Friday, 8 November 2013

Dogs of War 4.2 (beta) out... since 2 weeks ago!

Never actually posted this on the blog since it's not the finished version, but in case you are a DoW player, this should still be worth reading for you. The beta version for the next DoW update contains the following changes from the current "official" version: 
  • Pikes nerfed and simplified.
  • Added Assassins as a Hero choice.
  • Added Broken Lances as a Core choice.
  • Cavaliers are now called Freelancers.
  • Pit Fighters added as a special choice.
  • Merc Elves now has ASF.
  • Ballistas added as a special choice.
  • Espringals are now called Scorpions, no longer ignore armour saves.
  • Ribaults added as a Rare choice.
  • Griffon added as a mount for Merc Generals.
  • Hurcio's Club replaces Blackbeard's Cutlasses.
  • The Arbalest now fires like a Bolt Thrower.
  • Justintine's Paychest added as an Enchanted Item.
  • Hedge Wizard's Staff is now called Staff of Fickle Fortune, 45 pts.
  • Pikemen, Crossbowmen, Dwarfs, Espringals slightly cheaper.
  • Norse Marauders can no longer take flails.
  • Racial Distrust replaces Hard to Hire and Distrust
  • Warhammers added (option for Merc Cap and Broken Lances)
  • Light crossbow buffed to Strength 4, nerfed to range 16"
  • Leonardo may now use all of his Genius abilities, 135 pts
  • Prism of Power one use only
  • Hot Pot now ignores armour saves, 75 pts.
  • Re-formatted army list.
  • Tons of improved editing throughout the book.
  • A bunch of new background for many units.
  • Various small bugs fixed and improved rules clarifications.


The beta version will be in playtesting for about 1-2 months to collect feedback before replacing the current version. I don't expect to be working that much on the books during November what with gaming season 2013 underway, so it might also take a while for me to respond to any messages you might send. Thanks for understanding.

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