Saturday, 7 April 2012

More projects on the horizon!

While I'm working on the Bretonnian book (Chaos Dwarfs is on hold for now), I have also started working on the next update for Dogs of War which has been due for quite some time. This will see some changes in the magic items and Traits section, but also a new layout for the army list itself.

Also been tinkering with the Halflings, Norse, and Kislev books. Halflings and Kislev will get some more fluff in the next update (just fleshing out some bestiary entries really), as well as a revised magic items section. Legacies of Kislev will be gone as well.
The Norse will get a new hero choice called a Slaver, and the rules for the War Mammoth will change to those from Tamurkhan, as well as a magic item revision and more fluff for some units. These will be added at a later date.

And there will also be some new books! 4 smaller projects are planned:

- Mercenaries of Tilea: a source book on Tilea based on Spears of the Maiden which will add a bunch of additional mercenary units to the fold, like Assassins, Broken Lancers, Ribaults, Caroccios, light infantry with warhammers and longbows, you name it! Also included will be some fan-made regiments of Renown.

- Classic Regiments of Renown: This will just be an extension to the already existing RoR book. It will include the classic RoR's from the 80's like the Mother Crushers, Knights of Origo, and many, many more!

- Cult of Slaanesh: Kinky stuff! Will contain a ton of fluff on the cult and lure of Slaanesh itself, as well as a revised army list for 8th edition.

- Cult of Ulric: A detailed description of the cult and the city of Middenheim where it resides, as well as a revised army list for 8th edition.

A ton of stuff coming in the future, in short!

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