Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Ravening Hordes: Daemons of Chaos out now!

Updated 18/5

So the Daemon book is bringing in lots of new stuff. The core section is getting a lot of company as many special units are moving there, and the special section is getting nothing less than 7 new units. Now each god have their own MC, Ch and MB in the special section (and Tzeentch gets Flamers there too, since they have to be somewhere!). Daemonic Gifts are back to the 7th ed system. The 8th ed system was too random and the majority of gifts were much worse than the 25/50/75 pts you paid for it. I will probably add back a magic banner to each god in the full version as well.

And with that, the last Ravening Hordes list is out, meaning I can now focus on updating the rest of the 8th ed books to 9th ed (should be pretty quick) and then finally get around to working on releasing the full books for each official army.

Download 8th Ed

Download 9th Ed

  • More expensive Heralds, Locus included by default.
  • Flesh Hounds moved to core 1W, 21 pts.
  • Nurglings moved to core.
  • Seekers moved to core, 22 pts.
  • Screamers moved to core, 2A, no Multiple Wounds attack, 32 pts.
  • Furies moved to core, 16 pts. Can no longer take "Daemon of..." making them the only generic daemons in the army.
  • Bloodcrushers 60 pts. 
  • Flamers 32 pts.
  • Skullcannon 240 pts.
  • Burning chariot moved to special.
  • New Special unit: Pox Riders of Nurgle.
  • New Special unit: Pleasureseekers of Slaanesh.
  • New Special unit: Changebringers of Tzeentch.
  • New Special unit: Blood Chariot of Khorne.
  • New Special unit: Plague Cart of Nurgle.
  • New Special unit: Bloodbeast of Khorne.
  • New Special unit: Firewyrm of Tzeentch.
  • New Rare unit: Exalted Flamer. Can take Burning chariot as a mount.
  • Exalted chariot upgrade to Seeker chariot (why did Slaanesh have 3 types of chariots anyway?)
  • Soul Grinder removed (seriously, what was that 40k model doing there?!). If people want to keep using it, I will make some separate rules for download later.
  • Removed Hell-forged Artefacts, each god now has 3 normal magic items to choose from. 
  • Changed Locus to the same as the 7th ed version. Several were quite superfluous, especially since a unit can only be effected by one of them anyway.


  1. How does blades of putrefaction sych with the nurgle heralds locus?

  2. Issues I found:
    -Children of Nurgle and Born of Damnation have "I f the back rank" in its 5th sentence.
    -The affects of being a Daemon of a specific god should be consistent across the Daemons of Chaos and the Warriors of Chaos.
    -Blades of Putrefecation and the Locus of Nurgle need re-wording so that both together means poisoned attacks wound automatically on a 4+.
    -Cacophonic Choir should say "and has the Random Movement (D6) special rule" in its third sentence.
    -The Fires of Change adds an extra Pink Horror on a roll of 4+ instead of 5+ as with the other two Lores.
    -Infernal Gateway mentions the Warpflame special rule despite it being removed.
    -The Axe of Khorne is not an upgrade for Heralds of Khorne since it does the same as their Hellblade.
    -The Palanquin of Nurgle in the mounts section is listed as being a "Daemon of Kh Nurgle orne"
    -Heralds of Nurgle should be able to ride a Rot Fly.
    -Herald of Slaanesh should be able to ride a Hellflayer.
    -Why do Pleasureseekers cost less than Fiends?
    -A Plague Cart should be tougher than a Blood Chariot, I would say reduce the toughness of the Blood Chariot to 4. Perhaps do the same for the Skull Cannon or Blood Throne. The other option is to increase the Plague Carts toughness to 6.
    -Shouldn't Exalted Flamers be heroes?

    1. - Fixed all bugs.
      - Yes, I will update the WoC book as well.
      - Not so sure that's a good idea, poison on 4+ might be a bit too good. They have a regen spell too, and that one did not stack with the regen locus.
      - Axe of Khorne now gives +1A for each model in base contact.
      - I think Nurgle have enough mounts as is, same for Slaanesh.
      - I have no idea, so Fiends costs 55 pts now :)
      - Most heavy chariots are T5, T6 is a bit too much. The Blood Chariot is built from metal, the Plague cart is made from rotten wood.
      - They were, but that would give Tzeentch two heroes, which is uneven. Hence I made them rare units.

    2. -The Daemon of Nurgle special rule should just cause a -1 penalty to all To Hit rolls instead of -1 WS. Against certain targets, -1 WS won't make a difference (like Goblins vs Plaguebearers or WoC vs Plaguebearers) while a flat -1 To Hit will be helpful against all opponents.
      -The amount of Armor Piercing granted by the Daemon of Slaanesh special rule isn't specified.

