Thursday, 10 January 2013

Development update: Nippon

Glad to say this project is not falling behind! As luck would have it, I've found some material written for Nippon close to a decade ago by a certain Andrew Fawcett (whom hopefully would be okay with me using it here, have been unable to find his contact info), which will really speed up the geography section.

As a whole, here's a quick run-down on the current state of the book:

Contents/Credits  - done
History - done.
Society & Culture - done.
Clans - done.
Geography - done.
Bestiary - done.
Special Characters - done.
Lore of the Kami - done.
Clan Mon - done.
Magic Items - done.
Army list - done.
Reference - done.

Still aiming for a January release, have time off from university until January 21st, so might be able to finish it until then. As it turns out, this new version might actually be even longer than the current one, despite the removal of most L5R material! If you want to have an idea about when it's getting closer to release, check back to this post later on as I'll update it when I finish another section.

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