Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Regarding FAQ's

Seeing as I have gotten quite a few emails over the years regarding the Warhammer Armies Project, I figured I'd just make a small mention to answer some of the more common questions publicly for future askers.

Question: Can I translate these books to my own native language?
Answer: Of course, but you will have to re-do the layout yourself in that case. I can only take responsibility for the English version.

Question: Do you want any help with editing/grammar fixes?
Answer: Most certainly! Just email any bugs you find or revisions you make to me and I'll update the books in question.

Question: Do you want playtest feedback?
Answer: Definitely! That's the best way for me to see what needs changing in the books to make sure they are balanced.

Question: Can I use parts of this book for my own project?
Answer: No problem, as long as credit is given. Depending on how much you use, it would also be a good idea to mention the people in the "additional materials" section of the books, or simply link to the book in question.

Question: I'd like to change a few things in this book, is that okay?
Answer: Absolutely! These books are more or less just my take on the Warhammer World, based on what GW has originally written. Anyone who wants to tweak them to their own liking are most welcome to do so.

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