Saturday, 14 April 2018

Warhammer: Dark Elves 9th Ed 1.02 out now!

Updated 16/4:
  • Removed Bloodwrack Medusa Starefrom combat since they was already present with Avert Your gaze.
  • Clarified City Guard rule better in the army list, made crossbows cheaper sicne they replace their spears.

This updates changes the following:

  • Khinerai WS4 and S3, 18 pts.
  • Melusai W2, 22 pts. No longer has natural armour.
  • Dark Riders 15 pts.
  • Darkshards 12 pts.
  • City Guard 9 pts, front rank has to buy crossbows at 5 pts/model.
  • Bloodwrack Medusa Stare has a 12" range, can be used in close combat, no longer has natural armour.
  • Chillblade 35 pts.
  • Gem of Spite 25 pts.
  • War Hydra 200 pts.
  • Kharibdyss Feast of Bones now causes Multiple Wounds (D3) on To Wound rolls of 6, 210 pts.
  • Fixed bug with missing Lores in the army list.
  • Any friendly Monster within 12" of Rakarth treat him as having the "Hold Your Ground!" special rule.
  • Tullaris WS7.
  • Malus Darkblade's Spite now has barding.
  • Fixed muliple bugs and inconsistencies. 
  • Removed fluff on destruction of Arnheim.
  • Removed short story about the capture of Eltharion (as it had not happened yet in the timeline).


  1. -Can't units reform in a lot of ways? How does that interact with only the front rank of City Guard having to purchase crossbows? I would say, make the whole unit be equipped with spears and crossbows for simplicity being costly in exchange for versatile.
    -Isn't accidentally looking a Bloodwrack Medusa in the eyes during close combat already represented by 'Avert Your Gaze!', either the close combat bonus of the Bloodwrack stare should be removed or 'Avert Your Gaze!'.

    1. - Yes, but if you only buy crossbows for the front rank (say 5 models) and then redeploy into ten models wide, you will still only have 5 models with crossbow, the rest will have spears. This will be clearly visible on the model anyway. City Guard are not really supposed to be more elite than other core units. Would it be better if I reworded it the same as the Lost Legion?
      - By Odin, how did I miss that?! Clearly a case of not seeing the forest for all the trees, and here I was thinking I was solving an issue... will update it ASAP.

  2. Any particular reason for the big cost increase to Hydra and Kharibdyss? Due to how LD and Monsters with handlers work perhaps?
    Kharibdyss looks and feels a bit more like some dangerous behemoth lured from the deep now. Thanks for fixing the Feast of Bones Mathias.

    Still not entirely happy with the Dreadspear vs.City Guard issue, even though you now have clarified how city guard work:

    -I don't like the "Elite" part of their lore, even though they would ofcourse be described as such if comapred to a human wachman type offcourse, but within Druchcii society, not so much...
    -Instad of forcing you to buy a minimum 5 model of repeater crossbows, I'd work out the average point cost for a 3 rank unit where 1 rank had repeater crossbows and 2 spears. This will A: Give you a bit more flexibility when deploying your unit as well as discourage the unit from being deployed in more than 3 ranks, as any following ranks would then have to pay for a fraction of repeater crossbows that they would never use. This makes sense too, as City Guard would primarily be trained to defend walls, not to go toe to toe in a melee type grind on an open battlefield. This way, you'd still consider the Dreadspears for their ranks etc, while the city guard would have some flexibility, without being objetivly better than the Dreadspears as such. I'd also consider removing the Shield option from them entirely, to distingusih them a bit more from the main-line fighters as well...

    I see you decided to increase the HE spearmen to 11 pts, which is better, but 1 pts for twice as many re-rolls on '1's, an extra rank that fights and a banner option, still kind of sticks it to the Dreadspears I think. It's better, but I have to admit that I'm a bit dissapointed in that regard.

    Still don't think the Power of Darkness spell can be justified at 8+ casting value, or 7+ for that matter.

  3. Witch Elves:

    Still think thay hae been badly nerfeddue to the current change in the meta, due to shorter chrage ranges, a significant reduction in melee power (ASF lost which also impacts Poisoned Attacks) and vastly more arrows potentially coming their way... Hard to really justify taking them as a special option at 10 points per model I think. Simply too much of a glass cannon unit that is likely to be so devastated upon reaching the enemy line (if it manages this at all), that it will most likely lose the combat, lose frenzy etc... frenzy is also harsher than in 8th ed...

    I think their point cost has to come down a bit, or they have to have a bit more of a punch if and when they manage to get into contact with an enemy unit. I suggest WS 5 and making their Frenzy permanent or giving them a 6+ Dodge save and keep them at 10 points per model. Maybe they will be fielded then.
    On a side note, I'm not a big fan of being forced to buy the couldron for every witch elf unit to make them a viable option in general.

