Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Dogs of War update out now!

Been a bit slow with updates of late due to work and Witcher 3, but I should be able to finish some more updates during my vacation this month and the next (still have to finish the latest Dragon Age though!). I have also been working a lot with compiling material from all the older army books as well as ~300 White Dwarfs to make sure I don't miss out on any interesting stuff.

Anyway, the Dogs of War update contains the following:

  • Removed war hammers (technically other armies use them too without any additional special rules).
  • Made pikes the same as Estalia and 9th ed.
  • Added full plate armour options to captains, freelancers and paymaster's bodyguard (since full plate where pretty well available during 1450's Italy and is worn by several RoR's already).
  • Lifted Sellsword Veteran restriction a bit.
  • Added more background to Giants.
  • Added Leitpold the Black. 
  • Lorenzo Lupo has light armour.
  • Assassins no longer have light armour.
  • Goldseeker have light armour by default, can upgrade to full plate.
  • Goldseeker has T5 (bug in previous version).
  • Duellists are Unit size 10+.
  • Giants are ItP.
  • New short story added.


  1. Um... So for some reason on the Mercenary General unit, Heavy Armour costs 3 points, and Medium Armour costs 6 points.

    And on the Mercenary Captain Unit, Heavy Armour costs 2 points, and Medium and Full Plate Armour cost 4 points.

    Just letting you know, and wondering if this was an error

  2. Holy damn yes!

    And Lietpold too.

    Dude you are doing incredible work,

    can't wait to play this.

  3. Some problems:
    - There needs to be more mentions of the Border Princes in the Army book. They may not have as many mercenaries as Tilea but I imagine that it is what their armies are mostly made up of.
    - Racial Distrust should be possessed by all non-human characters and units in the army. Say "A character with the Racial Distrust special rule cannot join units with the same Special Rule unless they are of the same race as the unit in question." to replace the first paragraph.
    - The Assassins do not need Hidden to be explained.
    - There are many explanation for why an army would have multiple Parmasters or no Paymaster present such as multiple mercenary companies working together, a large army requiring multiple people organizing the funds, the Paymaster currently being occupied somewhere else or other explanations. That would also include removing the restriction of only having one unit of Paymaster's Bodyguard.
    -Pit Fighters should have Immunity (Fear) instead of 'We who are About to Die'. Maybe Immunity (Terror) as well, they should be used to fighting scary things.
    - You should either have Norse Marauders from the Dogs of War and Sartosa replace Frenzy with Berserkergang and Counter-attack or have Norse from the Norse army book replace Berserkergang and Counter-Attack with Frenzy.
    -The Norse Chieftain should be S4 T4 like all other human heroes.
    -Maneaters should have their strength, ballistic skill, initiative and attacks reduced by 1. They break the pattern of stat progression that most other units follow. Why would an Maneater Captain have more attacks than a Bruiser?
    -Rhinox Riders and Thunderlords should be I2.
    -The Scorpion special rule says that Scorpions do not ignore armor saves like normal bolt throwers (and now, bolt throwers do not ignore armor saves). I still think they should be a core unit with only one per unit.
    - It would be simpler to replace 'Difficult to Slay' that Borgio has with Grizzled Warrior.
    -Lorenzo's Sword of Lucan should just have the Ignores Armor Saves special rule.
    -Leonardo's Sphere of Alchemy should be Armour Piercing (2).
    -Why would Mydas's Paycart use Mules instead of stronger Draft horses?
    -Why would Ghazak's Warcry, which strikes terror in the hearts of the enemy prevent them from fleeing? His Red Scimitar should also have the Armor Piercing (3) special rule rather than causing a -3 modifier.
    -Perhaps Mambrino's Heavy Armor should cause difficult terrain to become dangerous to represent how its first owner died.
    - Merchant Princes do not have access to Medium Armor, Halberd and Bucklers. Mercenary Generals do not have access to Bucklers. Merchant Princes, Mercenary Generals, Mercenary Captains and Paymasters should have access to Handguns and Blunderbusses.
    - Assassins still have Always Strikes First. I also think that on the turn they are revealed or the first turn of the game, they should have Killing Blow (Heroic Killing Blow if they carry a Hidden Blade) and Armor Piercing (1) just like Nasty Skulkers.
    - Why would a Dwarf Goldseeker ever wear lighter armor than Mercenary Dwarfs? Goldseekers and Mercenary Dwarves should also have access to Handguns.
    -Elves should use Elven Longbows rather than Longbows. They should also have access to Repeater Crossbows to represent Dark Elves who have fallen on hard times.
    -Pikemen are able to upgrade from light all the way to heavy armor. I think you meant for that to be medium armor.
    -Crossbowmen upgrading to gunpowder weapons should be able to choose between handguns and blunderbusses. They should also have the number of units able to take this upgrade tied to the number of duplicate rare units that can be taken. Or remove the restriction alltogether since no other armies that use both crossbows and handguns have such a restriction on handguns.
    -Freelancers should be special units with Core heavy cavalry covered by Straidiots with Shields, medium armor, spears and barding (Add barding and medium armor to the upgrades they may take).

