Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Nippon news everyone!

Just a small announcement that I intend to push forward the intended release of "original" Nippon. I feel that the book at the moment feels unfinished, seeing as I both intend to rewrite large portions of the fluff as well as redo most of their bestiary, so I really want to finish that up before working on the other releases (after finishing up Special Characters, which will be out soon).

As such, the new Nippon book will feature:
- New history of Nippon
- New Nippon Clans
- New geography section
- Removal of all clan-specific L5R units and Clan Mon
- Each of the new clans will have different bonuses that affects their style of play
- Bringing back Sumo Warriors, Kabuki Dolls, Red Devils and Ronin
- Addition of Wako Pirates, Yabusame, and Battle Maidens (not the L5R version)
- Removal of L5R special characters
- Addition of new special characters, as well as bringing back the Red Ronin

As a whole, the new version will probably be a bit shorter in the fluff department. The clans won't be as detailed as they currently are, Nippon's history will be shorter, and the geography section for the different cities will be trimmed down. That said, it should still be about the same length as any of the official army books. Likewise, Cathay will also get a rather large revision on the fluff department to make sure the two are consistent with each other. Hopefully I can get through rewriting these things without too much hassle in January.


  1. How are your projects progressing? Looking forward to sth. new! :)

    1. You are in luck then, I'll have the Special Characters book out later today or tomorrow! ;)