Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Large Chaos Dwarf update out now!

Finally got this one done! Been dragging a bit since I haven't felt all that inspired to work on them, but sat down and finished the promised update today. Apart from some layout changes and text edits, the new version contains the following new units:

Sneaky Gitz
Spear Chukka
Goblin Slaves
Orc Slaves
Zealot Berzerkers
Inferno Guns
Juggernaut Siege Tower

So there you go, units enough to border on insanity and redundancy! All the classic units all the way from 3rd edition is back for your usage. I had planned to include Ghorth the Cruel as a Special Character as well, but I don't really have any ideas on how to make him stand out from the other Sorcerers at the moment, so he has been left out for now.
This update will likely be the last one for Chaos Dwarfs in a good while, unless there are some major bugs that needs fixing. And with this one done, I should now have ample time (well, what will be allowed after university and this months batch of video games takes its toll at least!) to work on Cathay!


  1. "At first look I find a little mistake on page 46 and 102.
    Anihilator A 1

    When I find something more I will write to you.

    Great work !! At last !!
    THANK YOU :)

    I had a modest think that I will be in the list in the armybook as the most ''annoying'' man that gives the most ideas ;) :D"

    - That's not a mistake, they are supposed to have 1A. Their A2 on page 93 is wrong, however ;)

    Glad you like it (finally!)
    Sure, I'll add you to the special thanks section in the next update, wouldn't have added the new units without all your "nagging" after all ;)

  2. "I like it - very :)
    Always at your service with ideas etc :)

    I think Anihilator, as a unit champion, should have A 2.
    Every champion in all units have A 2.

    Today I starting read this armybook.

    Once again.
    Thank you :)


    - Devastators are missile troops, those champions have +1BS instead of A2.