    1. -Access to Full Plate Armor for Paymasters Bodyguard and Freelancers and Medium Armor for Ogres combined with 'The Best Money can buy' from Merchant Princes will result in Paymasters Bodyguard and Freelancers wearing 2+ save granting armor and Ogres wearing 4+ save granting armor. It would be fluff breaking for 'Armour of Silvered Steel' to be equipped to a whole unit though I'm unsure if there is anything in theory stopping an Ogre from wearing Heavy Armor. Perhaps add Racial Distrust to Ogres and Hobgoblins and make 'The Best Money Can Buy' unable to be used on units with Racial Distrust and remove the option for Full Plate for Bodyguards and Freelancers. Or remove the options for Full Plate and Medium Armor from Ogre, Bodyguard and Freelancer units.
      -Norse Marauders should have an option to become ambushers like a lot of sea-faring units like Marines and Reavers.
      -Mercenary Elves should be able to upgrade to medium armor. The idea is that Norse Marauders, Mercenary Dwarves, Mercenary Elves and Mercenary Ogres can be used to field the weakest units (relatively speaking) from their various army books. Medium armor for elves will represent High or Dark elves that have fallen into hard times.
      -Bring back Ironfists for Ogre units.
      -Rhinoxes should have Natural Armor (5+) just like in your Ogre Kingdoms book. Rhinox Riders should also be able to replace light with medium armor. Impact Hits (D3) is already represented by them being Monstrous Cavalry and being stubborn doesn't need to specifically be towards the Rhinox because both mount and rider are affected by that rule (unless your intention is that Rhinox Rider leadership cannot go below 5 for break tests instead of 8).

    2. Lastly, 'The Best Money can buy' shouldn't grant armor piercing weapons. Granting an improved armor save makes sense, since a unit could simply replace its armor with a heavier set. While a whole unit equipped with Biting Blades is less implausible than a whole unit equipped with Armour of Silvered Steel it is still unlikely. You might say that the Estalian hand weapons have armor piercing but I think that rule should not be in existence since the game has not differentiated between hand weapons before. Dwarf and elven weapons being dwarven or elven crafted has never been represented and neither has the fact that savage ork weapons are made out of wood, stone or bone or nehekharan weapons were forged using techniques, designs and materials that have become obsolete a long time ago.

    3. -The Light Crossbow, being a pistol version of a Crossbow, should have a range of 15" and Quick to Fire.

  4. Seeing that the next planned update is for regiments of renown, will you update the Knight orders and maybe add the Sisters of Sigmar? I mean yea, they're all dead or converted to Lamias I know, but Fantasy is dead anyway and they deserve some love.

    1. Yes, they will get a quick update as well. Sisters of Sigmar might be included in the main Empire book, or as part of an expansion.

  5. sorry for the bad english...
    very thanks for your work!
    but i have a doubt; in my opinion the paychest it's obsolete, why 50points for +1 armor save it's too expensive. It should grant also +2Wounds, how Dwarf shield Bearers, that among other it cost only 40points.
    another thing, it would be nice to have more human elite troops, or heavy armor for veteran sellswords!
    thanks again!

    1. The Paychest increases the Hold Your Ground rule with 6" for a total of 18", that's why it's expensive.

      The Paymaster's Bodyguard are your elite humans, heavy armour is reserved for heavy cavalry and them only. Veterans are not rich enough to afford it.

