Friday, 25 January 2013

PROPER Nippon Update out now!

Finally finished! The first complete original Nippon army book for Warhammer is done!


- New history that combines Japanese creation myth, history, and the rest of the Warhammer World together for once - there's connections to Cathay, Dark Elves, Skaven, Marienburg, and Chaos. 
- The Culture and Customs section is the same, but without any references to L5R, and with different religion.
- The Land of Nippon section is also original, based on some material written long ago for WFRP that I have edited and added material to.
- All the Clans are new, based on 8 of the clans from Total War: Shogun II, to which I have added my own background.
- All L5R units and special characters are gone.
- All Clan Mon are completely new.
- There's a completely new Lore of the Kami.
- All Special Characters are new or returning from the 7th ed list.
- Sumo Warriors, Ronin, Red Devils and Kabuki Dolls are back.
- New units: Yamabushi, Wako Pirates, Great Guard, Yabusame, Battle Maidens.
There's not a single connection left to L5R's Rokugan apart from some artwork, and I have replaced most of that with more "generic" Samurai as much as I could. I would also like to point out that I have done a considerable amount of writing myself this time, so there's a lot less copy/pasting compared to the old version.

I think this new (and pretty much definite) version of Nippon should be to most peoples taste, I know it is to mine at least! Enjoy!


  1. The Fights in Extra Ranks rule ashigaru spearmen have might not be needed, since spears already grant FiER. Depending on whether or not multiple copies of the rule stack, this means they either fight in four ranks, or the extra copy is redundant and doesn't do anything.

    1. It is meant to stack yes, because they are using longer spears that are wielded in two hands. Not quite pikes (who fight in 5 ranks) but longer than normal spears (who fight in 3).

  2. @ Balseraph - Yes, Chaos Dwarfs are now on the line, I can hopefully have them done in February!

  3. very nice now do cathay lmao do the list this way cathay then albion then ind lol im just looking forward to them one thing though theres a typo on kislev the bears in profile say 4 attacks athough in the other bit says 3 attacks

    keep up the great work m8

    also have u seen the nautican list i think you should redo this with your own spin heres the link it hasent been worked on since 1942 lol the army basics are nice too

  4. Cathay will done after Chaos Dwarfs, but Albion and Ind are pretty fay down the line. Which bear has 4 attacks, they all have 3 attacks from what I could see.

    The Nauticans were done by a friend of mine, so I'll leave it to him to work it when he has the time. "Fishmen" have never been my thing anyway :)

  5. the bear pack bit also the shugenja {if im spelling tht right } has 3 attacks while the high one has 1

    as for nautican ive been looking forward to it for ages because i thought it was very good work and its been ages since any work has progressed it should be your thing lol i had an army and want to get another but the list is soooooo old and ignored seems abandoned such a shame for such nice work

    1. All right, fixed!

      There won't be any fishmen from me though, but you can always ask Sigmar to keep working on them, but I think he is busy with other stuff at the moment unfortunately.

  6. Great job man ! I really enjoyed the book.
    Yet I still have a few questions :
    First, you didn't specify which unit can have a clan mon. Does it mean that every unit (even Onis) can have a clan mon ?
    Second, I must say the Katana is a pretty powerful weapon (especially considering that with no shields available, every katana equiped guy will use it with 2 hands), though I can't help but feel that having a Katana makes certain weapons like halberds and mounted spears useless.

    1. You COULD buy Clan Mon for Oni yes, but it has absolutely no effect on them, so why would you? Each Clan Mon has a certain effect, but only those with the right weapon/units will benefit from them.

      Halberd and mounted spears are still useful since they also add -1 to the enemy's armour saves, which the katana doesn't. If you have samurai armed with halberds for instance, you pretty much pay 1pt for AP attacks. Likewise, mounted spears give you +1S (which means -1 AS) if the first round of combat, after which they will use their Katanas for +1 to wound instead. The Katanas are only better against models with really high T, where they will wound on 5's where a halberd might wound on a 6.

    2. Ok, thanks for the answers man !
      Keep up the good work !