  3. - Why did you remove the riderless Plague Toads and the ET: Archaon Bloodthirster upgrades? It isn't as uneven as it seems because Bloodthirsters do not have access to wizard levels like the rest of the Greater Daemons.
    - I think the Soul Grinder looks fine in Fantasy; look at the Steam Tanks and the various Chaos Dwarf machines. It is a daemon, the laws of physics do not need to apply.
    - Blood Chariots as mounts seem rather redundant since the Blood Throne basically serves the same purpose.
    - To think about it, if Terrorgheists can be fielded without riders, there's no reason that Zombie Dragons cannot. They are both undead monsters controlled by the Vampires, and why can't a Zombie Dragon operate on its own?
    - Have you looked at the new Maw-krushas, Crypt Flayers, Ghoul heroes and Tzeentch Silver Tower units?

    1. - It seemed a bit superfluous to have another MB unit for Nurgle since they already have beasts of Nurgle. The Bloodthrister upgrades are likely to be included in the full version.
      - The Soulgrinders have electrical cables though, which look really out of place. The Dwarfen and Empire units (as well as Skaven) look steampunk, the soulgrinder looks sci-fi. A lot of people really don't like it in fantasy, including me.
      - True, but all other heroes have access to their chariot, so Khorne might as well also have it.
      - I suppose it's because dragons have traditionally always been mounts, the only zombie dragon model has a rider. Adding the zombie dragon to the rare section would not really add much since the terrorgheist is so similar.
      - A bit, doubt I'll add them to the main books. I might be giving them some expansion rules though.

    2. - Aren't Plague Toads WB instead of MB?
      - The Soul Grinder looks sci-fi because it originated in 40k; is it what you're thinking? I could argue that it isn't that different from Chaos Dwarf machines, especially the Kollossus.
      - What I was saying is that the Blood Throne is basically a Blood Chariot tailored for the purpose of carrying a Herald.
      - Well, you can make a riderless Zombie Dragon from a Terrorgheist kit, and in 5E and 6E it was indeed possible to field them without a rider. This is less about gameplay and more about design: maybe Zombie Dragons as a rare choice aren't very different from Terrorgheists, but lore-wise it is arbitrary to limit them to mounts since there's no reason that they cannot function without a rider. Besides you could make that argument for a few other monsters that are built from the same kit as well.

  4. I totally hated the Soul Grinder in fantasy , glad to see the back of it , however a monster/daemon like a giand Drider would not go amiss

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  6. SF elements are part of Chaos armies since the beginning of Warhammer. Delete it you play to D&D.

  7. Not a big Demon Army fan, but happy to se you removed the misplaced Soul Grinder. It stuck me as one of theese things GW just added to sell more models, even though it really didn't fit in my opinion.

  8. Few minor notes.
    Lore Attribute of Path of Change is 4+ in my book. This lack of symmetry I attributed to the fact that Pink Horrors are frankly worth less than Daemonettes and Plaguebearers. Flavour reasons, it's easier to form them? (personally I hate the Lore Attributes, they're boring)

    Brass Behemoth not defined. I do not know the armor save you want your Khorne daemons to have. (Bloodcrushers have similar cost to Demigryph and somewhat similar attack profile save are 6+/5+ to 1+/- respectively). I find myself liking the amount of armor seen in 8th ed book (6+ scaly, 5+ save from Juggernaught, 5+ save from Daemon armor, perhaps reduce chariot save to limit 1+ chariots).
    Herald of Slaanesh could be right at home with an Elf profile of t3.

  9. Bloodbeast of Khorne is for use Khorgorath?

  10. Bloodbeast of Khorne is for use Khorgorath?

  11. Great work, love what you did with the demonic Gifts and the shifting of the elites to core, it gives the armie great variety. I could now see myself playing a full core of screamers.
    I only really miss the Soul grinder (probably cause I have the Forge world one)... I understand your reasoning why you did not include him, but according to that reason you should also have kicked the khorne cannon ... that thing looks like a motorbike.
    Would love for a return of the Soul Grinder, I always loved the bad ass look on the playing field with him.... even though he never really did anything apart from look cool and draw fire XD

    1. p.s
      the other Little upgrade I miss is that the Nurgle Herold could ride the Fly... back in the GW book with Regeneration would be OP, but now with only better poisen attacks I think it would be fine

    2. We'll see in the final version, I really don't like the Skull Cannon very much either to be frank. I might add in the Fly as a mount option as well.

    3. You and me both... That and the Skull-Grinder are my two least favourite units in the whole game.

  12. Will the Renegade Chaos Gods make it into your book?