Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Development Update: Cathay

Just posting to say that while the update is well under way, it will take some time until it is finished. I have a metric ton of material to go through as well as writing quite a bit myself (fortunately I also have some help from Stefan Wolf who has been so kind as to help me out with the background). The book will be quite similar to the old version as far as the rules go, but a huge part of the background for both units and the land of Cathay is getting remade, with a large increase in the quality of the writing. Reading through the old version, I can't believe how many inconsistencies it has!

Same goes for the art work, which I have to say might be the best of any book overall! There will be some extremely impressive illustrations in it, and so many that I might just have to extend the background section to fit them all in!

I will try to finish it during April, but cannot give you any guarantees (as usual then!). I want to make this the best Cathay book is can be, so want to avoid rushing it like the old version.
In the mean time, you can still look forward to the full colour update for Dogs of War and Regiments of Renown, which will have plenty of  new eye candy to peruse.


  1. Take your time, good sir! As Blizzard used to say..its done when its done.

    Thanks for the update. :)

    1. They didn't really follow that one through with Diablo III though... but I can probably have the book out sooner than 11 years at least ;)

    2. Diablo 3? What's that? :p

    3. Note sure if serious... it's one of Blizzard's latest games, sold about 10 million copies last year. It was pretty big in the gaming news, though I suppose one might be able to miss it if you're not a gamer like me ;)

    4. Haha! I was just being silly, to me the Diablo series reached its peak at 2. 3 is crap, at least for me. Got my fix from Torchlight 2 instead.

    5. Haha, figures, but sarcasm isn't always clear in text ;) I actually really liked Diablo III on the first playthrough, after that it got kind of boring. Torchlight 2 just didn't impress me artistically. Btw, if you are looking for your next loot fix, I can recommend Path of Exile, it's even free to play.

    6. Looks interesting, might check it out later! Thanks for the intro.