    2. Why then can Pikemen get HA for a measly 1 point per man?

    3. That would also be a bug, they are only supposed to have medium armour in 9th ed.

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  7. Like our russian mate previously said I've seen you're planning Regiments of Renown. Could I send two or three Regiments I've done while working in Games Workshop?
    And also: do you plan to upgrade also Empire Knightly Orders (not actually planned in your list)? I'm really interested in the Knights of Morr, and in the Chance to use the Altar of Morr. And Yes, I've an entire unit of 20 Sisters of Sigmar from Mordheim, and I love to have rules for them, as they deserve some love ^_^

    1. Sure, I have a few other RoR from Citadel Journal that I'm also planning on releasing as part of a separate pdf :)

      Yes, the knights will get a small update too :)

  8. Hey man it is me, the guy who told you that you sometimes write "ore" instead of "orc" In your Bret book.

    You do really good stuff, you work is great, these are just my thoughts and in no way am I criticising your work.

    This comment is about your Kislev book

    One of the things that I do not find "logical" is that the ice mages would be called witches. A person who is a magical user sanctioned by the state would never allow anyone to call them by a negative term and would never classify themselves as a negative term. A "normal" person would not call an officially sanctioned magic user of the state a negative term because of respect of that the mages do for the nation and out of fear of that the mage might do to them. In the warhammer roleplay 2nd edition supplement Realms of Sorcery in the description about witch sight it says that mages avoid using that word because of the negative attributes of the word witch and use another word "spirit sight"

    On page 46 it says this

    "In some ways, this term is negative, as no trained Magister would ever accept being called a witch and certainly do not consider themselves as such."

    That statement in my mind would apply to ice mages as well.

    Also the queen is an ice mage and she would of course not allow anyone calling here a witch. There is even a possible opening how she because she is a mage expand the rights of mages, large possibilities there.

    In your book you could of course allow males to become ice mages as well, and possibly have the 8 schools of magic there too, possibly in Erengrad.

    My second thing is that you write that the Norsca trade in Erengrad and have slaves. Now to me this is seems "illogical" because the Norsca are often allies of Chaos, Chaos being the sworn enemy of the people of Kislev. So that they would trade is iffy at best. And that they would allow the Norsca to have slaves seems to be completely wrong. The Kislev people could simply free the slaves make them citizens and get more workers and soldiers, they could confiscate the ship kill the crew and take all their stuff.

    And of course the possibility of Erengrad having some form of naval power and some amount of merchant ships would seem reasonable.

    Anyway those are just my thoughts. You do a great job and in no way am i criticising your work, you do a fantastic job in keeping the warhammer fantasy world alive. You do good stuff :D

    Keep up the good work, these are just my thoughts :)

    1. Hi!

      I've gone through the "ore" in the Bretonnian book and it should be fixed now, will upload it soon.

      All the background in the Kislev book is official from the "Realm of the Snow Queen", so the part of witches and slaves is not something I made up. Far from all Norse are Chaos worshipers though, and the southern tribes trade rather freely with the Old World. The book does not mention the Kislev opinion on slave trade, so we cannot know the overall opinion on slavery in the Old World. However, selling prisoners of war and having Thralls were pretty common back then, so I don't think it's impossible to imagine.

    2. Yes Realm of the Ice Queen, warhammer fantasy roleplay supplement to the 2nd edition, does use the word witches, I just find it very strange. For the reasons I have stated. If you know magic you are not going to allow anyone to call you a witch, and no one with half a brain would call them witches because of respect and fear, but yes the official books calls them witches.

      Having the color colleges in Kislev wouldn't be a far stretch and having male ice mages wouldn't be a far stretch as well, just some minor tweaks to the lore.

      My argument for the slaves is as I wrote, free them and get soldiers / workers. And weaken the "enemy side". Kislev gets a larger population, Norsca gets a smaller population. More people = more farmers, workers and soldiers.

      Not all Norsca are chaos worshipers but many are.

      These are of course just my opinions.

