Sunday, 28 July 2013

Annoucing: Storm of Chaos

Well here's some nice news: I've been asked to do the PDF for the upcoming Storm of Chaos 2014 campaign, due next summer in commemoration of the original Storm of Chaos campaign (which was incidentally the same year I got into Warhammer...time sure flies fast!).

While I won't have much to do with the actual rules here (I might do a little consulting, but that's about it) you can still look forward to having another really good looking book to go through. And, if there's time, I might make a redux version myself at some point after the campaign is finished with the complete background for the campaign as well.

Bear in mind that it will take quite a while until you'll see the finished product, seeing as that's not up to me. I'll will of course keep you posted when I know more. Meanwhile, you can check out the campaign and the current playtest lists here in the meantime:

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