Thursday, 3 October 2013

New Estalia update out now!

Small update here, changes the following:
  • Double-spread pages now align correctly.
  • Multiple spelling errors fixed.
  • Some new art.
  • A few minor bugs fixed.
Edit: Turns out me fixing some of the bugs caused some new ones to crop up! These have been fixed, though this only applies to the Google Drive version.


  1. Book looks GREAT as usual (I'm just completely floored by the way these fit seamlessly with the official books) but I did spot a small anomaly while looking at the Tercio rules; in the second paragraph the following line reads:

    "When reforming into a Tercio, no move may move more than its Movement value"

    Presumably that should be no *unit* may move :-)

    Not sure if this is the place for reporting this kind of thing or not but couldn't see anywhere else to put it so I hope this is cool.

    1. Writing in the comments is fine, though you can otherwise contact me directly though the sidebar. I'll get notified either way ;)