      You write the books anyway you like it. I am just expressing my opinions on the matter :)

      Anyway keep up the good work, you do good stuff :D

  9. Maybe I'm missing something, but I cant find the rules for Pikes anywhere in the book.
    The special rules are not in the Pikemen entry, nor in the army special rules, you did point out that: •Made pikes the same as Estalia and 9th ed. Where can I find those rules, and/or should they not be in the book somewhere?

    Great work on the book otherwise, keep it up :)

    1. Pikes are included in the weapons section of the 9th ed Rulebook, hence it did not need to be included in the army book as well :)

  10. Ore Orc Brets :)

    A small comment about your dogs of war update, in the wizards section you write all magic originates from chaos, this is a bit wrong. The winds of magic blow from the polar gates, it does not mean that magic itself originates from chaos. Also the official lore that is available about warhammer suggests that there was magic before chaos existed, so mage can not originate from chaos.

    You can change it to, it is a common myth that magic originates from chaos, which makes people uneasy with wizards or something like that. Or change it something else, remove it completely.

    Or not change it all, just wanted to point it out :)

    1. I would say it's a bit open to interpretation, but I see your point. That paragraph is from the Warlock from Mordheim, so it's part of GW's official background.

    2. The detailed lore on magic in the three editions of the tabletop rpg (far more advanced than in miniatures games) said clearly that magic is the brut material of Chaos Realm, aka the sum and reflection of all symbols and feelings of all the Warhammer world's consciousness (tied to the geographic space : differents kinds of beastmen and demons and magics). I love this Jungian conception of magic and Chaos. This is, for me, THE thing of the Warhammer world.

    3. Ore Orc Brets :)

      @Mathias, If it is from an official book then yes of course it is official :) But then again maybe the person/s who wrote the official book were not fully aware of all the warhammer lore

      @Anonymous, magic existed before chaos, so magic can not be off chaos, which of course you do not write, I am just saying

      If one assumes that magic flows from the realm of chaos, that does not mean magic itself is chaos just as the ground is not poisonous even though poisonous plants might grow from the ground.

      One could also assume that there was a magical realm that then became habituated by creatures of chaos.

      Anyway I don't like the paragraph I don't like the whole witch hunter jargon:P
      I am more of a pro magic guy myself :)


      I really should make an account somewhere so that I do not have to write as Anonymous

    4. Magic existed before Chaos ? I didn't know, where do you source it ? (same anonymous here than before). I am pretty sure of what i'm saying up there because I have played A LOT on theses concepts in Warhammer World, but maybe we are working on different sources ?

    5. Well (it's me again) the fact that the elven and the magisters are using the word "Aethyr" for both Winds of Magic and Realm of Chaos make a point on my side this time, right ? :)

      The Old Ones used magic, aka Chaos, in first time. They used too much and the reality broke out.

      Morover, toward the poles, magic is more present. And this is actually written in many books : winds of magic are flowing from Chaos Portals...

      But YOU are the witch hunter here. YOU are the one who associate Chaos and "poisonous ground" ;)

      Chaos is just the synonym of "all potentials". In the "grim" and "dark" setting of Warhammer, that means that the demons are everywhere. But the divine magic (miracles from priests) is from Chaos too and is all fine.

      Sources :
      Realms of Chaos
      Realms of Sorcery
      Tome of Corruption
      Tome of Redemption

      Nature of magic is exposed in theses books. The incredible work of worldbuilding and magic refunding between 1st and 2nd edition was mainly made by Steve Darlington, my favourite Warhammer designer so far. That's why this particular conception of magic is so essential for me.

    6. Ore Orc Brets :)

      Magic existed before chaos yes

      Both in the fantasy world and in the 40k world

      If we start with the 40k world then it says that at first there was harmony and stability or something like that in the real from which the old ones drew their magic, represented by the thoughts and ideas that the old ones had

      But as other sentient life forms were created something happened, the other realm changed, influenced by the newer races

      In the fantasy world as I read it, there was magic before chaos.

      Also magic and chaos are not the same

      As I wrote, a poisonous plant growing in a piece of earth does not make the earth itself poisonous.

      Chaos lives in a world where there is magic, which does not mean that magic itself comes from chaos

      Anyway is dosent matter, I will clarify it all if and when I buy warhammer :D

    7. Hum, yeah I think we have the same vision and the debate is upon petty lexical form. Have a nice evening/day ^^ !