Saturday, 4 February 2012

What's that in the mist? The Fimir!

Okay, so you know just how crazy I am by now, so it should come to no surprise that I have even more books planned in the future. The latest one to the batch will be (as you can probably guess from the title): the Fimir! With Warhammer Forge making some new models for them as well as the inclusion of them in Storm of Magic, now would be a good time for the one-eyed monsters to reappear as their own army!

I have found a ton of background info for them which should make this a rather quick and simple project seeing as I won't have to fill it out much myself other than making the actual rules. I will post army list details once I am done scrounging the internet for fluff, images and ideas.

As for other armies, I have acquired a copy of Tamurkhan now, so I have all the things needed to make the Chaos Dwarf book as well, but I think I'll save that one for last.

On the subject of Halflings, I've finished the army list for them, and I'm now working on clearing up the magic items. The book might be slightly delayed due to studies, but I am gonna try to squeeze it out before the end of the month at least.

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