Friday, 6 April 2012

Halfling update out now! More Bretonnia news!

Another update for the furry feeted fellas! This one fixes a couple of statline errors, adds a little more background to the Halfling religion, and changes the layout quite a bit. No more white pictures on grey background, with a redone page border that doesn't intrude as much in the army list.
I have also changed the format of the army list to follow that of 8th edition, which should eliminate the weird text overlapping of the Enchanter entries.

In other news, I'm currently working a lot on the Bretonnia book, which should be the longest by far. Will even have to cut down on some of the fluff lest it be over 200 pages long! Some of you wanted more options for wizards, which you will get in the forms of priests/priestesses of Shallya. Also included will be Templar Crusaders, support characters that makes your knights even deadlier in combat. A couple of more units are in the works as well, a unit of Falconers that will act as cheap flyers (still working on the rules) and a Sacrosanct of the Lady, basically a mobile Grail Chapel, which can give the army some nifty boosts.

Note that none of these things are set in stone though and can (and likely will) change during the development phase.

Also, re-did the cover for 8th edition, should make it less confusing to know which edition it belongs to. Will do the same with the rest of my armies when I get around updating them.


  1. Hi there!

    I'm a fan of Warhammer as a Fantasy world and, as such, I'm totally delighted by your project.

    In this sense... can I ask you for a "biggest possible version" of the upcoming Bretonnian AB? It doesn't matter (to me, at least) if it is a 300 page long book, as long as it has fluff everywhere!

    Best regards (and lots of kudos to you)!


    1. We'll see, I'm gonna try to keep as much as possible intact, but some things will likely have to be cut in order to keep it focused on the Bretonnians themselves. Knights of the Grail actually has too much backgrond! That said, it will be at least twice as long any normal AB, and will contain pretty much everything there is to know on Bretonnia.

  2. Hello, thank you a lot for your books, it's a real and unavoidable work in the warhammer players world... And also thank you for this book too! I'm curious, really curious. Will you add some new units? In my point of view, the official army book miss some important points, like knights on foot, or the pavisiers (I admit that the pavisiers could belong to an other army).

    1. There will be quite a lot of new units, if you scroll down to an earlier post I list them all there. But for your convenience:

      - Crusaders Templars
      - Priestesses of Shallya
      - Truffle Hounds
      - Foot Knights
      - Herrimaults
      - Hippogryph Knights
      - Spirits of the Fey
      - Sacrosanct of the Lady
      - about a dozen special characters

      So, quite a lot of new stuff, in short ;)

  3. Exceeeeelllent! thank you for the answer.
    Should we find a kind of bishop in the army list? There are some figs of bishops that could be nice to use with the bretonians...
    Anyway, I'm very fan of what is allready done, so, I'm sure it will be very complete.
    thank you, f.

    1. I don't think Bretonnia really have bishops as such, the Damsels are the ones who hold the sermons more or less, I believe. Though I suppose you could use a Bishop model for Priests of Shallya, they are not all female :)

  4. I have a little question on the Halfling army book.
    First of all very nice job m8, I couldn't help finding 2 mistakes (writing errors). On page 68 the Rangers only have BS of 4 where it should be 5, and the Hobilars Roadwarden has BS of 3 where it should be 4.
    I love the army book, i read it once 2 weeks ago, and started right away on collecting and painting my Moor-army.
    Is the army-book written in the 8th edition?
    Anyways keep up the good work!


    1. Good on catching that! Fixed it now, will post it with the next update. And yes,it it written for 8th edition.

  5. Looks very good,

    If you have time and interest, please also consider to bring a book for WOODELVES as they are same to Bretons way to old and becoming unplayable to most gamers. In addition no new book will be published soon :-(

    Keep up the goog work!

    1. I had actually considered it, but I don't think I'm the right person to do it, as I don't play the army myself and hence my knowledge of them is very limited to say the least.