    Black Ark Fleetmaster:

    Still very underwhelming to be honest... He's not going to be cost effective or good enough to win many challenges, so one of his special rules is pretty useless. A bit of a shame, since I think many would have liked to field such a character for thematic reasons if he was a somewhat decent lord option.

  4. Been reading and thinking some more here Mathias and I have some ideas that you might consider:

    Eternal Hatred:

    While their Hstred for the High Elves are certainly justified (from their perspective), I think it could justifiably be extended to show how they despise the other races as well. Who don't they view as lesser races and potential slaves and play-things after all... They are nothing if not supremely arrogant, prideful and hatefull in general, with history generally proving them right more often than not.

    Could it be an idea to change the Eternal Hatred rule to include a re-roll all failed Panic tests to reflect their nature more? I think it would give the decendants of Ancient Nagarythe something over their "lesser" High Elf Brethren overall, and by that I really mean making them more equal tbh. Here are some justifications for why I think this is overall a good idea:

    -The HE's Martial Prowess is objectivly better than the DE Murderous Prowess. (twice as many dice re-roolled in general). It would go a lon way towards bridging this gap to their supposedly "softer" cousins..
    -With Dark Elvees often operating more as spread out raider type armies (ur use those kinds of tactics), it would fit the army well overall.
    -It fits well from a psychological perspective as well, as it would be really hard to make someone who regularly has survived (and potentially participated in) Death Night, survived in Naggaroth in general, having both witnessed and participated in all manner of cruelty and so on, panic... Not impossible, but not very likely either... Besides, I can't imagine the Druchii would have any lesser punishments for deserters and the like than the Romans did... Probably A LOT worse...

    Some food for thought at least. Personally I think it is a good way to show that the Dark Elves are the most of the Elves, without boosting stats or something like that, which I think you'd agree would not fit at all.

  5. Melusai and Khinerai:

    While I don't think there isn't anything wrong with what you have done rule-wise or lore-wise, I have to admit that when I look at the models as well as the roles they would have in the army tactically, I must admit that I keep thinking that they might actually fit far better in a Cult of slaanesh army list (lore re-written offcourse). The snake theme fits Slaanesh for one thing. I also don't like the Bows present in a themaically speaaking Crossbow army. The Khinerai also tactically fulfill the same exact role as the harpies, which I don't quite like.

    Again, nothing wrong with what you have done Mathias, but I can't help thinking they would be a better fit tactically and thematically in a Cult of Slaanesh list., alongside the new models of Morathi...

  6. Assassins:

    While I think that removing magical weapons from assassins is a cool idea, I am (as said before) struggling with him being cost-effective as he is now. Some of my thought I have concerning him:

    -For his cost he is much to frail I think. Too much of a glass-cannon. The Skaven assassins which are really the only ones we can compare him to, has T4 and Dodge (re-roll all to hits) built-in to their cost. He is muich more of a one-hit wonder than the Skaven Assassins as a result of this and hence much more of a gamble.

    -It is hard to justify why you'd not just take a Master with and Ogre Blade and good armour etc to do the same job and also provide a LD boost to the unit as well. An assassin would come out at around 125 pts for him to be deemed useful or at least have a decent shot at a one round chance of killing an OK fighter Hero or a weak Lord. For this cost I'd rather just go for a tougher Master with an Ogre blade that has other army benefits as well. Even if the assassin is lucky and manage ti kill his target, a few retalitory strikes from the unit is likely to kill him off in return, so it will most likely end up costing you a lot just to potentially kill your target, and that even assumes that you are lucky enough to get your infantry unit into position wher eyou want it in the first place.

    On a side note, I think it is a bit odd that The Cult of Khaine produces such inferior assassins to Clan Eshin, considering life-spans, discipline etc, but that is straying off the path somewhat. I noticed that the Skaven Assassins have access to magic items though. I know you have an update in the works Mathias.


    While it might not sound like it, I actually agree that they should not require Magical weapons to fucction. I think this is the right way to go, for Skaven, Nippon etc as well.

    If assassins are going to be so frail and situational, I think their cost needs to come down a fair deal OR their potential to casue significant damage has to go up a bit.

    I suggest giving untis with the Hidden speacial rule Killing Blow and Always Strikes first in the first round when revealed. This is how they are supposed to fight after all. This way they have some chance of actually taking on an infantry type lord, even though it likely won't be high since he most likely has a good ward save too.

    Gifts of Khaine:

    Manbane: +1 towound rolls for 20 pts and this even replaces regular Poisoned Attacks??? That is utterly useless when you consider you get a +1 Strength magical weapon for 20 pts, which also reduce armour saves... Am I missing something?

