Sunday, 23 October 2016

New Dogs of War and Regiments of Renown update out now!

This update changes the following for DoW:

  • Light crossbows removed, replaced by normal crossbows (which fits better historically and with the models available).
  • Best money can buy no longer give AP, capped at 4+/3+ for infantry (so can never be better than full plate).
  • Added racial distrust to all non-humans except halflings.
  • Removed ASF from assassins, 60 pts.
  • Maneaters and Rhinox riders have the same profile as RH: Ogre Kingdoms.
  • Crossbowmen with handguns counts as special choices.
  • Gave Halflings short and nimble special rule instead of forest strider.
  • Several bugs fixed.

RoR changes:

  • Manann's Blades added.
  • Birdmen have normal crossbows. 
  • Amazons no longer have light armour.
  • Asarnil have Martial Prowess instead of ASF. 
  • Fighting Cocks have short bows, 8 pts/model.
  • Manflayers no have ASF or AP for their crossbows.
  • Wolfboyz no longer ignore penalties for stand and shoot.

On top of this, I am also planning on updating the RoR's that was included in various Citadel Journals over the years, along with other fan-made RoR's. The reason I'm not including them in this book is because they did not have any official models made for them, and are as such not as recognizable to the players. Hence they will get their own small document similar to how I have made the currently fan-made RoR's available. This will be later down the pipeline though, as I want to focus on the main books first.


  1. You missed a few equipment upgrades for characters in the Dogs of War army book such as bucklers, halberds, handguns and blunderbusses for them.

    Are you planning on making the army books contain all of the upgrades for creatures that were described in Storm of Magic, Monstrous Arcanum and the vanilla army books? Though tail and chomp attacks would probably no longer have the increased accuracy depending on what side the attack is coming from and would take a 5pt cost reduction in a few cases to go with it.

    The Arabyan elephant should be S6 W6, A5 to differentiate it from the Indan elephant. This is because in real life, there are two genuses to the Elephantidae family, the Elephas genus and the Loxodonta genus. The Elephas genus is in Asia and the Loxodonta genus is in Africa. There are a number of differences between these two genuses but the one most related to the war game is size, with the African averaging at 10.6 feet tall and the Indian averaging at 8.5 feet tall. Another interesting thing is that the five species of mammoth that are bigger than modern african elephants average at 13 feet tall. Oh, and consider giving mammoths the stampede special rule that Arabyan and Indan elephants have to deal with. I see no reason why a Mammoth would be less belligerent than an elephant, especially if its chaos tainted.

    Lastly, in the case of certain monsters where it is randomly decided how they attack like giants, some of their attacks need to hit at the models current strength so that there is a purpose to casting strength buffing spells on these models. In addition, the Giant's Thump With Club should cause D6 instead of 2D6 wounds. It's pretty much the only result anyone wants when the Giant fights almost all monsters since the bell curve gives and average of 7 wounds which is more than enough to kill most monsters.

    1. Either upgrade the Arabyan elephant or nerf the Mammoth down to S6 W6.

    2. That was intentional, those weapons are not exactly commander weapons in Tilea. The Captain is more of a common warrior, hence he has more options.

      Probably not all, as some upgrades are fairly uninteresting and useless, and only serve to slow down the game if you are forced to keep rolling an additional attack with special rules.

      The Araby War Elephant is already tougher than the basic Indan Elephant. The Royal Elephant however, is on the same level as the War Elephant, but this is not the norm in Ind (hence the name "Royal"). Mammoths have so many special rules already, I'd like to avoid giving them even more to keep track of. The Mammoth is also so large that it's easier to imaging it shrugging of wounds that would make a normal elephant panic.

      I'll look into the Giant rules, but right I'm planning on sticking with the official rules.

  2. It seems that the Pdf for Regiments of Renown is still the 8th Edition. That means no changes?

    1. Yeah, I noticed I had posted them wrong, I've fixed the links now.

  3. I Rectify: Just finished to read and seen the changes. Written as 8th edition, but it's the 9th

  4. -Deathfangs Dragonrage rule is no longer relevant. Asarnils Dragon Armor should also grant Immunity (Flaming Attacks) instead of a ward save.
    -The Ogre Charge rule of Golgfag's Maneaters is unexplained.
    -For Pirazzo's Lost Legion, it would be simpler to just have them equipped with pikes and crossbows.

    1. - Fixed.
      - Fixed, removed the Maneater rule.
      - Then the front rank models would also get bonus init when charged and the entire unit could fire if you deploy in a 10x2 formation. It's a bit more fiddly sure, but it also fits the models better.

  5. Thank God you nerfed almost everyone but actually improved my fav, the Birdmen. Cheers.

  6. Hey is there a way to download the new Regiments of Renown books?

    I can't download it because I'm on iOS

    1. No problem, I've added them to this page now:

    2. Wow damn you work fast.


  7. As a potential Dogs of War (Tilean) General, I'd like to keep your attention on this site, where you can find all the test and rules for 3rd edition Regiments of Renown. As a long-time collector, I've plenty of Skarloc Archers and Imperial Dwarves to use in our incoming battles

  8. Long Time Lurker16 March 2019 at 04:13

    Hey Mathias!

    Love the work you've done on this, quick question:

    Is Estalia on the graph that details whether a regiment would cost Core/Special/etc.? Or is there a reason they're left off?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Not sure what you mean really. What graph are you referring to?

    2. Long Time Lurker21 March 2019 at 23:36

      Sorry if my English was poor. I'm talking about the graph on page 66. Example: Long Drong's Pirate Slayers are a "Special" army choice for Dwarves but "Rare" for Lizardmen.

      In the "purchasing armies" I don't see Estalia, Norsca, or Kislev. I'm just curious if that is by design or will be updated in later drafts?

    3. You can find that here: