Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Upcoming Project: Bretonnia!

"But... they are already an official army with rules!" some might say, which is of course absolutely correct. But seeing as they haven't had a rules update for nearly 10 years and do not appear to be getting one soon, I figured "what the heck, I might as well do it myself". Bretonnia just so happens to be the first Warhammer army I ever collected, so giving them some attention lies quite close to me.

This will just be a small side-project to be finished after Chaos Dwarfs. It will contain all the older units ofc, as well as a couple of new ones to give them more options in the field. Apart from that, the list will get a facelift rules-wise, as well as a ton of new background from "Knights of the Grail". Oh, and special characters are back by the dozen!

Special Characters:
Louen Leoncoeur
The Fay Enchantress
The Green Knight
Repanse de Lyoness
Baron Odo d’Outremer and Suliman the Saracen
Tancred, Duke of Quenelles
Roland the Marshal
Bertrand the Brigand and the Bowmen of Bergerac
The Knight of the Perilous Lance
Tristam le Troubadour and Jules le Jongleur
Reynard the Hunter
Jasperre le Beau - The Dragonslayer
Armand d’Aquitaine
Bohemond ‘Beastslayer’ - Duke of Bastonne
Sir Amalric of Gaudaron

Bretonnian Lord
Prophetess of the Lady

Damsel of the Lady

Knights of the Realm
Knights Errant
Peasant Bowmen
Hunting Hounds

Questing Knights
- Paragon
Pegasus Knights
- Gallant
Foot Knights
- Chevalier
- Faceless
Mounted Yeomen
- Warden
Battle Pilgrim and Grail Relique

Field Trebuchet
Grail Knights
Spirits of the Fey
Hippogryph Knights


  1. I am really happy that you decided to create a Bretonian army book.You know,I am a Bretonian collector and I am glad you will update the rules.I am gonna use your rules next time I will play warhammer,cause the army book is kinda old.I hope you will add new units (I notices some new units and heroes but I think you should add more),add a second or even a third wizard and update the backround.I want more detailed time line,new pictures ,and I hope you will change the army book's front picture.

  2. There will be a ton of "new" artwork and a lot more background, as long as your haven't already read Knights of the Grail at least. The army book's cover will be the same however, haven't found another good picture in decent scale to use instead. Plus I'm rather fond of it actually, even though it has been around for a really long time.

    As for new units, what did you have in mind? They will have heavy infantry, units of hippgryphs, scouts, skirmishing war beasts and ethereal unbreakable infantry added to it already, what else would you like to see in the list?

  3. I would like more wizards,cause damsel and prophetess is not one of my favourite.Also,please change the book's cover in order to not confusing it with the original one.

    1. A bit hard to just add more wizards for the sake of it, the background is pretty clear on the Damsels being the magic users in the army. I might add some sort of priest character if I can find some plausible background for it, will read through the WFRP book and see what I can find.
      But like I said though, I can't change the cover unless I find something to replace it with. I will scour the net for more images, but cannot promise anything.

  4. K thnx for listening me.

  5. Wow I never had dreamt that you would make an armybook of an official army!I am a bretonia collector too and I know a guy who could sculpt some models for me and I have some model ideas so if you could make a detailed backround and some rules,I would be gratefull:I think a fire eater would suit with bretonia,but like an arsoner not a wizard.Also,I think that you should add a unit named chivalry,just a cavalry unit from the middle cast of bretonians,neither peasants, nor nobles.Moreover add a racing knight unit as the most fast and coulorful unit.Last one,I agree with the other fan over there that bretonia doesnt many wizard, so I believe that you should add one mage/knight unit(havent thought name yet).

    PI:The units you added(not the heroes)are not in the bretonian style...

    1. A Fire eater would fit better with Araby or Ind in that case, that's where the practice comes from.
      "Chivalry" is part of the code that the Knights live by, it's not a noun. The Feudal system is built around nobles and commoners, there is no middle ground I'm afraid. The closest thing you are going to get are Mounted Yeomen, meaning "free man". They are not subject to the Knight's laws like other peasants, but they certainly aren't nobles either.
      How would a racing knight unit work? They already have a lot of speed with their flying units and suffer no barding penalties.
      On the subject of wizards, I'm pretty sure the background mentions that the Bretonnians highly distrusts magic, but tolerate the damsels because they are connected to the Lady of the Lake. Any other wizard would likely get burned by the stake.
      As for the units I have added, they are all based on existing fluff from GW. Truffle Hounds and Herrimaults are from WFRP, Spirits of the Fey and Hippogryph Knights are from the 8th ed Rulebook.
      Foot Knights are just KotR on foot, not all knights fight mounted.

  6. I think it's an absolutly fantastic idea.

    I myself have been a big Bretonnian fan/player ever since the beggining, been waiting for an update for ages ( I cant believe they've been passed over again)and I think it's great what your doing.

    If you would take a minute to listen to my thoughts on the matter I would be very grateful:

    1)Making each Duke of Bretonnia an indiviadual, playable character is an excellent idea and would really add some bulk and variety to the Lord choice.

    -Have you thought of adding a sort of Joan of Arc-esque character? It may seem a bit clich'e but you can make her a hero choice, on foot, leading a unit of Men-at Arms. A sort of hero of the peastantry rather than a lofty noble, prone to visions from the lady of the lake that can perhaps enhance her strength or movement for a turn, with a chance of her going a bit crazy (D6 roll?)

    -Is their any chance you could perhaps make the peasants more varied, Ive always thought that more could be done with those guys instead of just bowmen and men-at-arms.

    And (last thing I promise) what about including a big creature choice?
    (Iam not talking about a dragon) I mean more like a creature made of the remains of a defiled church, think about it, its the land of purity and the lady of the lake and some beastmen ransack a church and the spirit of the fay pulls it together in huge, shambling, vengeful, creature made of crumbling mortar, brick and broken stained glass.

    Please let me know what you think :)



    1. 1. Each Duke won't be a special character, that would bring them to 24! Bohemond and Tancred will be playable however, as well as the King ofc.

      2. Repanse de Lyonesse is the Warhammer version of Joan of Ar, so she's in there ;)

      3. Truffle Hounds, Yeomen, Grail Relique and Herrimaults are all sort of peasant units.

      4. They will get a mobile grail chapel called a Sacrosanct of the Lady, so there you have your large church thingy ;)

  7. Ruffly how long until we can expect to see this army book?

    I am on round table, and noticed you posts there, look forward to reading it.

  8. Sorry for the long response, this post had gotten so long down the page I didn't see it. Hopefully tomorrow or even today, just need to finish up the main background section (about 120 pages.)