    -Rending Stars: The only real use for these thay I can see is if you run your assassin alone as a single model, in which case you're taking a huge risk for very little gain... I'd rather just buy a Bolt Thrower (with points to spare) then.. Maybe if the rending Stars had the Sniper special rule, they could be cost-effective though.

    Dance of Doom: Perhaos changed into re-roll to hit rolls as on the Skaven Assassins? A 5+ Wars save on a T3, 2W character isn't really gong to save him from much, wheter it is from characters or just regular troops, wherass for 30 pts, re-rolls to hit might make a difference. I also like that it still leaves him weak to magic etc. :-)

  7. One thing you have to factor in regarding the idea of Killing Blow when hidden models is revealed is that any 6 rolled for Poisoned Attacks also removes one dice from the pool of the to-wound rolls, which means killing blows are slightly less dangerous than one might think at first...

  8. Bloodwrack Medusae (and Shrine):

    -It says LD 6 in the Beastiary and LD 7 in the army list Mathias

    -The gaxe attack should perhaps be able to be used when Marching or failing a Charge, due to the combination of her high movement, Frenzy, Low Ld, being a Monstrous Beast etc.

    -The Lore on the Bloodwrach shrine doesn't say whatthe big nirror thing on top is for, but perhaps it could be used tas to increase the range of the stare to 18" or 24", to turn it into a bit of a light artillery type of weapon? Just a though, since you had increased it substantially for the basic gaze attack earlier. :-)

  9. Have you considered that both Tullaris and the Fleetmaster both have the same kind of bonus to the combat resulution in challenges now?

    A bit better for Tullaris who is likely to potentially win the challenge at least, but it seems a bit strange that the Fleetmaster's rule is of itself perhaps better overall than the Khaine's Sacred Slaughterer special rule.

    Don't get me wrong, it's not even remotely as good on the sub-par fighter that the Fleetmaster is on a Lord tyope tier, but it is a bit strange regardless.

  10. Would you be open for including a new special character Mathias? I have some ideas regarding the leader of the Shade clans etc... Just curious if that is something you'd be open to.

    1. At the moment I've chosen to only include the official special characters (except the Ogre Kingdoms book that only had 4 to begin with), though I'm open to include more fan-made stuff as separate downloads later on.

  11. Mathias:

    Have you considered making some of the above changes to the DE book to re-balance it and freshen it up a bit?
    Just wondering since it seems you have already jumped ahead to the wood elves, with the magic system still in a bit of a rough state etc.

    1. Don't worry, I plan to have another update out for them before Wood Elves.

    2. ok. I just noticed the Wood Elf progress rose to 95%, so I was worried you were done with the DE army. Not that I don't look foreward to the WE army, but I think it would be a bit of a waste to leave the DE army as is just to get the WE army out quicker.

      That said, I think resolving the magic rule system first would be good, particularly as many elven lists across the board ofen are relatively highly magic focused.

      I hope you have some time to enjoy some beers in the sun though Mathias :-)

  12. I've been thinking a fair bit about the Corsair captain since yesterdsy Mathias and I keep coming to the same conclusion that hee will need s serious buff to remain a valid Lord option that anyone would actually consider. Either that, or reduced him go Hero lvl... I was very happy that you reduced the Beastmaster from Lord to Hero, but I'm not so sure it would fit all that well with the Fleetmaster as such, due to the power and prestiege one would need to rule such a thing as a floating city amonst arguably the cruelest race in the warhammer world... The fact that you can theme your entire army to represent raiders etc also help reinfore the fact that he is best suited as a proper lord.

    Some thoughts as to possible ways to make him a proper and viable lord option with his own strengths and weaknesses.

    M 5, WS 8, BS 6, S4, T 3, I 8, A 4 LD 10

    -no armour uprade option beyond light (and cloak)
    -no mount option
    -a special rule that either A: grants half his attacks the Killng Blow ability when usinf two hand weapons OR a special rule that allows him to benefit from the Paied Weapons rule, even if he selects a magical weapon of the hand weapon variety.
    - Have some dort of buff rule for corsairs like you already have, but perhaps buff it to incliude all corsair units within his Inspiring Presence range (which is limited due to no monster mount option etc).

    Overall I think this will make him potentially viable. More of a glass-cannon that the Dreadlord, but not so much as the Death Hag, yet he comes with his own little army buff etc...
    It also encourages one to keep him as a two weapon fighter, which is fairly uncommon for melee lords (due to there always being better options) but suits him and the models perfectly...

    I hope you consider it at least. :-)

  13. For a bit of protection he might be given +1 to his Parry rolls if needed, but the key to making him viable when compared with the dreadlord or hag queen is really the special rule that buffs the army, as he'll never really match the other Lord optons when it comes to pure fighting power...