Sunday, 13 October 2013

New Cathay update out now!

Rather small update, changes the following:
  • Shroud of Darkness lasts until start of caster's next phase.
  • Nerfed Earth Eruption.
  • Meteor Rain now rolls for radius rather than diameter, nerfed to 2D6".
  • Several rules better clarified.
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  1. Hi,

    Just after a few rule clarifications for the Cathay book:

    - Fire Lancers (for Dragon Lancers). Do Fire Lances count as normal lances (ie +2 Str on Charge), or simply as an upgrade for their Halberd/Flail (neither of which require a charge for their benefits)? Also, it's my understanding of 8ed Rules that the supporting attacks are limited to 1 attack, making the Fire Lance redundant for all but the first rank.

    - The Sleeping Crocodile. When reforming "to face", is the unit allowed a full reform of its rank/file structure as well. Or does the unit stick with its current rank/file (i.e. the same, but the whole unit turned), or inversely, file/rank (the same, but individual models turned. What was the rank is now the file and vice-versa).

    Just thinking of a combination the two rules to tempt a flank charge, reform to face, with as many in base-to-base as possible, then POW with Flail (+2 Str) and extra attacks for the increased front row with fire lance and mounts (and up to 2 ranks still supporting behind). And with Chu-Ye Xian this can all be happening up to 24" from front line.

    Stratagems are so interesting!


    1. As an additional point, if the fire lance is a lance, and cannot be used with a flail, it would seem to me that there is not enough reason to choose the firelance. With the FL, with a frontage of 6 in base-to-base, your going to get an additional 2.6 wounds on only the first round against WS3 T3 (with -2 armour save), but if you don't get the charge you're 5 wounds less (with a unit of 15). The difference rises and falls depending on the ratio of base-to-base units vs supporting attack.

  2. Another separate rules query, this time regarding the Field Engineers and "Stand and Shoot"

    Ok, so according to the "Close Support" special rule, if they are within 3" of their parent unit, and it is charged, they may Stand and Shoot at the charger as a charge reaction "using the normal rules." Now, things are pretty straightforward with the 'Fire Bomb Throwers', but get a little tricky with regards to the other 3:

    'Sky Rockets' and 'Hand Mortars' are both "Slow to Fire" which means (and only means) that cannot 'stand and shoot'. If they can, than 'slow to fire should be removed from their entries as redundant, or if they cannot, then for clarity I think you should remove the 'stand and shoot' section from the 'Close Support' special use and rather put that rule under the rules for Fire Bomb Throwers (and Dragon's Breath? See below).

    'Dragon's Breath' gets even more complex. It is a breath/template weapon, which normally doesn't count as a 'missile weapon', and therefore isn't considered in the 'stand and shoot' rules. At what point in the charge does the template come into effect? As soon as in range (like missle weapons), meaning that only one model is hit? Or when the charge is in base-to-base with the parent unit (ignoring the rule against firing breath weapons into combat), and if so, if 25% casualties are sustained and a panic test is failed, from where do they flee, where they originated their charge (like normal), or from the end? Perhaps if it is resolved like a breath weapon in close combat, ie. 2D6 hits. Certainly cleaner than a template. Or can't they 'stand and shoot' either? In this case, see comments for Sky Rockets and Hand Mortars.

    That took a little while to explain, but I hope you can understand my confusion.