Sunday, 8 April 2012

Details for upcoming "Mercenaries of Tilea"

I couldn't really help myself, so I've been scouring around the net for ideas as usual, and worked out the cover for the book as well. Note that this is only an expansion to the existing Dogs of War rules, and not a complete book in itself.

As mentioned in the previous post, Mercenaries of Tilea will focus exclusively on the land of Tilea and the local Mercs from that region. These units can be used with the existing Dogs of War rules, with your opponents permission as usual.

Some of the units in its current state:

Master Assassin (yeah, the stabbing kind)

Spear Militia (LA, spears, shields)
City Watch (LA, HW, shields)
Broken Lances (HA, GW, HW, Shields)
Condottieri (HA, lance, shield, mounted)
Verezzian Infantry (HA, shields, warhammers, bows)
Trantian Crossbowmen (crossbow, pavise)
Tobarian Marines (LA, pistol, HW)
Reman Legionnaires (LA, HW, shields, javelins)
Luccinian Pikemen (LA, pikes, shields)

Merchant Guard (HA, HW, pistols)
Renegade Knights (HA, shields, morning stars, mounted, barding)
Miraglianese Arquebusiers (LA, handguns, pavise)
Famiglia Ducale (FPA, lances, shields, mounted, barding)
Sartosan Pirates (pistols, handguns)
Pavonian Assassins (two hand weapons)

Carroccio Standard (inspirational altar)
Ribault (organ gun)


  1. I think that you should create a book with historical Italy Tilea and such things and a seperate book for mercanaries...

    1. This is essentially the historical Tilea version, though the Dogs of War book also includes a lot of those things. This book only focuses on human mercs with a lot of historical background, barely any fantasy whatsoever. Dogs of War on ten other hand, has mercs from all over the world and all races.

  2. Jesus I took a look at the new bretonia army book and I think it sucks.When I was talking about more wizards,I had in mind a paladin or sth who drains power from the blessing of the lady like a mage knight.And when I was talking about more units I was talking about support carnival-based unirs(fire eaters-acrobats-jongleurs-trobadours).

    1. My original idea was to have a Cleric Knight like you are describing, but, as people pointed out, they came off as a Warhammer version of the WarCraft Paladin which wasn't very good. As was also pointed out, there is no record of Knights using prayers like a Warrior Priest, it needs to make sense within the rules of the game.
      The Damsels are the ones that are attuned to the Magic of the Lady and the closest thing to her priestesses. So I changed the Cleric Knight to a Templar instead. The Priestesses of Shallya are mentioned a lot in the fluff, as it is the most powerful religion in Bretonnia after the Lady. So if they would have any other magic users other than Damsels that would be it.
      As for the carnival based troops, why would they be in the army fighting? They are nowhere close to being trained troops, one would be better off just rounding up a bunch of peasants and stick spears in their hands and use them to draw enemy attention.
      There will be the inclusion of a Jongleur and a Trodadour in the Special Character section though.

    2. Though if you really want a Paladin prayer guy, feel free to use the first draft I made for them:

  3. Still waiting for the Ind backround.

    1. I know, but that one will likely take a long while, I'd really focus more on other stuff atm. Should I just sit down and force myself to write 30 pages on background for Ind (and I would pretty much have to write it all myself, for there are no sources at all to use as a base), I run the risk of burning myself out like I did with Halfings, rather not see that happen. It will be finished eventually though, I promise (with the exception of some freak accident which would make me unable to do so ofc).

  4. Dude,more roman based units(praetorian guards,imperian guards,gladiators,aquilificers)and wizards oc (mago,illusionist or a roman based priest of sb)and this staff

    1. There will be one Roman-based unit, the Reman Legionnaires. The rest of the list is based on 15th Century Italy, not Ancient Rome.

  5. armylist, lorenzo lupo, equipment:
    lorenzo lupo only wears his shield and no other armour?

    1. No, he's supposed to have heavy armour as well. Don't know how we missed that...

  6. I feel that you have missed a trick with the Dogs of War Book. I have read and used it and feel that there's something major missing.

    What constitutes an Army from Luccini? Or perhaps one from Tobaro? Tilea is constituted of six Republics or Principalities. However the lists in DoW completely ignore any information from any of these, instead it allows you to create a Mercenary Army.

    What I wanted to do was have an Army of Luccini and perhaps hire some Mercenaries to help out. Do I need Republican Romans with Pike supported by Imperial Romans with Pilum and Sword? I have no idea.

    Tliea is not a country with a monarch or president it doesn't even fight in support of itself. It spends more time in civil war than anything else and this book unfortunately doesn't provide the information to allow that - unless all states within Tilea have exactly the same army....

    I think DoW is great but as an Army Book for Tilea, sorry but I think it flops, not by much but that missing information on the individual states is key for success.

    It wouldn't take much to include this as there are sections on each state already, it just needs that section amending with specific details on each army. Weapons, uniforms (perhaps), army composition (40% Pike, 20% Cav, 10% Crossbow, 10% artillery, 10% light infantry etc.) Maybe even suggest which Army we might know that would be similar to help identification? Luccini – Late Roman, Tobaro – Swiss Landsknecht.

    Just a thought.

    1. The thing about the DoW book though is that it is not an army book for Tilea - it's an army for book for mercenaries, i.e. Dogs of War.

      The information on the principalities in the book is everything GW wrote for Tilea, and there's not really less info on their armies than there are on the Empire or Bretonnian provinces in their respective army books - you have to go to other books to find that info.

      In effect, you can create whatever army you want without having to go by any established fluff, because there isn't that much written yet. But if you want something historical to base it on, I would just look at Renaissance Italy and which city best corresponds with each state in Tilea.

  7. Give them some cannons, and inhumans (ogres, dwarves, halflings) please. As a rare choice. Or in case of cannons-even special...

  8. Hey Matthias, is this project dead ? It looks cool. If some day you want to ressurect it, try to look toward the fan sourcebook of Liber Fanatica "Spears and Maiden", it's pretty solid. Good luck for your projects !

    1. Hi, this particular book is "dead" yes. However, most of the units planned in it can now be made in the basic DoW book instead with the new Sellsword option, so you are really not missing out on being able to play these units.