either, as they gladly fight against anyone who dares defile their Gods, but are otherwise neutral like Tomb Kings or Ogres.

  11. My opinion. The Fimir must more associated to Crom Cruach cocept.

    Dog with worm... :/
    The Boglars mention is a bad wink of Kevin J. Coleman nothing more and inaprorate to a standard list.

    I think the Ambush rules could be add little like beastmen.

    Pox Riders for example of power and tall. Obviously I don't say to add Pox Rider...

    "According to Warpstone Magazine 25, the Fimir actually can summon Undead as well, but it's more common with Daemons."
    But Warsptone is based for WFRP1. To the old concept of warhammer worls (WFB2, WFB3, WFRP1)lot of race pratised necromantic magic. To my opinion to a modern army book this aspect must more determine. Fimir is daemon.

    1. Dog with worm? Moor Hounds are daemonic dogs, sort of a cross between Warhounds and Flesh Hounds.

      If I were to remove Boglars, they would only have 3 Core units (4 if I keep the Bog Swarm). Any suggestions for a replacement? 3 Core choices feels a bit slim.

      I'd like to keep the ambush rules simple for the Fomorians. Beastmen have their Ambush rule (written in 7th ed) as their army wide-rule, whereas this is just one unit with a similar rule.

      The Marsh Reavers will be something similar to what you are describing, don't worry ;)

      I am basing most of the stuff in the book on the material from those days. The current "Fimir are just creatures of Chaos" isn't nearly as interesting as the half-human, half-daemon background imo.

  12. Absolutely. The older fimir material is much better than the current cop out of them just being another bunch of chaos beasts.